Chandler, Murray Age 64


FIDE Rating
World Rank
#708 (all players)
New Zealand Rank
#1 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rank
#14 (2595) - Jan 1987 (Age 26)
4 Apr 1960
Wellington, New Zealand
FIDE ID 400050

Active Years:
1977 - 2009
Total Games:
712 (43%)
330 (19%)
630 (38%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B22 Sicilian Defense (20 games)
C11 French Defense (20 games)
C18 French Defense (20 games)
B33 Sicilian Defense (35 games)
D34 Queen's Gambit Declined (31 games)
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (29 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Howell, David2593Chandler, Murray G25151-038England7 Dec 2008
2Chandler, Murray G2515Rudd, Jack23441-024England6 Dec 2008
3Chandler, Murray G2515Lima, Darcy Gustavo Macha24881-042Dresden25 Nov 2008
4Can, Emre2464Chandler, Murray G25151/2-1/247Dresden23 Nov 2008
5Chandler, Murray G2515Jobava, Baadur26640-145Dresden22 Nov 2008
6Ivanchuk, Vassily2786Chandler, Murray G25151-053Dresden21 Nov 2008
7Chandler, Murray G2515Nikolic, Predrag26691-048Dresden20 Nov 2008
8Amer, Karim2265Chandler, Murray G25150-141Dresden19 Nov 2008
9Chandler, Murray G2515Salem, AR Saleh24761/2-1/248Dresden17 Nov 2008
10Chandler, Murray G2515Pavasovic, Dusko25970-152Dresden16 Nov 2008
11Fekadu, Desalegn Jimma Chandler, Murray G25150-146Dresden15 Nov 2008
12Mak, Kei Keng2017Chandler, Murray G25150-146Dresden14 Nov 2008
13Machdoem, Karma Andhiko Chandler, Murray G25150-143Kaikoura12 Nov 2008
14Chandler, Murray G2515Nokes, Roger I22931-047Kaikoura11 Nov 2008
15Smith, Robert Wayne2316Chandler, Murray G25151/2-1/268Kaikoura11 Nov 2008
16Toth, Andras2401Chandler, Murray G25151/2-1/227Kaikoura10 Nov 2008
17Chandler, Murray G2515Solomon, Stephen J24701/2-1/267Kaikoura10 Nov 2008
18Johansen, Darryl Keith2446Chandler, Murray G25151/2-1/217Kaikoura9 Nov 2008
19Chandler, Murray G2515Johnson, Quentin JF21501-023Kaikoura9 Nov 2008
20Chao, Qi2029Chandler, Murray G25150-137Kaikoura8 Nov 2008
21Chandler, Murray G2515Dolejs, Dan E19531-035Kaikoura8 Nov 2008
22Zhang, Zhong2617Chandler, Murray G25401/2-1/275Parramatta29 Mar 2008
23Chandler, Murray G2540Reprintsev, Alexander24061-053Parramatta28 Mar 2008
24Rej, Tomek2283Chandler, Murray G25400-139Parramatta28 Mar 2008
25Chandler, Murray G2540Manon Og, Ramon Jr21441-026Parramatta27 Mar 2008
26Mas, Hafizulhelmi2382Chandler, Murray G25401-057Parramatta27 Mar 2008
27Chandler, Murray G2540Broekhuijse, Paul21301-028Parramatta26 Mar 2008
28Chandler, Murray G2540Dolejs, Dan E19691-027Parramatta26 Mar 2008
29Chandler, Murray G2540Zhao, Zong Yuan24870-130Parramatta25 Mar 2008
30Dizdarevic, Monika2025Chandler, Murray G25401/2-1/261Parramatta25 Mar 2008
31Chandler, Murray G2540Dowden, R Anthony21701-037Auckland23 Jan 2008
32McLaren, Brian2222Chandler, Murray G25400-140Auckland22 Jan 2008
33Chandler, Murray G2540Smith, Robert Wayne23331-024Auckland21 Jan 2008
34Dive, Russell John2341Chandler, Murray G25400-127Auckland20 Jan 2008
35Chandler, Murray G2540Van Riemsdijk, Herman Claudius23911-032Auckland19 Jan 2008
36Ker, Anthony F2330Chandler, Murray G25401/2-1/215Auckland18 Jan 2008
37Chandler, Murray G2540Croad, Nicholas23131-054Auckland18 Jan 2008
38Watson, Bruce R2293Chandler, Murray G25401/2-1/216Auckland17 Jan 2008
39Chandler, Murray G2540Spain, Graeme21911-072Auckland16 Jan 2008
40Lukey, Stephen G2283Chandler, Murray G25401-066Auckland16 Jan 2008
41Chandler, Murray G2540Steadman, Michael VR22381-049Auckland15 Jan 2008
42Dive, Russell John2344Chandler, Murray G25400-148Nelson7 Oct 2007
43Chandler, Murray G2540Solomon, Stephen J24650-158Nelson6 Oct 2007
44Johansen, Darryl Keith2446Chandler, Murray G25401/2-1/212Nelson6 Oct 2007
45Chandler, Murray G2540Conquest, Stuart25401-032Nelson5 Oct 2007
46Burns, Christopher John2033Chandler, Murray G25400-143Nelson5 Oct 2007
47Chandler, Murray G2540Johnson, Quentin JF21451-026Nelson4 Oct 2007
48Wastney, Scott C2281Chandler, Murray G25401/2-1/229Nelson4 Oct 2007
49Chandler, Murray G2540Van Ginkel, John 1-045Nelson3 Oct 2007
50Aldridge, Alan L1956Chandler, Murray G25400-124Nelson3 Oct 2007