Kiolbasa, Oliwia Age 24

Source: Krzysztof SzelÄ…g / Wikimedia Commons

Woman International Master
Live Rating
Live Women Rank
FIDE Rating
World Women Rank
Poland Women Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2429 - Apr 2023 (Age 22)
FIDE Peak Women Rank
#38 (2429) - Apr 2023 (Age 22)
Rapid Women
2291 World #89, Peak 2387 (May 2024)
Blitz Women
2255 World #90, Peak 2387 (May 2024)
26 Apr 2000
FIDE ID 1154613

Active Years:
2010 - 2024
Total Games:
502 (43%)
303 (26%)
359 (31%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B12 Caro-Kann Defense (37 games)
C02 French Defense (26 games)
B33 Sicilian Defense (21 games)
C45 Scotch Game (24 games)
D36 Queen's Gambit Declined (21 games)
D02 London System (20 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Socko, Monika2416Kiolbasa, Oliwia23731/2-1/238Germany9 Jun 2024
2Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Sliwicka, Alicja23291-048Rzeszow30 May 2024
3Kashlinskaya, Alina2468Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871-060Rzeszow29 May 2024
4Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Siekanska, Maria21811-049Rzeszow29 May 2024
5Maltsevskaya, Aleksandra2392Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871-044Rzeszow27 May 2024
6Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Antolak, Julia23081/2-1/246Rzeszow26 May 2024
7Jarocka, Liwia2234Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871/2-1/241Rzeszow25 May 2024
8Barwinska, Ewa2106Kiolbasa, Oliwia23870-153Rzeszow24 May 2024
9Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Socko, Monika24311-065Rzeszow23 May 2024
10Rudzinska, Michalina2315Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871/2-1/245Rzeszow22 May 2024
11Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Papp, Petra22801-038FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
12Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Kaldarova, Ayaulym21001-044FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
13Preobrazhenskaya, Diana1981Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871-068FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
14Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Kashlinskaya, Alina24680-140FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
15Gong, Qianyun2250Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871-025FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
16Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Poliakova, Varvara19871-058FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
17Arabidze, Meri2457Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871-034FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
18Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Ismayil, Malak21651-036FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
19Gomez Barrera, Javiera Belen2209Kiolbasa, Oliwia23870-137FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
20Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Sriiyukthaa, Marksim Karki Abira14781-040FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
21Bubnova, Uliana1800Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871-060FIDE Online Arena INT15 May 2024
22Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Eskina, Yulia 1-060FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
23Nevska, Gerda1872Kiolbasa, Oliwia23870-126FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
24Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Mejia, Cherry Ann19651-052FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
25Anupam, M Sreekumar1872Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871-050FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
26Zaksaite, Salomeja2210Kiolbasa, Oliwia23870-169FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
27Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Bashirli, Saadat17930-149FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
28Kubicka, Anna2293Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871/2-1/233FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
29Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Ram, Jwalanthi18121-022FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
30Kosteniuk, Alexandra2501Kiolbasa, Oliwia23871-038FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
31Kiolbasa, Oliwia2387Sachi, Jain21240-131FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
32Gelder, Stephanie Kiolbasa, Oliwia23870-124FIDE Online Arena INT8 May 2024
33Terbe, Julianna2274Kiolbasa, Oliwia23861-068Rhodes29 Apr 2024
34Kiolbasa, Oliwia2386Savina, Anastasia23301/2-1/241Rhodes28 Apr 2024
35Toma, Katarzyna2202Kiolbasa, Oliwia23861/2-1/257Rhodes27 Apr 2024
36Kiolbasa, Oliwia2386Toncheva, Nadya22581/2-1/255Rhodes26 Apr 2024
37Starosta, Martyna2254Kiolbasa, Oliwia23860-140Rhodes25 Apr 2024
38Kiolbasa, Oliwia2386Krasteva, Beloslava22200-160Rhodes23 Apr 2024
39Zimina, Olga2299Kiolbasa, Oliwia23861/2-1/214Rhodes22 Apr 2024
40Kiolbasa, Oliwia2386Gajcin, Marina22241/2-1/275Rhodes21 Apr 2024
41Sandu, Mihaela2253Kiolbasa, Oliwia23860-174Rhodes20 Apr 2024
42Kiolbasa, Oliwia2386Guillo Longares, Cecilia21011-035Rhodes19 Apr 2024
43Kiolbasa, Oliwia2379Balajayeva, Khanim Asad Qizi23501-045Samarkand30 Dec 2023
44Peycheva, Gergana2271Kiolbasa, Oliwia23791/2-1/236Samarkand30 Dec 2023
45Kiolbasa, Oliwia2379Voit, Daria23430-160Samarkand30 Dec 2023
46Shukhman, Anna2213Kiolbasa, Oliwia23791-062Samarkand30 Dec 2023
47Kiolbasa, Oliwia2379Lesbekova, Asel18051-047Samarkand30 Dec 2023
48Beydullayeva, Govhar2374Kiolbasa, Oliwia23790-172Samarkand30 Dec 2023
49Kiolbasa, Oliwia2379Lei, Tingjie25500-135Samarkand30 Dec 2023
50Pourkashiyan, Atousa2259Kiolbasa, Oliwia23791/2-1/298Samarkand30 Dec 2023