Grigoryan, Karen H. Age 29


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Armenia Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2666 - Jan 2021 (Age 25)
FIDE Peak Rank
#71 (2665) - Aug 2020 (Age 25)
2649 World #49, Peak 2689 (Nov 2019)
2687 World #31, Peak 2704 (Jul 2023)
25 Feb 1995
Yerevan, Armenia
FIDE ID 13301004

Active Years:
2007 - 2024
Total Games:
893 (58%)
217 (14%)
439 (28%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A11 English Opening (33 games)
E20 Nimzo-Indian Defense (19 games)
A07 Hungarian Opening (17 games)
B06 Modern Defense (16 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (16 games)
C54 Italian Game (15 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
51Grigoryan, Karen H2646Pablo Marin, Alejandro23471-051Figueira da Foz7 Nov 2023
52Davtyan, David2362Grigoryan, Karen H26461/2-1/221Figueira da Foz6 Nov 2023
53Grigoryan, Karen H2646Lakunza Oyarbide, Juan Carlos20471-024Figueira da Foz5 Nov 2023
54Grigoryan, Karen H2643Pranesh, Munirethinam25051-046Yerevan7 Oct 2023
55Agasarov, Benik2321Grigoryan, Karen H26430-143Yerevan6 Oct 2023
56Grigoryan, Karen H2643Kushagra, Mohan24101-050Yerevan5 Oct 2023
57Gholami Orimi, Mahdi2429Grigoryan, Karen H26431/2-1/228Yerevan4 Oct 2023
58Grigoryan, Karen H2643Simonian, Hrair24311-054Yerevan3 Oct 2023
59Davtyan, Artur2481Grigoryan, Karen H26431/2-1/247Yerevan2 Oct 2023
60Grigoryan, Karen H2643Piliposyan, Robert23741-028Yerevan1 Oct 2023
61Mahdavi, Reza2302Grigoryan, Karen H26431/2-1/248Yerevan30 Sep 2023
62Grigoryan, Karen H2643Rostomyan, Mikayel22211-073Yerevan29 Sep 2023
63Grigoryan, Karen H2619Ayats Llobera, Gerard24711-035Linares26 Aug 2023
64Bacallao Alonso, Yusnel2587Grigoryan, Karen H26191/2-1/233Linares25 Aug 2023
65Grigoryan, Karen H2619Carbonell Sancho, Marc22991-057Linares24 Aug 2023
66Abal Cores, Lucas2339Grigoryan, Karen H26190-150Linares23 Aug 2023
67Grigoryan, Karen H2619Andersen, Mads26101-060Linares22 Aug 2023
68Svane, Frederik2634Grigoryan, Karen H26190-140Linares21 Aug 2023
69Grigoryan, Karen H2619Lorenzo de la Riva, Lazaro24041-050Linares20 Aug 2023
70Grigoryan, Karen H2619Moreno Trujillo, Alejandro24891-032Linares19 Aug 2023
71Iturrizaga Bonelli, Eduardo2617Grigoryan, Karen H26191/2-1/26Linares19 Aug 2023
72Espinosa Aranda, Angel2440Grigoryan, Karen H26190-155Linares19 Aug 2023
73Grigoryan, Karen H2619Almagro Mazariegos, Sebastian22581-022Linares19 Aug 2023
74Lin, Ying Rui2399Grigoryan, Karen H26191/2-1/247Linares19 Aug 2023
75Grigoryan, Karen H2619Martin Fuentes, Alberto23881/2-1/277Linares19 Aug 2023
76Masague Artero, Guerau2296Grigoryan, Karen H26190-136Linares19 Aug 2023
77Grigoryan, Karen H2619Lopez del Alamo, Antonio22671-049Linares19 Aug 2023
78Maldonado Mena, German2049Grigoryan, Karen H26190-146Linares19 Aug 2023
79Grigoryan, Karen H2619Karthikeyan, Murali26181/2-1/246Aix en Provence13 Aug 2023
80Girel, Joseph2462Grigoryan, Karen H26191/2-1/226Aix en Provence12 Aug 2023
81Horvath, Dominik2514Grigoryan, Karen H26190-152Aix en Provence11 Aug 2023
82Grigoryan, Karen H2619Maurizzi, Marc Andria25641/2-1/256Aix en Provence11 Aug 2023
83Oleksienko, Mikhailo2592Grigoryan, Karen H26191/2-1/231Aix en Provence10 Aug 2023
84Grigoryan, Karen H2619Rodshtein, Maxim26061-048Aix en Provence9 Aug 2023
85Boyer, Mahel2476Grigoryan, Karen H26191/2-1/267Aix en Provence9 Aug 2023
86Grigoryan, Karen H2619Lamard, Guillaume25261-050Aix en Provence8 Aug 2023
87Livaic, Leon2558Grigoryan, Karen H26191/2-1/231Aix en Provence7 Aug 2023
88Grigoryan, Karen H2621Escalante Ramirez, Brian Sebastian24880-170Barbera del Valles12 Jul 2023
89Asis Gargatagli, Hipolito2530Grigoryan, Karen H26211/2-1/215Barbera del Valles11 Jul 2023
90Grigoryan, Karen H2621Stremavicius, Titas25491-049Barbera del Valles10 Jul 2023
91Janzelj, Tim2453Grigoryan, Karen H26211/2-1/253Barbera del Valles9 Jul 2023
92Grigoryan, Karen H2621Alsina Leal, Daniel25191-063Barbera del Valles8 Jul 2023
93Macovei, Andrei2436Grigoryan, Karen H26210-144Barbera del Valles7 Jul 2023
94Grigoryan, Karen H2621Marin, Sebastian22651-027Barbera del Valles6 Jul 2023
95Subhayan, Kundu2326Grigoryan, Karen H26211/2-1/254Barbera del Valles5 Jul 2023
96Grigoryan, Karen H2621Glimbrant, Torbjorn21441-023Barbera del Valles4 Jul 2023
97Grigoryan, Karen H2626Maghsoodloo, Parham27160-158Chartres10 Jun 2023
98Grigoryan, Karen H2626Lupulescu, Constantin25730-144Chartres8 Jun 2023
99Kovchan, Alexander2446Grigoryan, Karen H26261/2-1/216Chartres7 Jun 2023
100Grigoryan, Karen H2626Bacrot, Etienne26671/2-1/244Chartres6 Jun 2023