Gukesh D Age 17


Live Rating
Live Rank
FIDE Rating
World Rank
India Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2763 - May 2024 (Age 17)
FIDE Peak Rank
#6 (2763) - May 2024 (Age 17)
2649 World #50, Peak 2763 (May 2024)
2651 World #57, Peak 2763 (May 2024)
29 May 2006
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
FIDE ID 46616543

Active Years:
2013 - 2024
Total Games:
612 (47%)
296 (23%)
381 (30%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
D02 London System (33 games)
D38 Queen's Gambit Declined (21 games)
A07 Hungarian Opening (21 games)
B31 Sicilian Defense (43 games)
D38 Queen's Gambit Declined (34 games)
B15 Caro-Kann Defense (21 games)


Having won the Candidates Tournament of 2024, Gukesh is to challenge World Champion Ding Liren for the title later in 2024. He is the youngest ever Challenger for the World Championship title.


Candidate Master in 2015, International Master in 2018 aged 11 years 9 months 9 days and Grandmaster in 2019 aged 12 years 7 months 17 days, one of only six players to have achieved the GM title while aged 12 (as at April 2024).

Ratings Milestones:

Third youngest to reach 2700 in September 2022 aged 16 years 3 months

Youngest to reach 2750 in August 2023 aged 17 years 2 months

Top ranked player in India in September 2023, aged 17 years 3 months (ahead of Anand)


Twice world champion in youth chess:

World Cup 2023: Gukesh defeated Iskandarov, Narayanan and Esipenko in the preliminary rounds (after a first round bye) before he was eliminated in Round 5 by Magnus Carlsen.

Gukesh qualified for the Candidates Tournament of 2024 through the 2023 FIDE Circuit. In April 2024 he won the Candidates Tournament, the youngest person to do so and therefore the youngest ever Challenger for the World Championship Match to be held later in 2024 vs current World Champion, Ding Liren.


2021: Gukesh won the Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour, Gelfand Challenge, with 14/19

2023, Finished equal 1st alongside Aronian and Nepomniachtchi at the WR Masters tournament in Dusseldorf, placing second to Aronian in the tiebreaks.

Team Events:

2022 Olympiad: Gold medal on board 1 with 9/11 (TPR 2867)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Giri, Anish27451/2-1/2128Warsaw12 May 2024
2Abdusattorov, Nodirbek2766Gukesh, Dommaraju27641/2-1/241Warsaw12 May 2024
3Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Carlsen, Magnus28300-143Warsaw12 May 2024
4Praggnanandhaa, Rameshbabu2747Gukesh, Dommaraju27641-049Warsaw12 May 2024
5Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Duda, Jan Krzysztof27340-147Warsaw12 May 2024
6Shevchenko, Kirill2677Gukesh, Dommaraju27640-147Warsaw12 May 2024
7Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Keymer, Vincent27260-156Warsaw12 May 2024
8Erigaisi, Arjun Kumar2762Gukesh, Dommaraju27640-141Warsaw12 May 2024
9Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Wei, Yi27550-138Warsaw12 May 2024
10Giri, Anish2745Gukesh, Dommaraju27641/2-1/256Warsaw11 May 2024
11Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Abdusattorov, Nodirbek27660-172Warsaw11 May 2024
12Carlsen, Magnus2830Gukesh, Dommaraju27641-052Warsaw11 May 2024
13Gukesh, Dommaraju2651Praggnanandhaa, Rameshbabu26750-145Warsaw11 May 2024
14Duda, Jan Krzysztof2734Gukesh, Dommaraju27640-128Warsaw11 May 2024
15Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Shevchenko, Kirill26770-150Warsaw11 May 2024
16Keymer, Vincent2726Gukesh, Dommaraju27641-056Warsaw11 May 2024
17Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Erigaisi, Arjun Kumar27620-132Warsaw11 May 2024
18Wei, Yi2755Gukesh, Dommaraju27640-150Warsaw11 May 2024
19Duda, Jan Krzysztof2734Gukesh, Dommaraju27641-066Warsaw10 May 2024
20Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Wei, Yi27550-130Warsaw10 May 2024
21Erigaisi, Arjun Kumar2762Gukesh, Dommaraju27641/2-1/265Warsaw10 May 2024
22Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Carlsen, Magnus28301/2-1/239Warsaw9 May 2024
23Keymer, Vincent2726Gukesh, Dommaraju27640-140Warsaw9 May 2024
24Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Praggnanandhaa, Rameshbabu27471-041Warsaw9 May 2024
25Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Giri, Anish27451/2-1/263Warsaw8 May 2024
26Abdusattorov, Nodirbek2766Gukesh, Dommaraju27641-062Warsaw8 May 2024
27Gukesh, Dommaraju2764Shevchenko, Kirill26770-136Warsaw8 May 2024
28Nakamura, Hikaru2789Gukesh, Dommaraju27431/2-1/271Toronto21 Apr 2024
29Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Firouzja, Alireza27601-063Toronto20 Apr 2024
30Abasov, Nijat Azad2632Gukesh, Dommaraju27430-157Toronto18 Apr 2024
31Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Caruana, Fabiano28031/2-1/240Toronto17 Apr 2024
32Nepomniachtchi, Ian2758Gukesh, Dommaraju27431/2-1/240Toronto15 Apr 2024
33Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Praggnanandhaa, Rameshbabu27471/2-1/241Toronto14 Apr 2024
34Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi2727Gukesh, Dommaraju27430-138Toronto13 Apr 2024
35Firouzja, Alireza2760Gukesh, Dommaraju27431-040Toronto11 Apr 2024
36Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Nakamura, Hikaru27891/2-1/240Toronto10 Apr 2024
37Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Abasov, Nijat Azad26321-087Toronto9 Apr 2024
38Caruana, Fabiano2803Gukesh, Dommaraju27431/2-1/274Toronto7 Apr 2024
39Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Nepomniachtchi, Ian27581/2-1/240Toronto6 Apr 2024
40Praggnanandhaa, Rameshbabu2747Gukesh, Dommaraju27430-133Toronto5 Apr 2024
41Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi27271/2-1/221Toronto4 Apr 2024
42Maghsoodloo, Parham2715Gukesh, Dommaraju27431/2-1/263Prague7 Mar 2024
43Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Keymer, Vincent27381-027Prague6 Mar 2024
44Praggnanandhaa, Rameshbabu2747Gukesh, Dommaraju27431/2-1/291Prague5 Mar 2024
45Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Bartel, Mateusz26600-140Prague4 Mar 2024
46Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Navara, David26670-161Prague2 Mar 2024
47Abdusattorov, Nodirbek2744Gukesh, Dommaraju27431/2-1/239Prague1 Mar 2024
48Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi27471/2-1/238Prague29 Feb 2024
49Nguyen, Thai Dai Van2630Gukesh, Dommaraju27430-152Prague28 Feb 2024
50Gukesh, Dommaraju2743Rapport, Richard27171/2-1/240Prague27 Feb 2024