Jones, Gawain Age 31


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#46 (active)
#4 (active)
2709 - 01 Jun 2019
2609 World #176 (active)
2649 World #90 (active)
11 Dec 1987
Keighley, West Yorkshire, England

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Jones, Gawain C2609Jakovenko, Dmitrij27310-149C67Khanty-Mansiysk2019
2Jakovenko, Dmitrij2731Jones, Gawain C26091-074C78Khanty-Mansiysk2019
3Jakovenko, Dmitrij2681Jones, Gawain C26881/2-1/231C78Khanty-Mansiysk2019
4Jones, Gawain C2688Jakovenko, Dmitrij26811/2-1/243C67Khanty-Mansiysk2019
5Jones, Gawain C2688Flores, Diego26021/2-1/255C72Khanty-Mansiysk2019
6Rodriguez Flores , Diego Ivan Jones, Gawain C26880-133D85Khanty-Mansiysk2019
7Flores, Diego2602Jones, Gawain C26880-133D85Khanty-Mansiysk2019
8Suarez Gomez, Julio2433Jones, Gawain C26921/2-1/230A49Spain2019
9Jones, Gawain C2692Montoliu Cervero, Francisco23931-025A15Spain2019
10Sos Andreu, Eric2354Jones, Gawain C26920-153E91Spain2019
11Jones, Gawain C2692Sanchez Gonzalez, Sergio22991-047A15Spain2019
12Espineira Gonzalez, Diego2362Jones, Gawain C26921/2-1/276B34Spain2019
13Jones, Gawain C2709Howell, David26920-174C65Saint Louis2019
14Le, Quang Liem2694Jones, Gawain C27091-039C78Saint Louis2019
15Jones, Gawain C2709Swiercz, Dariusz26670-137B40Saint Louis2019
16Shankland, Samuel L2717Jones, Gawain C27091/2-1/286D85Saint Louis2019
17Xiong, Jeffery2684Jones, Gawain C27091/2-1/256D85Saint Louis2019
18Jones, Gawain C2709Le, Quang Liem26941/2-1/281B31Saint Louis2019
19Howell, David2692Jones, Gawain C27091/2-1/279D85Saint Louis2019
20Swiercz, Dariusz2667Jones, Gawain C27091/2-1/260C78Saint Louis2019
21Jones, Gawain C2709Shankland, Samuel L27171/2-1/241C07Saint Louis2019
22Jones, Gawain C2709Xiong, Jeffery26841/2-1/248B12Saint Louis2019
23Wang, Hao2688Jones, Gawain C26871-054B52Hengshui 2019
24Jones, Gawain C2687Wang, Hao26880-166C21Hengshui 2019
25Le, Quang Liem2699Jones, Gawain C26871-052C78Hengshui 2019
26Jones, Gawain C2687Le, Quang Liem26990-1118B31Hengshui 2019
27Jones, Gawain C2687Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi27151-029B30Hengshui 2019
28Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi2715Jones, Gawain C26871-066D70Hengshui 2019
29Dominguez Perez, Leinier2743Jones, Gawain C26871/2-1/264C53Hengshui 2019
30Jones, Gawain C2687Dominguez Perez, Leinier27430-142C54Hengshui 2019
31Jones, Gawain C2687Yu, Yangyi27241-070C21Hengshui 2019
32Yu, Yangyi2724Jones, Gawain C26870-127A37Hengshui 2019
33Cheparinov, Ivan2695Jones, Gawain C26870-1144C45Hengshui 2019
34Jones, Gawain C2687Cheparinov, Ivan26951-028B12Hengshui 2019
35Jones, Gawain C2687Ponomariov, Ruslan26810-167C21Hengshui 2019
36Ponomariov, Ruslan2681Jones, Gawain C26871/2-1/232C24Hengshui 2019
37Fedoseev, Vladimir2684Jones, Gawain C26870-148A05Hengshui 2019
38Jones, Gawain C2687Fedoseev, Vladimir26840-136B31Hengshui 2019
39Jones, Gawain C2687Korobov, Anton27380-169B52Hengshui 2019
40Korobov, Anton2738Jones, Gawain C26871-049E70Hengshui 2019
41Jones, Gawain C2687Bu, Xiangzhi26710-130C21Hengshui 2019
42Bu, Xiangzhi2671Jones, Gawain C26871-044A05Hengshui 2019
43Mamedov, Rauf2730Jones, Gawain C26870-169C77Hengshui 2019
44Jones, Gawain C2687Mamedov, Rauf27301-057B31Hengshui 2019
45Jones, Gawain C2622Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi26640-171C50Hengshui2019
46Andreikin, Dmitry2759Jones, Gawain C26221-022D85Hengshui2019
47Jones, Gawain C2622Le, Quang Liem27060-140B31Hengshui2019
48Jones, Gawain C2622Fedoseev, Vladimir27181/2-1/252B51Hengshui2019
49Bu, Xiangzhi2722Jones, Gawain C26220-151A04Hengshui2019
50Jones, Gawain C2622Cheparinov, Ivan26291/2-1/248C50Hengshui2019