Jones, Gawain C B Age 36


Live Rating
Live Rank
FIDE Rating
World Rank
England Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2709 - Jun 2019 (Age 31)
FIDE Peak Rank
#32 (2709) - Jun 2019 (Age 31)
2634 World #68, Peak 2661 (Jul 2013)
2642 World #65, Peak 2734 (May 2016)
11 Dec 1987
Keighley, West Yorkshire, England
FIDE ID 409561

Active Years:
2000 - 2024
Total Games:
1163 (49%)
413 (17%)
809 (34%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B23 Sicilian Defense (88 games)
C45 Scotch Game (69 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (40 games)
B76 Sicilian Defense (42 games)
E94 King's Indian Defense (41 games)
A57 Benko Gambit (37 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Jones, Gawain C B2618Lee, Miles19681-065Palmerston North12 Jan 2024
2Hart, Ralph2048Jones, Gawain C B26180-135Palmerston North12 Jan 2024
3Jones, Gawain C B2618Croad, Nicholas21711-039Palmerston North12 Jan 2024
4Dive, Russell John2194Jones, Gawain C B26180-126Palmerston North12 Jan 2024
5Jones, Gawain C B2618Ker, Anthony F22491-020Palmerston North12 Jan 2024
6Steadman, Michael VR2072Jones, Gawain C B26180-134Palmerston North11 Jan 2024
7Jones, Gawain C B2618Young, Cohen18291-026Palmerston North11 Jan 2024
8Carpinter, Bernard Alan1681Jones, Gawain C B26180-15Palmerston North11 Jan 2024
9Jones, Gawain C B2618McDonald, Duncan16571-016Palmerston North11 Jan 2024
10Jones, Gawain C B2618Zwirs, Nico24581/2-1/240England12 Nov 2023
11Chow, Samuel2340Jones, Gawain C B26180-159England11 Nov 2023
12Fressinet, Laurent2622Jones, Gawain C B26261/2-1/221Germany2 Apr 2023
13Jones, Gawain C B2626Brkic, Ante26021/2-1/255Germany1 Apr 2023
14Dziuba, Marcin2554Jones, Gawain C B26180-144Reykjavik19 Mar 2023
15Jones, Gawain C B2618Gislason, Gudmundur22721-046Reykjavik18 Mar 2023
16Kjartansson, Gudmundur2402Jones, Gawain C B26181/2-1/250Reykjavik18 Mar 2023
17Jones, Gawain C B2618Thybo, Jesper Sondergaard25091/2-1/236Reykjavik17 Mar 2023
18Jones, Gawain C B2626Vachier Lagrave, Maxime27471/2-1/223Germany26 Feb 2023
19Kadric, Denis2561Jones, Gawain C B26261/2-1/234Germany25 Feb 2023
20Rudd, Jack2324Jones, Gawain C B26170-143England12 Feb 2023
21Jones, Gawain C B2617Fernandez, Daniel Howard24811-057England11 Feb 2023
22Jones, Gawain C B2626Cheparinov, Ivan26891/2-1/249Germany5 Feb 2023
23Svane, Rasmus2615Jones, Gawain C B26261-064Germany4 Feb 2023
24Murphy, Conor2425Jones, Gawain C B26261-080England15 Jan 2023
25Jones, Gawain C B2626Delaney, Killian23341-028England14 Jan 2023
26Tin, Jingyao2562Jones, Gawain C B26301-050Sitges21 Dec 2022
27Jones, Gawain C B2630Nigmatov, Ortik24391-037Sitges20 Dec 2022
28Firat, Burak2460Jones, Gawain C B26301/2-1/245Sitges19 Dec 2022
29Jones, Gawain C B2630Gokerkan, Cem Kaan24701/2-1/237Sitges17 Dec 2022
30Bournel, Antoine2392Jones, Gawain C B26300-153Sitges16 Dec 2022
31Jones, Gawain C B2630Priyanka, Nutakki23161-039Sitges15 Dec 2022
32Mathieu, Phileas2367Jones, Gawain C B26301/2-1/273Sitges14 Dec 2022
33Jones, Gawain C B2630Akbas, Umut Ata23511/2-1/275Sitges13 Dec 2022
34Stanetzek, Carsten2172Jones, Gawain C B26300-116Sitges12 Dec 2022
35Harikrishna, Pentala2717Jones, Gawain C B26260-180Germany27 Nov 2022
36Jones, Gawain C B2626Navara, David26761/2-1/224Germany26 Nov 2022
37Plat, Vojtech2546Jones, Gawain C B26261/2-1/278Germany23 Oct 2022
38Jones, Gawain C B2626Korobov, Anton26721-040Germany22 Oct 2022
39Jones, Gawain C B2626Sedlak, Nikola24721/2-1/247Germany21 Oct 2022
40Jones, Gawain C B2626Pakleza, Zbigniew24961/2-1/238Reykjavik16 Oct 2022
41Jensson, Einar Hjalti2331Jones, Gawain C B26261/2-1/234Reykjavik15 Oct 2022
42Jones, Gawain C B2626Kjartansson, Gudmundur24561-052Reykjavik15 Oct 2022
43Kazakouski, Valery2538Jones, Gawain C B26261/2-1/259Reykjavik14 Oct 2022
44Jones, Gawain C B2623Ayats Llobera, Gerard24511-035Linares23 Sep 2022
45Santos Latasa, Jaime2680Jones, Gawain C B26230-140Linares22 Sep 2022
46Jones, Gawain C B2623Nihal, Sarin26771/2-1/231Linares21 Sep 2022
47Tabatabaei, Mohammad Amin2651Jones, Gawain C B26231-055Linares20 Sep 2022
48Jones, Gawain C B2623Anton Guijarro, David26621-052Linares19 Sep 2022
49Gukesh, Dommaraju2726Jones, Gawain C B26231-030Linares18 Sep 2022
50Alekseenko, Kirill2707Jones, Gawain C B26231-051Linares17 Sep 2022