Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo Age 25


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Mexico Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2623 - Mar 2020 (Age 21)
FIDE Peak Rank
#143 (2619) - May 2023 (Age 24)
2641 World #82 (all players), Peak 2645 (Apr 2020)
2703 World #24, Peak 2712 (Jan 2023)
31 Jan 1999
FIDE ID 3805662

Active Years:
2009 - 2024
Total Games:
428 (54%)
108 (13%)
262 (33%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B90 Sicilian Defense (17 games)
A11 English Opening (15 games)
C77 Ruy Lopez (11 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (19 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (18 games)
B92 Sicilian Defense (15 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
101Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Nyzhnyk, Illya26701/2-1/250Clayton21 Oct 2021
102Woodward, Andy2290Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-151Clayton21 Oct 2021
103Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Williams, Justus D24201/2-1/242Clayton20 Oct 2021
104Jacobson, Brandon2492Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26201/2-1/215Clayton19 Oct 2021
105Gledura, Benjamin2628Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26201-033Clayton19 Oct 2021
106Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Rozman, Levy23621-039Clayton18 Oct 2021
107Amburgy, Ryan2103Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-159Clayton18 Oct 2021
108Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Homa, Seth22691/2-1/262Clayton17 Oct 2021
109Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Subelj, Jan24301-057Tornelo INT28 Mar 2021
110Grigorian, Spartak2458Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26201-038Tornelo INT28 Mar 2021
111Gallevci, Yagiz2069Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-150Tornelo INT28 Mar 2021
112Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Michalik, Peter25941-045Tornelo INT28 Mar 2021
113Donchenko, Alexander2659Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-152Tornelo INT28 Mar 2021
114Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Vitiugov, Nikita27151/2-1/233Tornelo INT27 Mar 2021
115Bruch, Jochen2187Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-148Tornelo INT27 Mar 2021
116Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Van Meegen, Ruud22951-024Tornelo INT27 Mar 2021
117Brunner, Nicolas2418Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-155Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
118Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Hauchard, Arnaud25150-136Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
119Rakotomaharo, Fy Antenaina2429Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-149Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
120Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Gabrielian, Artur24481-060Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
121Cheparinov, Ivan2667Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26201-090Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
122Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Demchenko, Anton26101-033Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
123Ivanchuk, Vassily2678Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-143Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
124Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Enchev, Ivajlo25011/2-1/261Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
125Pour Agha Bala, Amirreza2432Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-1116Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
126Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Feryn, Benjamin21941-030Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
127Siffert, Arman1902Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-158Europe Echecs INT7 Mar 2021
128Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Urazayev, Arystanbek24291/2-1/266Europe Echecs INT10 Jan 2021
129Droin, Augustin2289Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26201/2-1/2103Europe Echecs INT10 Jan 2021
130Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Joly, Julien21981-050Europe Echecs INT10 Jan 2021
131Maghsoodloo, Parham2676Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26201-051Europe Echecs INT10 Jan 2021
132Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Tilicheev, Viacheslav25031-059Europe Echecs INT10 Jan 2021
133Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Garayev, Kanan Farzali Oglu23311-086Europe Echecs INT10 Jan 2021
134Mohammad, Nubairshah Shaikh2445Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26201/2-1/249Europe Echecs INT10 Jan 2021
135Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Haussernot, Cecile21711-030Europe Echecs INT10 Jan 2021
136Gosse, Richard Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-129Europe Echecs INT10 Jan 2021
137Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2620Li, Eric23341/2-1/244ICC INT8 Aug 2020
138Samuelson, Andrew2111Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26200-156ICC INT7 Aug 2020
139Godart, Francois2446Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26230-130Europe Echecs INT11 Apr 2020
140Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2623Villegas, Pierre23531-057Europe Echecs INT11 Apr 2020
141Pacheco, Marco2353Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26231/2-1/248Europe Echecs INT11 Apr 2020
142Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2623Cruz, Cristhian25641/2-1/211Europe Echecs INT11 Apr 2020
143Guliyev, Namig2531Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26230-140Europe Echecs INT11 Apr 2020
144Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2623Kirk, Ezra24351-059Europe Echecs INT11 Apr 2020
145Moroni, Luca Jr2491Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26231-062Europe Echecs INT11 Apr 2020
146Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2623Guezennec, Franck22851-043Europe Echecs INT11 Apr 2020
147Pujari, Rucha2113Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26230-138Europe Echecs INT11 Apr 2020
148Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2617Fedorchuk, Sergey A26221-033Cappelle la Grande29 Feb 2020
149Godart, Francois2445Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo26170-159Cappelle la Grande29 Feb 2020
150Martinez Alcantara, Jose Eduardo2617Boyer, Mahel23171-056Cappelle la Grande29 Feb 2020