Botvinnik, Mikhail Aged 83


17 Aug 1911
Kuokkala, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire (now Repino, Russia)
05 May 1995
Moscow, Russia

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Botvinnik, Mikhail Comp Sargon 1-037A25Hamburg1983
2Botvinnik, Mikhail Hebert, Jean22551/2-1/228A25Montreal1977
3Botvinnik, Mikhail Lieb, Harald 1-044E84Moscow1976
4Botvinnik, Mikhail Voss, Guenther 1/2-1/223A23Berlin West1975
5Botvinnik, Mikhail Matulovic, Milan 1/2-1/263A89Belgrade1970
6Matulovic, Milan Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/293B08Belgrade1970
7Botvinnik, Mikhail Matulovic, Milan 1/2-1/226B36Belgrade1970
8Matulovic, Milan Botvinnik, Mikhail 0-146B06Belgrade1970
9Botvinnik, Mikhail Balashov, Yuri S 1/2-1/240D34Moscow1970
10Balashov, Yuri S Botvinnik, Mikhail 0-114B14Moscow1970
11Botvinnik, Mikhail Balashov, Yuri S 1-024D31Moscow1970
12Balashov, Yuri S Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/240C10Moscow1970
13Botvinnik, Mikhail Larsen, Bent 0-152A90Leiden1970
14Donner, Jan Hein Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/247E91Leiden1970
15Spassky, Boris V Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/220B19Leiden1970
16Botvinnik, Mikhail Donner, Jan Hein 1/2-1/233D37Leiden1970
17Botvinnik, Mikhail Spassky, Boris V 1/2-1/229A26Leiden1970
18Larsen, Bent Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/249B18Leiden1970
19Botvinnik, Mikhail Larsen, Bent 1-075E81Leiden1970
20Donner, Jan Hein Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/228A84Leiden1970
21Spassky, Boris V Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/266B19Leiden1970
22Botvinnik, Mikhail Donner, Jan Hein 1/2-1/241A08Leiden1970
23Botvinnik, Mikhail Spassky, Boris V 1/2-1/225D31Leiden1970
24Larsen, Bent Botvinnik, Mikhail 1-047A28Leiden1970
25Botvinnik, Mikhail Olafsson, Fridrik 1/2-1/213E03Wijk aan Zee1969
26Geller, Efim P Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/222C09Wijk aan Zee1969
27Botvinnik, Mikhail Benko, Pal C 1/2-1/217B36Wijk aan Zee1969
28Portisch, Lajos Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/288D99Wijk aan Zee1969
29Botvinnik, Mikhail Kavalek, Lubomir 1/2-1/243E90Wijk aan Zee1969
30Doda, Zbigniew Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/226E61Wijk aan Zee1969
31Langeweg, Kick Botvinnik, Mikhail 0-138A20Wijk aan Zee1969
32Botvinnik, Mikhail Keres, Paul 1/2-1/212D41Wijk aan Zee1969
33Ciric, Dragoljub M Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/246B08Wijk aan Zee1969
34Botvinnik, Mikhail Lombardy, William James 1-041B38Wijk aan Zee1969
35Medina Garcia, Antonio Angel Botvinnik, Mikhail 0-156B25Wijk aan Zee1969
36Botvinnik, Mikhail Van Scheltinga, Theo D 1-032E51Wijk aan Zee1969
37Donner, Jan Hein Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/243D79Wijk aan Zee1969
38Botvinnik, Mikhail Ree, Hans 1-040A29Wijk aan Zee1969
39Ostojic, Predrag Botvinnik, Mikhail 0-161C05Wijk aan Zee1969
40Botvinnik, Mikhail Suttles, Duncan 1-053A42Belgrade1969
41Sahovic, Dragutin Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/223B15Belgrade1969
42Botvinnik, Mikhail Polugaevsky, Lev 1/2-1/221A14Belgrade1969
43Matulovic, Milan Botvinnik, Mikhail 0-151B08Belgrade1969
44Botvinnik, Mikhail Ivkov, Borislav 1/2-1/228E66Belgrade1969
45Janosevic, Dragoljub Botvinnik, Mikhail 1-097E92Belgrade1969
46Botvinnik, Mikhail Ostojic, Predrag 1-046A42Belgrade1969
47Tringov, Georgi P Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/244B09Belgrade1969
48Matanovic, Aleksandar Botvinnik, Mikhail 0-164B06Belgrade1969
49Botvinnik, Mikhail Hecht, Hans Joachim 1/2-1/241E51Belgrade1969
50Bukic, Enver Botvinnik, Mikhail 1/2-1/247A90Belgrade1969