Ding Liren Age 25

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Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#10 (active)
#1 (active)
2783 - 01 Jun 2016
2734 World #30 (active)
2837 World #6 (active)
24 Oct 1992
Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province

Champion of China 2009, 2011 & 2012.

World Cup 2011 & 2015.

Represented China at:

- the Olympiads of 2012 and 2014, in the latter winning individual bronze for board two and team gold.

- the World Team Championships in 2011 (winning team silver), 2013 (team silver, individual bronze board two) & 2015 (team gold, individual silver board two)

- Asian Team Championships of 2012 (team gold, individual silver board four) & 2014 (team gold and individual gold board one) and

- Summit Matches vs Russia 2009 & 2012 (team was second in both), vs India 2015 (won), and in the Russia-China Challenge Match 2015 (team was second).

Ding Liren's best tournament win was Danzhou (2013), and he was equal first at Danzhou (2014). He was equal second at Tata 2015.

In the world's top 100 ranked players since May 2011.

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Ding, Liren2837Korobov, Anton27601/2-1/254A00Huaian2017
2Ivanchuk, Vassily2815Ding, Liren28371-036C89Huaian2017
3Ding, Liren2837Grischuk, Alexander27250-134E68Huaian2017
4Wang, Hao2737Ding, Liren28371-044D02Huaian2017
5Le, Quang Liem2771Ding, Liren28371/2-1/245D45Huaian2017
6Ding, Liren2837Andreikin, Dmitry27710-137A07Huaian2017
7Yu, Yangyi2701Ding, Liren28371/2-1/278A07Huaian2017
8Ding, Liren2837Mamedov, Rauf27551-031A41Huaian2017
9Harikrishna, Pentala2759Ding, Liren28371/2-1/254C68Huaian2017
10Ding, Liren2837Artemiev, Vladislav27981/2-1/238D70Huaian2017
11Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2770Ding, Liren28371/2-1/286A01Huaian2017
12Korobov, Anton2760Ding, Liren28370-147D45Huaian2017
13Ding, Liren2837Ivanchuk, Vassily28151-028D70Huaian2017
14Grischuk, Alexander2725Ding, Liren28371-044A06Huaian2017
15Ding, Liren2837Wang, Hao27370-166E04Huaian2017
16Ding, Liren2837Le, Quang Liem27711-043E01Huaian2017
17Andreikin, Dmitry2771Ding, Liren28370-177A45Huaian2017
18Ding, Liren2837Yu, Yangyi27010-133A30Huaian2017
19Mamedov, Rauf2755Ding, Liren28370-162C26Huaian2017
20Ding, Liren2837Harikrishna, Pentala27591/2-1/236A08Huaian2017
21Artemiev, Vladislav2798Ding, Liren28371-076A46Huaian2017
22Ding, Liren2837Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar27701-040E04Huaian2017
23Ding, Liren2734Ivanchuk, Vassily27961/2-1/238D70Huaian2017
24Wang, Hao2770Ding, Liren27341/2-1/259D47Huaian2017
25Mamedov, Rauf2695Ding, Liren27340-159C26Huaian2017
26Ding, Liren2734Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar28140-159E04Huaian2017
27Artemiev, Vladislav2687Ding, Liren27341/2-1/236A45Huaian2017
28Ding, Liren2734Andreikin, Dmitry27051-063A07Huaian2017
29Korobov, Anton2765Ding, Liren27341/2-1/253D43Huaian2017
30Zhao, Jun2604Ding, Liren27771/2-1/254B47China2017
31Ding, Liren2777Zhao, Zong-Yuan25431/2-1/2148A18China2017
32Wei, Yi2743Ding, Liren27771/2-1/228C48China2017
33Ding, Liren2777Zhou, Jianchao25971/2-1/249B94China2017
34Tomashevsky, Evgeny2702Ding, Liren27741/2-1/223E01Palma De Mallorca2017
35Svidler, Peter2763Ding, Liren27741/2-1/226A18Palma De Mallorca2017
36Ding, Liren2774Giri, Anish27621/2-1/242A07Palma De Mallorca2017
37Nakamura, Hikaru2780Ding, Liren27741/2-1/221D43Palma De Mallorca2017
38Ding, Liren2774Aronian, Levon28011/2-1/220E10Palma De Mallorca2017
39Inarkiev, Ernesto2683Ding, Liren27740-144C88Palma De Mallorca2017
40Ding, Liren2774Eljanov, Pavel27071/2-1/238A07Palma De Mallorca2017
41Riazantsev, Alexander2651Ding, Liren27741/2-1/245E32Palma De Mallorca2017
42Ding, Liren2774Vallejo Pons, Francisco27051/2-1/220D02Palma de Mallorca2017
43Ding, Liren2774Carlsen, Magnus28371/2-1/252D37Saint Louis2017
44Carlsen, Magnus2837Ding, Liren27741-040A05Saint Louis2017
45Ding, Liren2774Carlsen, Magnus28370-141A40Saint Louis2017
46Carlsen, Magnus2826Ding, Liren27721/2-1/242B51Saint Louis2017
47Ding, Liren2772Carlsen, Magnus28260-178A56Saint Louis2017
48Carlsen, Magnus2826Ding, Liren27721/2-1/254A25Saint Louis2017
49Carlsen, Magnus2948Ding, Liren28751/2-1/255A10Saint Louis2017
50Ding, Liren2772Carlsen, Magnus28260-143A56Saint Louis2017