Euwe, Max Aged 80


20 May 1901
Amsterdam, Netherlands
26 Nov 1981
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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This chart shows data only for when the player was actually in the top 100. Every chart point has info that can be seen by placing your cursor on it. Click on the chart to compare the player with any other player who has ever been in the top 100.

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Euwe, Max Engl, Heinz 0-122B22Nordwijkerhout1980
2Euwe, Max Kehl, Reinhard 1-033A81Nordwijkerhout1980
3Rodgaard, John2335Euwe, Max 0-195A12Denmark1980
4Euwe, Max Rodgaard, John23351/2-1/250D35Denmark1980
5Lukacs, Peter2420Euwe, Max25301/2-1/262D20Rotterdam1979
6Euwe, Max2530Trevelyan, John22051/2-1/245A59Bridgend 1978
7Sosonko, Gennadi Euwe, Max 1-042D17Hilversum1975
8Euwe, Max Sosonko, Gennadi 1/2-1/251E54Hilversum1975
9Euwe, Max Arnlind, Erik 1/2-1/234B42telex1975
10Euwe, Max Ree, Hans 1/2-1/238C49Amsterdam1973
11Ree, Hans Euwe, Max 0-139A17Amsterdam1973
12Euwe, Max Mueller, Hans 1-035E32Bladel1969
13Euwe, Max Opocensky, Karel 1/2-1/229E70Bladel1969
14Flohr, Salo Euwe, Max 1/2-1/212A84Bladel1969
15Botvinnik, Mikhail Euwe, Max 1/2-1/226E43Amsterdam1963
16Euwe, Max Penrose, Jonathan 0-150E65Vlissingen1962
17Euwe, Max Filip, Miroslav 1/2-1/230D27Varna1962
18Trifunovic, Petar Euwe, Max 1/2-1/223D94Varna1962
19Sliwa, Bogdan Euwe, Max 0-156A17Varna1962
20Padevsky, Nikola Euwe, Max 1/2-1/230C80Varna1962
21Ciocaltea, Victor Euwe, Max 1/2-1/217C84Varna1962
22Euwe, Max Robatsch, Karl 1/2-1/225B06Varna1962
23Filip, Miroslav Euwe, Max 1/2-1/243E52Varna1962
24Najdorf, Miguel Euwe, Max 1/2-1/220D19Leipzig1960
25Euwe, Max Penrose, Jonathan 0-167E64Leipzig1960
26Fischer, Robert James Euwe, Max 1-036B13Leipzig1960
27Euwe, Max Ghitescu, Theodor 0-136E72Leipzig1960
28Szabo, Laszlo Euwe, Max 1/2-1/220D11Leipzig1960
29Euwe, Max Uhlmann, Wolfgang 1/2-1/222E60Leipzig1960
30Keres, Paul Euwe, Max 1/2-1/221E57Leipzig1960
31Euwe, Max Pachman, Ludek 1/2-1/226E32Leipzig1960
32Gligoric, Svetozar Euwe, Max 1-068E59Leipzig1960
33Contedini, Ennio Euwe, Max 0-128C53Leipzig1960
34Euwe, Max Fauconnier, Joel 1-027E38Leipzig1960
35Beni, Alfred Euwe, Max 1/2-1/222C68Leipzig1960
36Euwe, Max Durao, Joaquim 1/2-1/241E72Leipzig1960
37Borja, Meliton Euwe, Max 0-134E59Leipzig1960
38Euwe, Max Najdorf, Miguel 0-141E69Leipzig1960
39Aaron, Manuel Euwe, Max 1-055E12Leipzig1960
40Euwe, Max Penrose, Jonathan 1/2-1/227E66Cheltenham1959
41Penrose, Jonathan Euwe, Max 1/2-1/240B19Cheltenham1959
42Euwe, Max Penrose, Jonathan 1-053B06Vlissingen1958
43Dueckstein, Andreas Euwe, Max 1-034B97Chaumont Neuchatel1958
44Euwe, Max Kupper, Josef 0-141D36Chaumont Neuchatel1958
45Unzicker, Wolfgang Euwe, Max 1/2-1/230B50Chaumont Neuchatel1958
46Paoli, Enrico Euwe, Max 0-141B57Chaumont Neuchatel1958
47Porat, Yosef Euwe, Max 1/2-1/219E59Munich1958
48Euwe, Max Matanovic, Aleksandar 1/2-1/241E15Beverwijk1958
49Euwe, Max Palmason, Gudmundur 1/2-1/238A34Munich1958
50Euwe, Max Cintron, Rafael 1-038E69Munich1958