Anastasian, Ashot Age 59

16 Jul 1964
Yerevan, Armenia
FIDE ID 13300059

Active Years:
1987 - 2016
Total Games:
428 (40%)
233 (22%)
401 (38%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A11 English Opening (19 games)
A48 East Indian Defense (17 games)
A07 Hungarian Opening (16 games)
E12 Nimzo-Indian Defense (32 games)
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (25 games)
C10 French Defense (25 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Anastasian, Ashot2532Graf, Alexander25611-063Radebeul4 Jul 2016
2Bischoff, Klaus2500Anastasian, Ashot25321/2-1/259Radebeul2 Jul 2016
3Speelman, Jonathan S2523Anastasian, Ashot25321/2-1/229Radebeul1 Jul 2016
4Anastasian, Ashot2532Olafsson, Helgi25431/2-1/247Radebeul30 Jun 2016
5Anastasian, Ashot2532Hergott, Deen23851/2-1/223Radebeul29 Jun 2016
6Bartsch, Berthold2270Anastasian, Ashot25320-121Radebeul28 Jun 2016
7Anastasian, Ashot2532Pruefer, Friedbert21651/2-1/240Radebeul27 Jun 2016
8Hutschenreiter, Joerg2002Anastasian, Ashot25320-130Radebeul26 Jun 2016
9Ashwin, Jayaram2439Anastasian, Ashot25561-033Dubai18 Apr 2011
10Anastasian, Ashot2556Sai, Krishna GV23491-039Dubai17 Apr 2011
11Ramnath, Bhuvanesh R2425Anastasian, Ashot25561-027Dubai16 Apr 2011
12Anastasian, Ashot2556Grigoryan, Karen H24631/2-1/261Dubai16 Apr 2011
13Miroshnichenko, Evgenij2670Anastasian, Ashot25561-035Dubai14 Apr 2011
14Anastasian, Ashot2556Saduakassova, Dinara22081-052Dubai13 Apr 2011
15Atabayev, Maksat2355Anastasian, Ashot25560-141Dubai12 Apr 2011
16Anastasian, Ashot2556Mona, Khaled20761-048Dubai11 Apr 2011
17Khademalsharieh, Sarasadat2137Anastasian, Ashot25561/2-1/275Dubai10 Apr 2011
18Anastasian, Ashot2578Melkumyan, Hrant26171-055Yerevan29 Jan 2011
19Andriasian, Zaven2585Anastasian, Ashot25781-035Yerevan28 Jan 2011
20Anastasian, Ashot2578Pashikian, Arman26401/2-1/238Yerevan27 Jan 2011
21Hovhannisyan, Robert2530Anastasian, Ashot25781-031Yerevan26 Jan 2011
22Anastasian, Ashot2578Grigoryan, Avetik25801/2-1/249Yerevan25 Jan 2011
23Kotanjian, Tigran2519Anastasian, Ashot25781-033Yerevan23 Jan 2011
24Anastasian, Ashot2578Minasian, Artashes25631/2-1/211Yerevan22 Jan 2011
25Minasian, Ara2464Anastasian, Ashot25781-039Yerevan21 Jan 2011
26Anastasian, Ashot2578Petrosian, Davit Gevorgi24851/2-1/253Yerevan20 Jan 2011
27Petrosian, Tigran L2604Anastasian, Ashot25781-066Yerevan19 Jan 2011
28Ter Sahakyan, Samvel2541Anastasian, Ashot25781/2-1/230Yerevan18 Jan 2011
29Anastasian, Ashot2578Arun Prasad, Subramanian25351/2-1/253Abu Dhabi20 Aug 2010
30Sturua, Zurab2512Anastasian, Ashot25781-027Abu Dhabi19 Aug 2010
31Anastasian, Ashot2578Sharbaf, Mohsen23701/2-1/254Abu Dhabi18 Aug 2010
32Guliev, Sarhan2485Anastasian, Ashot25780-151Abu Dhabi17 Aug 2010
33Anastasian, Ashot2578Grigoryan, Avetik25841/2-1/219Abu Dhabi16 Aug 2010
34Korobov, Anton2657Anastasian, Ashot25781/2-1/212Abu Dhabi15 Aug 2010
35Anastasian, Ashot2578Amin, Bassem25681/2-1/277Abu Dhabi14 Aug 2010
36Tissir, Mohamed2466Anastasian, Ashot25780-157Abu Dhabi13 Aug 2010
37Anastasian, Ashot2578Koohestani, Shahin23451-038Abu Dhabi12 Aug 2010
38Drozdovskij, Yuri2620Anastasian, Ashot25661/2-1/233Abu Dhabi20 Aug 2009
39Anastasian, Ashot2566Ovetchkin, Roman25481/2-1/253Abu Dhabi19 Aug 2009
40Filippov, Anton2583Anastasian, Ashot25660-143Abu Dhabi18 Aug 2009
41Anastasian, Ashot2566Laxman, Rajaram25021/2-1/267Abu Dhabi17 Aug 2009
42Amin, Bassem2551Anastasian, Ashot25661/2-1/246Abu Dhabi16 Aug 2009
43Anastasian, Ashot2566Melkumyan, Hrant25301-052Abu Dhabi15 Aug 2009
44El Arousy, Abdul Hameed2295Anastasian, Ashot25660-128Abu Dhabi15 Aug 2009
45Anastasian, Ashot2566Yousif, Ammar Mohd20611-032Abu Dhabi13 Aug 2009
46Al Khelaifi, Salama1714Anastasian, Ashot25660-118Abu Dhabi12 Aug 2009
47Anastasian, Ashot2554Arun Prasad, Subramanian25521-094Dubai4 May 2009
48Malakhatko, Vadim2610Anastasian, Ashot25541/2-1/29Dubai3 May 2009
49Anastasian, Ashot2554Aleksandrov, Aleksej26241-073Dubai2 May 2009
50Fedorov, Alexei2611Anastasian, Ashot25541/2-1/236Dubai2 May 2009