Li Chao Age 28

Source: © Alina L'Ami

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#18 (active)
#3 (active)
2758 - 01 Jun 2016
2663 World #85 (active)
2668 World #67 (active)
21 Apr 1989
Taiyuan, Shanxi

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Li, Chao B2741Eljanov, Pavel27071/2-1/240D15Palma De Mallorca2017
2Vallejo Pons, Francisco2705Li, Chao B27411/2-1/224C42Palma De Mallorca2017
3Li, Chao B2741Gelfand, Boris27191/2-1/224D43Palma De Mallorca2017
4Rapport, Richard2692Li, Chao B27411/2-1/278C42Palma De Mallorca2017
5Li, Chao B2741Hammer, Jon Ludvig26291/2-1/240D35Palma De Mallorca2017
6Inarkiev, Ernesto2683Li, Chao b27411-029D85Palma de Mallorca2017
7Li, Chao B2741Schroeder, Jan-Christian25491/2-1/228D30Germany2017
8Karpov, Anatoly2626Li, Chao B27410-142D85Germany2017
9Li, Chao B2741Wei, Yi27391/2-1/226C42China2017
10Li, Chao B2739Shytaj, Luca24651-025A04Germany2017
11Anand, Viswanathan2783Li, Chao B27391/2-1/258C42Germany2017
12Li, Chao B2745Gopal, Geetha Narayanan25891/2-1/252D41Ashkhabad2017
13Nguyen, Ngoc Truong Son2629Li, Chao B27451/2-1/212C49Ashkhabad2017
14Gomez, John Paul2463Li, Chao B27451/2-1/226D99Ashkhabad2017
15Li, Chao B2745Farid, Firman Syah23781-030D10Ashkhabad2017
16Li, Chao B2745Nguyen, Ngoc Truong Son26291/2-1/250B36Ashkhabad2017
17Li, Chao B2745Markov, Mikhail223901/2-1/253E08Ashkhabad2017
18Nezad, Husein Aziz2422Li, Chao B27450-145A60Ashkhabad2017
19Li, Chao B2678Rapport, Richard27291/2-1/236E12Tbilisi2017
20Rapport, Richard2729Li, Chao B26781-0115D70Tbilisi2017
21Rapport, Richard2675Li, Chao B27441-0115D71Tbilisi2017
22Rapport, Richard2675Li, Chao B27451/2-1/221D70Tbilisi2017
23Li, Chao B2745Rapport, Richard26751/2-1/254E41Tbilisi2017
24Sevian, Samuel2559Li, Chao B26780-169A05Tbilisi2017
25Li, Chao B2678Sevian, Samuel25591/2-1/295A20Tbilisi2017
26Li, Chao B2745Sevian, Samuel26101/2-1/221D11Tbilisi2017
27Sevian, Samuel2610Li, Chao B27451/2-1/227C42Tbilisi2017
28Krysa, Leandro2540Li, Chao B27450-166D35Tbilisi2017
29Li, Chao B2745Krysa, Leandro25401/2-1/2113D25Tbilisi2017
30Wang, Yue2699Li, Chao B27441/2-1/223D41China2017
31Li, Chao B2744Ni, Hua26771/2-1/244E32China2017
32Lu, Shanglei2628Li, Chao B27441/2-1/230C48China2017
33Li, Chao B2744Ma, Qun26401-051A20China2017
34Li, Chao B2744Tan, Zhongyi25061-031E25Huocheng County2017
35Bu, Xiangzhi2710Li, Chao B27440-142E60Huocheng County2017
36Li, Chao B2744Lu, Shanglei26281/2-1/248B09Huocheng County2017
37Abudureheman, Namaiti2008Li, Chao B27440-165D78Huocheng County2017
38Wang, Yue2699Li, Chao B27441/2-1/234C42Huocheng County2017
39Li, Chao B2744Yu, Yangyi27441/2-1/228C42Huocheng County2017
40Wen, Yang2602Li, Chao B27441-041D77Huocheng County2017
41Li, Chao B2744Zhou, Jianchao25970-141E49Huocheng County2017
42Wei, Yi2753Li, Chao B27441-055B35Huocheng County2017
43Li, Chao B2735Wang, Chen25101-046D55Ningbo2017
44Wen, Yang2617Li, Chao B27351/2-1/233D70Ningbo2017
45Li, Chao B2735Liu, Qingnan25061-043B09Ningbo2017
46Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2800Li, Chao B27351/2-1/220D70Geneva2017
47Li, Chao B2735Harikrishna, Pentala27371-060E10Geneva2017
48Riazantsev, Alexander2654Li, Chao B27351-084A50Geneva2017
49Li, Chao B2735Eljanov, Pavel27391-035E12Geneva2017
50Adams, Michael2736Li, Chao B27351/2-1/224C42Geneva2017