Adhiban, B. Age 28


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#85 (active)
#4 (active)
2701 - 01 Apr 2019
2624 World #143 (active)
2633 World #111 (active)
15 Aug 1992
Mayiladuthurai, India

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Krutko, A.2397Adhiban, INT2020
2Adhiban, Baskaran2659Tologontegin, INT2020
3Pham Le Thao Nguyen2366Adhiban, INT2020
4Adhiban, Baskaran2659Gurevich, INT2020
5Gelman, A.2403Adhiban, INT2020
6Adhiban, Baskaran2659Anisimov, INT2020
7Williams, Si12464Adhiban, INT2020
8Adhiban, Baskaran2659Tarigan, Gilbert Elroy21491/2-1/ INT2020
9Khademalsharieh, S.2494Adhiban, Baskaran26591/2-1/ INT2020
10Adhiban, Baskaran2659Smirnov, Ant25971/2-1/ INT2020
11Smirnov, Ant2597Adhiban, INT2020
12Jumabayev, R.2654Adhiban, INT2020
13Adhiban, Baskaran2659Jumabayev, INT2020
14Adhiban, Baskaran2659Amartuvshin, INT2020
15Adhiban, Baskaran2659Smirnov, INT2020
16Murshed, N.2404Adhiban, INT2020
17Jumabayev, R.2654Adhiban, INT2020
18Adhiban, Baskaran2659Mansour, Sam23081/2-1/ INT2020
19Taher, Yoseph Theolifus2455Adhiban, Baskaran26591/2-1/ INT2020
20Adhiban, Baskaran2659Araz, INT2020
21Tologontegin, S.2358Adhiban, INT2020
22Adhiban, Baskaran2659Hague, INT2020
23Khusnutdinov, R.2491Adhiban, INT2020
24Adhiban, Baskaran2659Panarin, INT2020
25Adhiban, Baskaran2659Moiseenko, INT2020
26Jumabayev, R.2654Adhiban, INT2020
27Adhiban, Baskaran2659Fedoseev, INT2020
28Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Adhiban, Baskaran26591/2-1/ INT2020
29Tica, Sven2402Adhiban, INT2020
30Adhiban, Baskaran2659Warmerdam, INT2020
31Kashlinskaya, A.2494Adhiban, INT2020
32Adhiban, Baskaran2659Ledakov, INT2020
33Adhiban, Baskaran2659Vidit, INT2020
34Svidler, P.2723Adhiban, INT2020
35Adhiban, Baskaran2659Tari, INT2020
36Anton Guijarro, D.2681Adhiban, Baskaran26591/2-1/ INT2020
37Adhiban, Baskaran2659Caruana, F.28281/2-1/ INT2020
38Vidit, S.2726Adhiban, INT2020
39Adhiban, Baskaran2659Svidler, P.27231/2-1/ INT2020
40Tari, A.2633Adhiban, INT2020
41Adhiban, Baskaran2659Anton Guijarro, INT2020
42Caruana, F.2828Adhiban, INT2020
43Le Tuan Minh2501Adhiban, INT2020
44Adhiban, Baskaran2659Karjakin, Sergey27521/2-1/ INT2020
45Sethuraman, S.2644Adhiban, INT2020
46Le Quang Liem2709Adhiban, INT2020
47Adhiban, Baskaran2659Sarana, INT2020
48Adhiban, Baskaran2659Bagrationi, INT2020
49Lagno, Kateryna2546Adhiban, INT2020
50Adhiban, Baskaran2659Ivanisevic, INT2020