Boleslavsky, Isaak Aged 57


09 Jun 1919
Zolotonosha, Ukrainian SSR
15 Feb 1977
Minsk, Belarussian SSR, USSR

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Litvinov, Viktor Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-041C41Minsk1971
2Veresov, Gavriil N Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/241D01Minsk1971
3Yuferov, Sergey N Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-052A64Minsk1971
4Boleslavsky, Isaak Balendo, Eduard Pavlovich 1-048E75Minsk1970
5Boleslavsky, Isaak Kupreichik, Viktor D 0-168D25Minsk1970
6Boleslavsky, Isaak Vishniakov, Pavel 1-041D10Minsk1970
7Boleslavsky, Isaak Liebert, Heinz 1-044C95Schwedt1969
8Hennings, Artur Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-054B89Schwedt1969
9Boleslavsky, Isaak Taimanov, Mark E 1/2-1/222B69Grozny1969
10Boleslavsky, Isaak Zaitsev, Igor A 1/2-1/246B17Grozny1969
11Bronstein, David I Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/222B93Grozny1969
12Stein, Leonid Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-037B92Grozny1969
13Lazarev, Efrim M Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-143E93Riga1968
14Boleslavsky, Isaak Buslaev, Aleksander 1-038B49Riga1968
15Murey, Jacob Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/215B56Riga1968
16Boleslavsky, Isaak Petersons, Andrejs 1-043E53Riga1968
17Kaunas, Kestutis Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-145D83Riga1968
18Boleslavsky, Isaak Doroshkievich, Vladimir K 1/2-1/217B92Riga1968
19Boleslavsky, Isaak Giterman, Shlomo 1-059C99Riga1968
20Etruk, Rein T Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/213B07Riga1968
21Boleslavsky, Isaak Liberzon, Vladimir M 1/2-1/221B42Riga1968
22Smyslov, Vassily Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/248A41Riga1968
23Boleslavsky, Isaak Janes, V. 1-026B75Riga1968
24Boleslavsky, Isaak Zinn, Lothar 1-070C05Minsk1968
25Pietzsch, Wolfgang Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-06Minsk1968
26Malich, Burkhard Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/219E91Minsk1968
27Uhlmann, Wolfgang Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/213A72Berlin East1967
28Boleslavsky, Isaak Pietzsch, Wolfgang 1/2-1/234C06Berlin East1967
29Malich, Burkhard Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-039A72Berlin East1967
30Boleslavsky, Isaak Mosionzhik, Ilya Samoilovich 1-028B09Moscow1967
31Botvinnik, Mikhail Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/247A24Moscow1967
32Boleslavsky, Isaak Gipslis, Aivars 1/2-1/219B49Moscow1967
33Krutikhin, Yury Petrovich Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-141A05Moscow1967
34Geller, Efim P Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/219B44Moscow1967
35Katalymov, Boris N Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/229B70Moscow1967
36Boleslavsky, Isaak Polugaevsky, Lev 1/2-1/219B93Moscow1967
37Dzindzichashvili, Roman Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/233D91Moscow1967
38Boleslavsky, Isaak Dzindzichashvili, Roman 1-025D29Soviet Union1967
39Nikolaevsky, Yuri V Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/224A25Moscow1966
40Boleslavsky, Isaak Semenov, Vladimir 1-020B75Moscow1966
41Liberzon, Vladimir M Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-040B83Moscow1966
42Boleslavsky, Isaak Borisenko, Georgy K 1/2-1/233C42Moscow1966
43Boleslavsky, Isaak Shamkovich, Leonid 0-157C87Moscow1966
44Nevednichy, Boris M Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-130B23Moscow1966
45Boleslavsky, Isaak Nadezhdin, Nikolay Dmitrievich 1-052C63Moscow1966
46Korchnoi, Viktor Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-133B82Moscow1966
47Boleslavsky, Isaak Simagin, Vladimir 1/2-1/222B30Moscow1966
48Boleslavsky, Isaak Petrosian Tigran V. 1-047B02Moscow1966
49Boleslavsky, Isaak Korchnoi, Viktor 1-042C83Moscow1966
50Shamkovich, Leonid Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-037E83Moscow1966