Kotov, Alexander Aged 67

Source: www.gpntb.ru

12 Aug 1913
Tula, Russian Empire
08 Jan 1981
Moscow, Soviet Union

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Kotov, Alexander2500Nunn, John DM24101/2-1/214D32London1977
2Torre, Eugenio2550Kotov, Alexander25001/2-1/255B08London1977
3Stean, Michael2485Kotov, Alexander25001-031B06London1977
4Kotov, Alexander2500Blackstock, Lesly SF24101/2-1/259A46London1977
5Hort, Vlastimil2620Kotov, Alexander25001-051B08London1977
6Kotov, Alexander2500Lambert, Glenn EJ24201-041A48London1977
7Mestel, A Jonathan2420Kotov, Alexander25001-037B17London1977
8Kotov, Alexander2500Law, Andrew P24001/2-1/259D03London1977
9Quinteros, Miguel Angel2555Kotov, Alexander25001-034A42London1977
10Kotov, Alexander Medina Garcia, Antonio Angel 1-051A07Casablanca1974
11Kotov, Alexander Tarjan, James Edward 1-043A28Casablanca1974
12Cardoso, Radolfo Tan Kotov, Alexander 1-041A43Casablanca1974
13Kotov, Alexander Bronstein, David I 0-144A13Soviet Union1972
14Petrosian Tigran V. Kotov, Alexander 1/2-1/237D27Soviet Union1972
15Kotov, Alexander Antoshin, Vladimir S 1-034A10Moscow1971
16Kotov, Alexander Kholmov, Ratmir D 0-123A17Moscow1971
17Kotov, Alexander Kholmov, Ratmir D 1-032E14Soviet Union1971
18Kotov, Alexander Kotkov, Yuri M 1-039D94Soviet Union1971
19Balashov, Yuri S Kotov, Alexander 1-034A25Moscow1971
20Razuvaev, Yuri S Kotov, Alexander 0-145E66Soviet Union1971
21Kotov, Alexander Aronin, Lev Solomonovich 1/2-1/242D40Moscow1969
22Volovich, Anatoly A Kotov, Alexander 0-152B06Moscow1969
23Estrin, Yacov Kotov, Alexander 1/2-1/222B41Soviet Union1969
24Damjanovic, Mato Kotov, Alexander 1-060A42Paris1968
25Kotov, Alexander Kavalek, Lubomir 1/2-1/283E81Amsterdam1968
26Ivkov, Borislav Kotov, Alexander 0-143A41Amsterdam1968
27Kotov, Alexander Ciric, Dragoljub M 1-082A65Amsterdam1968
28Zuidema, Coen Kotov, Alexander 0-136B06Amsterdam1968
29Bouwmeester, Hans Kotov, Alexander 1/2-1/275A42Amsterdam1968
30Kotov, Alexander Ree, Hans 0-139E52Amsterdam1968
31Marovic, Drazen Kotov, Alexander 1-030A43Amsterdam1968
32Kotov, Alexander Bilek, Istvan 1-053B06Amsterdam1968
33Bronstein, David I Kotov, Alexander 1-050B19Amsterdam1968
34Kotov, Alexander Jongsma, Alexander 1-086D95Amsterdam1968
35Lengyel, Levente Kotov, Alexander 1-063D56Amsterdam1968
36Kotov, Alexander Donner, Jan Hein 1/2-1/242A15Amsterdam1968
37Shamkovich, Leonid Kotov, Alexander 1/2-1/287D42Amsterdam1968
38Kotov, Alexander Langeweg, Kick 1/2-1/230A17Amsterdam1968
39Kuijpers, Frans Kotov, Alexander 1-033B09Amsterdam1968
40Bukhman, Eduard Kotov, Alexander 1-050B06Moscow1968
41Kotov, Alexander Jean, Claude 1-031E61Paris1967
42Kotov, Alexander Simagin, Vladimir 0-146A81Sochi1967
43Lengyel, Levente Kotov, Alexander 0-131A42Sochi1967
44Kotov, Alexander Damjanovic, Mato 1-038E61Sochi1967
45Spassky, Boris V Kotov, Alexander 1/2-1/221B08Sochi1967
46Kotov, Alexander Ree, Hans 1-047A65Amsterdam1967
47Kotov, Alexander Krogius, Nikolai V 1/2-1/248A30Sochi1967
48Ciric, Dragoljub M Kotov, Alexander 1/2-1/221A42Amsterdam1967
49Liebert, Heinz Kotov, Alexander 0-174B09Sochi1967
50Kotov, Alexander Enevoldsen, Jens 1-038A25Amsterdam1967