Lein, Anatoly Age 93

28 Mar 1931
Leningrad, USSR
FIDE ID 2000270

Active Years:
1967 - 2014
Total Games:
398 (35%)
234 (21%)
495 (44%)
Total score:
C02 French Defense (11 games)
D02 London System (11 games)
B30 Sicilian Defense (10 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (11 games)
D34 Queen's Gambit Declined (10 games)
D56 Queen's Gambit Declined (9 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Lein, Anatoly2310Finegold, Benjamin25390-133Wheeling30 May 2010
2Friedel, Joshua E2528Lein, Anatoly23101-027Wheeling29 May 2010
3Friedel, Joshua E2551Lein, Anatoly23011-035Las Vegas28 Dec 2009
4Krishnan, Varun2042Lein, Anatoly23011/2-1/273Las Vegas27 Dec 2009
5Lein, Anatoly2359O'Donnell, Robert21531-027Chicago25 May 2009
6Owen, Steven2082Lein, Anatoly23591-036Chicago24 May 2009
7Lein, Anatoly2359Madison, Jeremy M19221-035Chicago23 May 2009
8Fiedler, Brian2236Lein, Anatoly23591-037Chicago23 May 2009
9Lein, Anatoly2359Shulman, Yuri26320-162Chicago22 May 2009
10Akobian, Varuzhan2606Lein, Anatoly23171-029Las Vegas28 Dec 2008
11Lein, Anatoly2317Brownscombe, Thomas21961-046Las Vegas27 Dec 2008
12Kacheishvili, Giorgi2572Lein, Anatoly23171-033Las Vegas27 Dec 2008
13Ofstad, Per2169Lein, Anatoly23231/2-1/214Gmunden28 Sep 2007
14Lein, Anatoly2323Buxade Roca, Guillermo21931/2-1/224Gmunden27 Sep 2007
15Zelkind, Eduard2211Lein, Anatoly23231/2-1/251Gmunden26 Sep 2007
16Lein, Anatoly2323Pushkov, Nikolai25150-154Gmunden25 Sep 2007
17Shabanov, Yuri2431Lein, Anatoly23231/2-1/215Gmunden24 Sep 2007
18Lein, Anatoly2323Kyhle, Bo22321-031Gmunden23 Sep 2007
19Jansa, Vlastimil2494Lein, Anatoly23231-057Gmunden21 Sep 2007
20Lein, Anatoly2323Murey, Jacob24171/2-1/221Gmunden20 Sep 2007
21Bondick, Karl Heinz2158Lein, Anatoly23230-134Gmunden19 Sep 2007
22Reinke, Kurt2013Lein, Anatoly23230-139Gmunden17 Sep 2007
23Lein, Anatoly2341Mirabile, Tim21921/2-1/252Connecticut7 Apr 2007
24Beokhoff, Andrew2298Lein, Anatoly23521-066King's Island12 Nov 2006
25Serper, Grigory2574Lein, Anatoly23521-023Reno8 Oct 2006
26Lein, Anatoly2352Yermolinsky, Alex25941/2-1/214Reno8 Oct 2006
27Batchimeg, Tuvshintugs2278Lein, Anatoly23520-142Reno7 Oct 2006
28Stancil, Kimani A2139Lein, Anatoly23520-136Reno7 Oct 2006
29Lein, Anatoly2352Ftacnik, Lubomir26000-159Reno6 Oct 2006
30Lein, Anatoly2352Foster, Raleigh Francis19901-061Reno6 Oct 2006
31Lein, Anatoly2325Sevillano, Enrico24720-132Philadelphia3 Jul 2006
32Roussel Roozmon, Thomas2419Lein, Anatoly23251/2-1/243Philadelphia3 Jul 2006
33Fressinet, Laurent2633Lein, Anatoly23251-029Philadelphia1 Jul 2006
34Bick, John D2238Lein, Anatoly23250-150Las Vegas18 Jun 2006
35Lein, Anatoly2325Schiller, Eric Andrew21971-054Las Vegas18 Jun 2006
36Lein, Anatoly2336Margvelashvili, Giorgi24341/2-1/217Ledyard14 Apr 2006
37Lein, Anatoly2336Shulman, Yuri25810-131Ledyard13 Apr 2006
38Lein, Anatoly2354Agaian, Sarkis21800-129Philadelphia25 Nov 2005
39Lein, Anatoly2373West, Vanessa A21051/2-1/240Phoenix12 Aug 2005
40Jackson, Trevor H2106Lein, Anatoly23731-021Phoenix11 Aug 2005
41Lein, Anatoly2373Schreiner, Walt 1-029Phoenix6 Aug 2005
42Lein, Anatoly2373Weinberger, Tibor22151-032Las Vegas11 Jun 2005
43Gurevich, Dmitry2515Lein, Anatoly23731-046Las Vegas11 Jun 2005
44Lein, Anatoly2373Davis, Loal W21531-024Las Vegas10 Jun 2005
45Goldstein, Brian2132Lein, Anatoly23730-124Las Vegas10 Jun 2005
46Lein, Anatoly2373Mikhalevski, Victor25720-123Chicago29 May 2005
47Jussupow, Artur2601Lein, Anatoly23731/2-1/228Minneapolis19 May 2005
48Peric, Slavisa2230Lein, Anatoly23871/2-1/29Mashantucket27 Mar 2005
49Lein, Anatoly2387Schneider, Igor23201/2-1/29Mashantucket27 Mar 2005
50Lein, Anatoly2387Thavandiran, Shiyam21741/2-1/224Mashantucket26 Mar 2005