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Life Time Head-to-Head Classical Games

Li, Chao B tied with Ding, Liren 3 to 3, with 10 draws.

Total Score (including blitz/rapid/exhibition) Ding, Liren beat Li, Chao B 6 to 3, with 12 draws.

* The statistics are based on our database and might not include lesser-known games.
#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Li, Chao B2720Ding, Liren27591/2-1/232D45Shen Zhen2017
2Li, Chao B2720Ding, Liren27601/2-1/232A07Sharjah2017
3Li, Chao B2751Ding, Liren27660-148C52Huaian2016
4Ding, Liren2766Li, Chao B27511-043A16Huaian2016
5Li, Chao B2748Ding, Liren27701/2-1/225E97Zaozhuang2015
6Li, Chao B2669Ding, Liren26541/2-1/229E94Hefei2011
7Ding, Liren2654Li, Chao B26691-066D85Hefei2011
8Li, Chao B2669Ding, Liren26541/2-1/225C11Hefei2011
9Li, Chao B2656Ding, Liren26640-164B42Shenzhen2011
10Li, Chao B2656Ding, Liren26641/2-1/259C11Danzhou2011
11Ding, Liren2637Li, Chao B26460-152D70Ningbo2011
12Ding, Liren2637Li, Chao B26461-082D17Xinghua Jiangsu2011
13Ding, Liren2637Li, Chao B26460-140D90Tianjin2011
14Li, Chao B2629Ding, Liren25741/2-1/258E94Manila2010
15Ding, Liren2547Li, Chao B26191/2-1/254D85Danzhou2010
16Li, Chao B2619Ding, Liren25471/2-1/231C11Xinghua2010
17Ding, Liren2565Li, Chao B26131/2-1/257D85Olongapo City2010
18Ding, Liren2530Li, Chao B26171-054D85Jinzhou2009
19Li, Chao B2643Ding, Liren24581/2-1/233C13Xinghua Jiangsu2009
20Li, Chao B2643Ding, Liren24581-042C11Beijing2009
21Li, Chao B2582Ding, Liren23951/2-1/260C10Beijing2008