Li Chao Age 33

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Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#68 (active)
#6 (active)
2758 - 01 Jun 2016
2631 World #85 (active)
2693 World #43 (all players)
21 Apr 1989
Taiyuan, Shanxi

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Wan, Yunguo2508Li, Chao B26791/2-1/225B12Fuling Chongqing2022
2Li, Chao B2679Ma, Qun26661/2-1/230C67Fuling Chongqing2022
3Li, Chao B2693Bu, Xiangzhi26311/2-1/221C67Fuling Chongqing2022
4Bu, Xiangzhi2709Li, Chao B26791/2-1/231D26Fuling Chongqing2022
5Li, Chao B2679Ma, Zhonghan24851/2-1/280B20Fuling Chongqing2022
6Wang, Hao B2165Li, Chao B26930-136D70Fuling Chongqing2022
7Li, Chao B2679Ni, Hua26681/2-1/215C67Fuling Chongqing2022
8Wen, Yang2588Li, Chao B26791/2-1/230A05Fuling Chongqing2022
9Li, Chao B2679Wei, Yi27271/2-1/241D41Fuling Chongqing2022
10Ding, Liren2808Li, Chao B26791/2-1/266D17Fuling Chongqing2022
11Li, Chao B2679Xu, Xiangyu25711/2-1/222E01Fuling Chongqing2022
12Li, Chao B2683Ma, Qun26301/2-1/240A00Liaocheng, China2021
13Ma, Lin2177Li, Chao B26830-147A00Liaocheng, China2021
14Li, Di2576Li, Chao B26831/2-1/232A00Liaocheng, China2021
15Li, Chao B2683Cai, Youyang20401-032A00Liaocheng, China2021
16Li, Chao B2683Ni, Hua26671/2-1/231A00Liaocheng, China2021
17Wang, Yiye2448Li, Chao B26830-147A00Liaocheng, China2021
18Li, Chao B2683Li, Xueyi23031-032A00Liaocheng, China2021
19Wei, Yi2725Li, Chao B26831-031A00Liaocheng, China2021
20Li, Chao B2683Tan, Zhongyi25251/2-1/238A00Liaocheng, China2021
21Dubov, Daniil2690Li, Chao B26901/2-1/230D02China2019
22Li, Chao B2690Wei, Yi27251/2-1/236C67China2019
23Wang, Hao2756Li, Chao B26901-0107C42China2019
24Li, Chao B2690Nie, Xinyang23481/2-1/236D31China2019
25Zhou, Weiqi2587Li, Chao B26871/2-1/222D22China2019
26Li, Chao B2687Ma, Qun26291-063D53China2019
27Li, Chao B2697Ni, Hua26681/2-1/231E01China2019
28Xiang, Zeyu2439Li, Chao B26971/2-1/231A61China2019
29Li, Chao B2697Zhao, Jun26331/2-1/231E06China2019
30Li, Chao B2697Anton Guijarro, David26780-149A50China2019
31Li, Chao B2691Rapport, Richard27351/2-1/231E97China2019
32Wei, Yi2737Li, Chao B26911/2-1/249C42China2019
33Li, Chao B2691Cheparinov, Ivan26661-023E02China2019
34Naiditsch, Arkadij2681Li, Chao B26911/2-1/231C42China2019
35Li, Chao B2698Chen, KaiLin20731-066D35Daqing2019
36Wu, Xibin2203Li, Chao B26980-138B12Daqing2019
37Li, Chao B2698Xiang, Zeyu24321-059D35Daqing2019
38Li, Shilong2482Li, Chao B26980-143D16Daqing2019
39Li, Chao B2698Li, Yankai24321-035E46Daqing2019
40Li, Di2535Li, Chao B26981/2-1/230D41Daqing2019
41Li, Chao B2698Zhao, Jun26251/2-1/250E39Daqing2019
42Xu, Yi2526Li, Chao B26981/2-1/238B30Daqing2019
43Li, Chao B2698Peng, Hongchi23700-133B23Daqing2019
44Li, Chao B2699Zhou, Weiqi25881-035C45China2019
45Jakovenko, Dmitrij2708Li, Chao B26991-073B70China2019
46Li, Chao B2703Bu, Xiangzhi27261/2-1/233A16China2018
47Xu, Xiangyu2565Li, Chao B27031/2-1/228D70China2018
48Li, Chao B2703Bai, Jinshi25681/2-1/230D06China2018
49Lu, Shanglei2636Li, Chao B27031/2-1/230C01China2018
50Li, Chao B2708Wang, Yue26811/2-1/230A50Wuxi2018