Alburt, Lev Age 78


FIDE Rating
World Rank
#544 (all players)
United States of America Rank
#41 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rank
#22 (2575) - Jan 1981 (Age 35)
2526 World #448 (all players), Peak 2539 (Jun 2014)
2521 World #502 (all players), Peak 2521 (Sep 2012)
21 Aug 1945
Orenburg, Russia
FIDE ID 2000156

Active Years:
1972 - 2014
Total Games:
347 (38%)
226 (25%)
336 (37%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E73 King's Indian Defense (30 games)
E04 Catalan Opening (23 games)
E74 King's Indian Defense (18 games)
B04 Alekhine Defense (69 games)
B05 Alekhine Defense (46 games)
A57 Benko Gambit (43 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Mikhalchishin, Adrian2561Alburt, Lev O25391-030San Francisco8 Jun 2014
2Krush, Irina2489Alburt, Lev O25391-043Rockville11 Aug 2013
3Alburt, Lev O2539Kosteniuk, Alexandra24881-028Rockville10 Aug 2013
4Alburt, Lev O2539Sedina, Elena23111-081Rockville9 Aug 2013
5Zatonskih, Anna2473Alburt, Lev O25391/2-1/233Rockville8 Aug 2013
6Kaidanov, Gregory S2586Alburt, Lev O25501-033Rockville1 Aug 2012
7Alburt, Lev O2550Gurevich, Mikhail25961/2-1/245Rockville31 Jul 2012
8Alburt, Lev O2550Gulko, Boris F25320-124Rockville29 Jul 2012
9Alburt, Lev O2550Palatnik, Semon24481/2-1/217Rockville28 Jul 2012
10Alburt, Lev O2550Polgar, Zsuzsa25671/2-1/227New York2 Oct 2004
11Braylovsky, Gregory2327Alburt, Lev O25500-144Parsippany16 Feb 2003
12Alburt, Lev O2550Cristal, Rexford 1-037Parsippany16 Feb 2003
13Milovanovic, Dragan Alburt, Lev O25500-146Parsippany15 Feb 2003
14Alburt, Lev O2550Aguilar, Omar M 1-025Parsippany15 Feb 2003
15Alburt, Lev O2550Strenzwilk, Denis22271-063Parsipanny18 Feb 2002
16Zaremba, Andrie2308Alburt, Lev O25500-139Parsipanny18 Feb 2002
17Alburt, Lev O2550Gurevich, Boris 1-036Parsipanny17 Feb 2002
18Sagalchik, Gennadij2531Alburt, Lev O25500-144Parsipanny17 Feb 2002
19Alburt, Lev O2550Cohen, Robert 1-053Parsipanny16 Feb 2002
20Alburt, Lev O2560Kaidanov, Gregory S25801-048Parsippany1996
21Ivanov, Igor Vasilievich2475Alburt, Lev O25600-152Parsippany1996
22Alburt, Lev O2560Yermolinsky, Alex26101/2-1/246Parsippany1996
23Christiansen, Larry Mark2555Alburt, Lev O25601/2-1/249Parsippany1996
24Alburt, Lev O2560Shabalov, Alexander25650-143Parsippany1996
25Benjamin, Joel2565Alburt, Lev O25601/2-1/249Parsippany1996
26Alburt, Lev O2560De Firmian, Nick E25751/2-1/246Parsippany1996
27Gurevich, Dmitry2570Alburt, Lev O25601/2-1/262Parsippany1996
28Alburt, Lev O2560Ivanov, Alexander25601-051Parsippany1996
29Dzindzichashvili, Roman2545Alburt, Lev O25601-034Parsippany1996
30Khmelnitsky, Igor N2485Alburt, Lev O25601-025Parsippany1996
31Alburt, Lev O2560Shaked, Tal24401/2-1/249Parsippany1996
32Gulko, Boris F2615Alburt, Lev O25601-069Parsippany1996
33Alburt, Lev O2560Hracek, Zbynek25950-143Newark1995
34Alburt, Lev O2560Adams, Michael26551/2-1/236Newark1995
35Young, Angelo2435Alburt, Lev O25600-130Newark1995
36Speelman, Jonathan S2610Alburt, Lev O25601-024New York1995
37Alburt, Lev O2560De Firmian, Nick E25900-143Newark1995
38Alburt, Lev O2560Hodgson, Julian M26150-147New York1995
39Alburt, Lev O2560Antonio, Rogelio Jr24951/2-1/275Newark1995
40Alburt, Lev O2560Gurevich, Dmitry25301-022Newark1995
41Brooks, Michael A2445Alburt, Lev O25600-144Newark1995
42Fayvinov, Zakhar2280Alburt, Lev O25600-136Newark1995
43Kaidanov, Gregory S2605Alburt, Lev O25600-144Newark1995
44Alburt, Lev O2560Levitt, Jonathan24451-039New York1994
45Kaidanov, Gregory S2645Alburt, Lev O25601-024New York1994
46Alburt, Lev O2560Finegold, Benjamin24751-029New York1994
47Van Wely, Loek2570Alburt, Lev O25601-035New York1994
48Alburt, Lev O2560Gunawan, Ruben23151-053New York1994
49Byrne, Robert Eugene2460Alburt, Lev O25600-174New York1994
50Alburt, Lev O2560Friedman, Josef23051-051New York1994