Bisguier, Arthur Age 94

8 Oct 1929
New York City, New York, U.S.
FIDE ID 2001098

Active Years:
1967 - 2015
Total Games:
333 (36%)
208 (23%)
379 (41%)
Total score:
E70 King's Indian Defense (23 games)
B21 Bird Opening (21 games)
B23 Sicilian Defense (20 games)
C67 Ruy Lopez (41 games)
D46 Semi-Slav Defense (23 games)
C70 Ruy Lopez (16 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Berg, George P2077Bisguier, Arthur Bernard21971/2-1/237Parsippany18 Feb 2013
2Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2197Gutierrez, Ruben A 1-037Parsippany17 Feb 2013
3Jacobson, Aaron Bisguier, Arthur Bernard21970-127Parsippany17 Feb 2013
4Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2197Hodawadekar, Suyash 1-031Parsippany16 Feb 2013
5Harris, Ian2099Bisguier, Arthur Bernard21971-045Parsippany16 Feb 2013
6Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2197Rouse, Lamont A 1-041Parsippany16 Feb 2013
7Times, Lawyer2269Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22001-043Natick29 May 2012
8Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2200Foygel, Igor24970-116Natick22 May 2012
9Krasik, Ilya2294Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22001-040Natick15 May 2012
10Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2200Fauman, Charlie D20330-134Natick8 May 2012
11Martirosov, Vadim2364Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22001-023Natick1 May 2012
12Smart, Harrison M Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22371/2-1/237Parsippany20 Feb 2012
13Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2237Yelsky, Max20311-036Parsippany20 Feb 2012
14Frame, William Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22371/2-1/239Parsippany19 Feb 2012
15Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2237Burke, John M 1/2-1/232Parsippany19 Feb 2012
16Shmeliov, Denis2402Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22371-048Parsippany18 Feb 2012
17Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2237Snow, Peter 1-026Parsippany18 Feb 2012
18Thompson, Ethan1914Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22201-040Natick31 May 2011
19Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2220Astrachan, Edward20091-037Natick24 May 2011
20Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2220Fauman, Charlie D19021-078Natick17 May 2011
21Foygel, Igor2515Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22201-031Natick10 May 2011
22Times, Lawyer2237Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22201-037Natick3 May 2011
23Pattard, Thomas2153Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22310-134Parsippany21 Feb 2011
24Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2231Edwards, Jon R 1-023Parsippany20 Feb 2011
25Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2231Kniest, Oliver23221/2-1/229Parsippany19 Feb 2011
26Lawrence, Jeffrey A1932Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22280-139Parsippany15 Feb 2010
27Shmeliov, Denis2340Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22371-045Sturbridge6 Mar 2009
28Hallenbeck, Alex Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22370-144Parsipanny16 Feb 2009
29Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2237Yang, Ruixin21090-144Parsipanny16 Feb 2009
30Schmauch, Bruce Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22370-147Parsipanny15 Feb 2009
31Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2237Merlin, Antelmo 1-023Parsipanny15 Feb 2009
32Schneider, Dmitry2487Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22371-040Parsipanny14 Feb 2009
33Weeramantry, Sunil2224Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22441/2-1/226Parsippany18 Feb 2008
34Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2244Sells, Philip Grant 1-038Parsippany18 Feb 2008
35Lenderman, Aleksandr2427Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22441-066Parsippany17 Feb 2008
36Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2244Molner, Mackenzie23330-135Parsippany17 Feb 2008
37Corbblah, Jonathan Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22440-152Parsippany16 Feb 2008
38Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2244Bury, Michael James 1-032Parsippany16 Feb 2008
39Nikolova, Ettie2047Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22481/2-1/216Cherry Hill4 Aug 2007
40Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2248Goldstein, Brian21011/2-1/231Cherry Hill3 Aug 2007
41Wu, James Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22480-152Cherry Hill2 Aug 2007
42Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2248Aceil, Javid M 1/2-1/234Cherry Hill1 Aug 2007
43Marshall, Abby2177Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22481/2-1/224Cherry Hill31 Jul 2007
44Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2248Chen, Tony 1-049Cherry Hill31 Jul 2007
45Bailey, Ben Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22481/2-1/234Cherry Hill30 Jul 2007
46Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2248Perrotta, John Z19801-046Cherry Hill29 Jul 2007
47Parry, Matthew Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22481-039Parsippany19 Feb 2007
48Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2248Berg, George P21481/2-1/229Parsippany19 Feb 2007
49McVay, Karsten1810Bisguier, Arthur Bernard22480-131Parsippany18 Feb 2007
50Bisguier, Arthur Bernard2248Stoyko, Stephen E22651/2-1/223Parsippany18 Feb 2007