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Life Time Head-to-Head Classical Games

Nakamura, Hikaru beat Yu, Yangyi 2 to 0, with 4 draws.

Total Score (including blitz/rapid/exhibition) Nakamura, Hikaru beat Yu, Yangyi 5 to 0, with 7 draws.

* The statistics are based on our database and might not include lesser-known games.
#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Yu, Yangyi2738Nakamura, Hikaru27850-173C45Gibraltar2017
2Nakamura, Hikaru2785Yu, Yangyi27381-070A14Gibraltar2017
3Nakamura, Hikaru2785Yu, Yangyi27381/2-1/265A01Gibraltar2017
4Yu, Yangyi2738Nakamura, Hikaru27851/2-1/221D37Gibraltar2017
5Yu, Yangyi2738Nakamura, Hikaru27851/2-1/231E10Gibraltar2017
6Yu, Yangyi2712Nakamura, Hikaru28420-180B17Doha2016
7Nakamura, Hikaru2839Yu, Yangyi27431/2-1/241A45Doha2016
8Nakamura, Hikaru2816Yu, Yangyi27211-081B40Las Vegas2015
9Yu, Yangyi2721Nakamura, Hikaru28161/2-1/234C67Las Vegas2015
10Nakamura, Hikaru2816Yu, Yangyi27211/2-1/232B30Las Vegas2015
11Yu, Yangyi2721Nakamura, Hikaru28161/2-1/222C67Las Vegas2015
12Nakamura, Hikaru2776Yu, Yangyi27241-039B22Caleta2015