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Life Time Head-to-Head Classical Games

Eljanov, Pavel tied with Beliavsky, Alexander G 1 to 1, with 4 draws.

Total Score (including blitz/rapid/exhibition) Eljanov, Pavel beat Beliavsky, Alexander G 3 to 1, with 6 draws.

* The statistics are based on our database and might not include lesser-known games.
#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Eljanov, Pavel2739Beliavsky, Alexander G26021-069A05Baku2016
2Eljanov, Pavel2727Beliavsky, Alexander G26231/2-1/233D18Jerusalem2015
3Beliavsky, Alexander G2628Eljanov, Pavel27021/2-1/233D15Legnica2013
4Beliavsky, Alexander G2632Eljanov, Pavel27611-062E11Sibenik2010
5Eljanov, Pavel2716Beliavsky, Alexander G26621/2-1/234C55Netanya2009
6Eljanov, Pavel2641Beliavsky, Alexander G26301-028E97Warsaw2005
7Beliavsky, Alexander G2630Eljanov, Pavel26410-156A37Warsaw2005
8Eljanov, Pavel2641Beliavsky, Alexander G26301/2-1/236D40Warsaw2005
9Beliavsky, Alexander G2630Eljanov, Pavel26411/2-1/258A37Warsaw2005
10Beliavsky, Alexander G2652Eljanov, Pavel25611/2-1/236D93Bled2002