Li Chao Age 29

Source: © Alina L'Ami

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#27 (active)
#4 (active)
2758 - 01 Jun 2016
2651 World #109 (active)
2693 World #56 (active)
21 Apr 1989
Taiyuan, Shanxi

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Esipenko, Andrey2587Li, Chao B27241/2-1/239A40Qinhuangdao2018
2Li, Chao B2724Sarana, Alexey25871/2-1/258B23Qinhuangdao2018
3Li, Chao B2724Alekseenko, Kirill26251/2-1/217D20Qinhuangdao2018
4Sjugirov, Sanan2663Li, Chao B27241/2-1/223B15Qinhuangdao2018
5Matlakov, Maxim2704Li, Chao B27241/2-1/216C43Qinhuangdao2018
6Esipenko, Andrey2587Li, Chao B27241-031A39Qinhuangdao2018
7Li, Chao B2724Alekseenko, Kirill26251/2-1/213E67Qinhuangdao2018
8Sarana, Alexey2587Li, Chao B27241-024E69Qinhuangdao2018
9Li, Chao B2724Sjugirov, Sanan26630-134B08Qinhuangdao2018
10Matlakov, Maxim2704Li, Chao B27240-16A07Qinhuangdao2018
11Li, Chao B2724Esipenko, Andrey25871-021A21Qinhuangdao2018
12Sjugirov, Sanan2663Li, Chao B27241-038D77Qinhuangdao2018
13Li, Chao B2684Matlakov, Maxim27051/2-1/220A41Qinhuangdao2018
14Wang, Yue2686Li, Chao B27241/2-1/233D80Shenzhen2018
15Li, Chao B2724Zhang, Ziji23611-060D31Shenzhen2018
16Li, Chao B2724Zhao, Chenxi23001-022A50Shenzhen2018
17Liu, Qingnan2527Li, Chao b27321/2-1/250C01Shenzhen2018
18Li, Chao B2732Xiang, Zeyu24111/2-1/263A13Shenzhen2018
19Andreikin, Dmitry2702Li, Chao B27321/2-1/233C43Shenzhen2018
20Li, Chao B2732Ni, Hua26701/2-1/230D41Shenzhen2018
21Li, Chao B2656Shankland, Samuel L26430-138A58Liao Cheng2018
22Duda, Jan Krzysztof2715Li, Chao B26561-029A16Liao Cheng2018
23Li, Chao B2656Bacrot, Etienne26831/2-1/260E92Liao Cheng2018
24Dubov, Daniil2678Li, Chao B26561/2-1/256A05Liao Cheng2018
25Li, Chao B2656Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi26540-126E21Liao Cheng2018
26Shankland, Samuel L2643Li, Chao B26560-171B12Liao Cheng2018
27Li, Chao B2656Duda, Jan Krzysztof27151-075D10Liao Cheng2018
28Bacrot, Etienne2683Li, Chao B26561-032C42Liao Cheng2018
29Li, Chao B2656Dubov, Daniil26781/2-1/226A32Liao Cheng2018
30Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi2654Li, Chao B26560-144B30Liao Cheng2018
31Li, Chao B2732Holt, INT2018
32Li, Chao B2732Stremavicius, INT2018
33Harmon Vellotti, Luke2459Li, Chao INT2018
34Gorovets, Andrey2496Li, Chao B27321/2-1/ INT2018
35Li, Chao B2732Foisor, Sabina INT2018
36Li, Chao B2732Xiong, INT2018
37Holt, Conrad2578Li, Chao INT2018
38Moradiabadi, Elshan2528Li, Chao B27321/2-1/ INT2018
39Li, Chao B2732Bacrot, INT2018
40Li, Chao B2732Gorozhanin, INT2018
41Li, Chao B2732Lalith, Babu MR25421/2-1/ INT2018
42Li, Chao B2732Olafsson, INT2018
43Libiszewski, Fabien2530Li, Chao INT2018
44Skoberne, Jure2553Li, Chao INT2018
45Ter Sahakyan, Samvel2563Li, Chao B27321/2-1/ INT2018
46Swapnil, S Dhopade2533Li, Chao B27321/2-1/ INT2018
47Artemiev, Vladislav2798Li, Chao B26681/2-1/291A45Riyadh2017
48Li, Chao B2668Amin, Bassem26551/2-1/252E92Riyadh2017
49Li, Chao B2668Wang, Hao27370-122E10Riyadh2017
50Leko, Peter2790Li, Chao B26680-172C24Riyadh2017