Kharitonov, Andrei Aged 52

FIDE Rating
World Rank
#5405 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rank
#2860 (2371) - Jan 2011 (Age 51)
4 Apr 1959
The Soviet Union , Ivanovo
13 Jan 2012
Moscow, Russia
FIDE ID 4136896

Active Years:
1998 - 2012
Total Games:
55 (34%)
13 (8%)
93 (58%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E14 Queen's Indian Defense (5 games)
D27 Queen's Gambit Accepted (5 games)
A43 Benoni Defense (5 games)
D36 Queen's Gambit Declined (7 games)
B19 Caro-Kann Defense (4 games)
B12 Caro-Kann Defense (4 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Kharitonov, Andrei Y2524Krapivin, Alexander24781/2-1/252Moscow19 Dec 2010
2Dubov, Daniil2456Kharitonov, Andrei Y25241/2-1/225Moscow18 Dec 2010
3Kharitonov, Andrei Y2524Grachev, Boris V26541/2-1/235Moscow15 Dec 2010
4Krylov, Mikhail2516Kharitonov, Andrei Y25241/2-1/236Moscow12 Dec 2010
5Kharitonov, Andrei Y2524Gagarin, Vasilij24351/2-1/220Moscow11 Dec 2010
6Morozov, Grigory2327Kharitonov, Andrei Y25240-144Moscow24 Nov 2010
7Kharitonov, Andrei Y2524Tilicheev, Viacheslav23430-148Moscow3 Oct 2010
8Stukopin, Andrey2458Kharitonov, Andrei Y25241-021Moscow3 Oct 2010
9Kharitonov, Andrei Y2524Rozhkov, Viacheslav22751-035Moscow3 Oct 2010
10Demidov, Mikhail2395Kharitonov, Andrei Y25241/2-1/264Moscow3 Oct 2010
11Kharitonov, Andrei Y2524Seliverstov, Vladimir23041/2-1/232Moscow3 Oct 2010
12Yarmolenko, Evgeny2240Kharitonov, Andrei Y25241/2-1/28Moscow3 Oct 2010
13Kharitonov, Andrei Y2524Shvedchikov, Anatoli I24211/2-1/232Moscow3 Oct 2010
14Losev, Dmitry2285Kharitonov, Andrei Y25240-143Moscow3 Oct 2010
15Kharitonov, Andrei Y2524Kachar, Vladimir22991/2-1/231Moscow3 Oct 2010
16Stukopin, Andrey2423Kharitonov, Andrei Y25421-055Moscow7 Feb 2010
17Kharitonov, Andrei Y2563Popilski, Gil24621/2-1/213Moscow8 Feb 2009
18Zolotukhin, Valery2358Kharitonov, Andrei Y25631/2-1/211Moscow7 Feb 2009
19Kharitonov, Andrei Y2563Chudinovskikh, Alexander M23791/2-1/215Moscow6 Feb 2009
20Stukopin, Andrey1898Kharitonov, Andrei Y25631/2-1/215Moscow5 Feb 2009
21Kharitonov, Andrei Y2563Balashov, Yuri S23781/2-1/216Moscow4 Feb 2009
22Matinian, Nikita2361Kharitonov, Andrei Y25631-018Moscow3 Feb 2009
23Kharitonov, Andrei Y2563Venevtsev, Andrey25031/2-1/218Moscow2 Feb 2009
24Egorov, Dmitry Petrovich2346Kharitonov, Andrei Y25630-139Moscow1 Feb 2009
25Kharitonov, Andrei Y2563Lastin, Alexander26431/2-1/216Moscow31 Jan 2009
26Moiseenko, Alexander2643Kharitonov, Andrei Y25691-016Moscow8 Feb 2008
27Kharitonov, Andrei Y2569Sjugirov, Sanan24911-052Moscow7 Feb 2008
28Kim, Alexey2442Kharitonov, Andrei Y25691/2-1/228Moscow6 Feb 2008
29Kharitonov, Andrei Y2569Najer, Evgeniy26341/2-1/218Moscow5 Feb 2008
30Ivanov, Oleg V2454Kharitonov, Andrei Y25691/2-1/224Moscow4 Feb 2008
31Kharitonov, Andrei Y2569Paveliev, Alexey24231-052Moscow3 Feb 2008
32Kruglov, Viktor2336Kharitonov, Andrei Y25690-133Moscow2 Feb 2008
33Grigoriants, Sergey2550Kharitonov, Andrei Y25781/2-1/226Moscow22 Mar 2006
34Kharitonov, Andrei Y2578Grigoriants, Sergey25501/2-1/222Moscow22 Mar 2006
35Kharitonov, Andrei Y2578Kremenietsky, Anatoly M23911-034Moscow20 Mar 2006
36Kremenietsky, Anatoly M2391Kharitonov, Andrei Y25780-145Moscow20 Mar 2006
37Kharitonov, Andrei Y2545Atalik, Suat26201/2-1/244Hoogoveen28 Oct 2005
38Kharitonov, Andrei Y2561Vescovi, Giovanni P26331-057Moscow25 Feb 2004
39Andreikin, Dmitry2412Kharitonov, Andrei Y25610-157Moscow24 Feb 2004
40Aleksandrov, Aleksej2679Kharitonov, Andrei Y25611/2-1/260Moscow23 Feb 2004
41Kharitonov, Andrei Y2561Sasikiran, Krishnan26540-161Moscow22 Feb 2004
42Kharitonov, Andrei Y2561Vaganian, Rafael A26231/2-1/215Moscow21 Feb 2004
43Zhang, Zhong2639Kharitonov, Andrei Y25610-164Moscow20 Feb 2004
44Kharitonov, Andrei Y2561Volkov, Sergey26301/2-1/29Moscow19 Feb 2004
45Sergienko, Sergey2453Kharitonov, Andrei Y25610-128Moscow18 Feb 2004
46Kharitonov, Andrei Y2561Thorhallsson, Throstur24591/2-1/250Moscow17 Feb 2004
47Kharitonov, Andrei Y2546Najer, Evgeniy26161/2-1/221Moscow2002
48Kharitonov, Andrei Y2546Najer, Evgeniy26161/2-1/218Moscow2002
49Najer, Evgeniy2616Kharitonov, Andrei Y25460-134Moscow2002
50Najer, Evgeniy2616Kharitonov, Andrei Y25461/2-1/235Moscow2002