Van Wely, Loek Age 44


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#81 (active)
#2 (active)
2714 - 01 Oct 2001
2609 World #165 (active)
2558 World #293 (active)
07 Oct 1972
Heesch, The Netherlands

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Rakhmanov, Aleksandr2665Van Wely, Loek26691/2-1/226A04Zurich2017
2Van Wely, Loek2669Romanov, Evgeny26401/2-1/281A15Zurich2017
3Van Wely, Loek2669Romanov, Evgeny26401/2-1/280E12Zuerich2017
4Pavlovic, Milos2495Van Wely, Loek26690-137A46Zurich2017
5Van Wely, Loek2669Zhigalko Andrey25771/2-1/228D41Zurich2017
6Van Wely, Loek2669Zhigalko, Andrey25771/2-1/228D41Zuerich2017
7Hera, Imre Jr.2608Van Wely, Loek26691/2-1/214A05Zurich2017
8Van Wely, Loek2669Moor, Roger23971-034A16Zurich2017
9Zenker, Ulrich2150Van Wely, Loek26690-145B23Zurich2017
10Sokolov, Ivan2628Van Wely, Loek26741/2-1/220E46Netherlands2017
11Van Wely, Loek2674Schoppen, Casper22971-068D38Netherlands2017
12Neiksans, Arturs2605Van Wely, Loek26391-042A28Latvia2017
13Van Wely, Loek2639Ehlvest, Jaan25580-141A05Latvia2017
14Kantans, Toms2511Van Wely, Loek26390-145B94Latvia2017
15Van Wely, Loek2639Vavulin, Maksim25121-058E00Latvia2017
16Van Wely, Loek2668Vavulin, Maksim26041-060A62Jurmala2017
17Rogule, Laura2369Van Wely, Loek26390-123A22Latvia2017
18Van Wely, Loek2668Bogdanov, Egor23481-089E97Jurmala2017
19Van Wely, Loek2668Jones, Gawain INT2017
20Van Wely, Loek2668Roberson, Peter INT2017
21Arkell, Keith C2408Van Wely, INT2017
22Rendle, Thomas2360Van Wely, INT2017
23Van Wely, Loek2695Degraeve, Jean INT2017
24Van Wely, Loek2695Vachier-Lagrave, INT2017
25Bacrot, Etienne2695Van Wely, INT2017
26Degraeve, Remy2019Van Wely, INT2017
27Van Wely, Loek2695Dominguez Perez, Leinier27391/2-1/ INT2017
28Van Wely, Loek2695Pozo Vera, INT2017
29Quesada Perez, Yuniesky2630Van Wely, INT2017
30Yip, Carissa2234Van Wely, INT2017
31Quesada Perez, Yuniesky2630Van Wely, INT2017
32Dijkhuis, Tycho2409Van Wely, Loek26741-025B89Netherlands2017
33Van Wely, Loek2695Harikrishna, Pentala27661-036E04Wijk aan Zee2017
34Aronian, Levon2780Van Wely, Loek26951-034D70Wijk aan Zee2017
35Rapport, Richard2702Van Wely, Loek26951/2-1/239A01Wijk aan Zee2017
36Van Wely, Loek2695Giri, Anish27731/2-1/231D43Wijk aan Zee2017
37Carlsen, Magnus2840Van Wely, Loek26951-059B81Wijk aan Zee2017
38Van Wely, Loek2695Nepomniachtchi, Ian27671/2-1/274D83Wijk aan Zee2017
39Wei, Yi2706Van Wely, Loek26951-053B94Wijk aan Zee2017
40Van Wely, Loek2695Andreikin, Dmitry27361/2-1/260E10Wijk aan Zee2017
41Wojtaszek, Radoslaw2750Van Wely, Loek26951-046D70Wijk aan Zee2017
42Van Wely, Loek2695So, Wesley28080-143A07Wijk aan Zee2017
43Karjakin, Sergey2785Van Wely, Loek26951-050B09Wijk aan Zee2017
44Van Wely, Loek2695Eljanov, Pavel27550-144E15Wijk aan Zee2017
45Adhiban, Baskaran2653Van Wely, Loek26951/2-1/261B22Wijk aan Zee2017
46Van Wely, Loek2674Bluebaum, Matthias26261/2-1/260D38Netherlands2016
47Van Wely, Loek2674Kevlishvili, Robby24021-035A07Netherlands2016
48Sprenger, Jan Michael, Dr.2512Van Wely, Loek26850-159B43Novi Sad2016
49Van Wely, Loek2685Howell, David26551-048A16Novi Sad2016
50Postny, Evgeny2616Van Wely, Loek26851/2-1/270E11Novi Sad2016