Nepomniachtchi, Ian Age 28


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#7 (active)
Russian Federation
#2 (active)
2775 - 01 Jun 2019
2757 World #16 (active)
2815 World #5 (active)
14 Jul 1990
Bryansk, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Titles: International Master since 2004; Grandmaster since 2007.

Youth Championships: European U10 Champion in 2000,,European U12 Champion in 2001 and 2002, World U12 Champion in 2002, Russian U18 Champion in 2004, Russian Champion 2010, European Champion 2010.

World Championship cycles: World Cup 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 and Grand Prix series 2017.

Major tournament wins: Aeroflot Open in 2015, Hainan Danzhou GM Tournament in 2016. Tal Memorial in 2016, and Dortmund in 2018.

Other tournament wins: first at the Petrosian Memorial in 2003, Young Stars of the World in 2003 and 2007, and 9th Pyotr Ismalov Memorial Open in 2005,

Other major tournament results: 2nd at Corus Group C in 2007, =2nd at Dortmund in 2008, 2nd at the Capablanca Memorial in 2010, =2nd at the Capablanca Memorial in 2012, =2nd at the Moscow Open in 2013, =1st (2nd on count back) at the London Classic in 2017, and =2nd at the Karpov Poikovsky in 2018.

Olympiads: Individual bronze playing for Russia 2 at the Olympiads in 2010 and for Russia 1 in 2014.

National team results: Team gold for Russia in the European Team Championship in 2015, individual
gold playing for Russia in the World Team Championship in 2011, 2013
and 2017, team gold in Russia-China match in 2012.

Team results: team gold in the Russian Premier League in 2017, individual gold in the Russian Premier League in 2014 and 2016, team golds in the European Club Cup in 2006 (with the ShK Tomsk-400 club) and in 2017 (with the Globus club).

Rapid and Blitz tournaments wins: First at the Ordix Open in 2008, the Aeroflot Blitz Open in 2013 & 2015, the Yaroslav the Wise 2014 Tournament of Champions in 2014, Moscow Blitz Championship 2015 and the the Cup of the REGION Group of Companies 2018 Blitz.

Other major Rapid and Blitz tournament results: 2nd at the World Rapid Championship in 2013, =2nd at the World Blitz Championship in 2013, 2nd at the ACP Cup in 2013, =2nd at the World Rapid Championship in 2015, 2nd at the the Cup of the REGION Group of Companies Blitz in 2016, =1st at the Eurasian Blitz Chess Cup of the President of Kazakhstan in 2016, =1st (3rd on count back) at the World Rapid Championship in 2017 and 3rd at the Tal Memorial Blitz in 2018.

Peak ranking: World #11 (January 2017)

Peak ratings: Classical: 2767 (January 2017), Rapid: 2821 (November 2015), Blitz: 2880 (July 2014).

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Nepomniachtchi, Ian2785Grischuk, Alexander27381-036C55Moscow2019
2Grischuk, Alexander2738Nepomniachtchi, Ian27851/2-1/237C42Moscow2019
3Nepomniachtchi, Ian2773Grischuk, Alexander27721/2-1/223C67Moscow2019
4Grischuk, Alexander2772Nepomniachtchi, Ian27731/2-1/238D85Moscow2019
5Nepomniachtchi, Ian2785Wojtaszek, Radoslaw27181-028B51Moscow2019
6Wojtaszek, Radoslaw2718Nepomniachtchi, Ian27851/2-1/240D70Moscow2019
7Nepomniachtchi, Ian2785Wojtaszek, Radoslaw27181/2-1/237B51Moscow2019
8Wojtaszek, Radoslaw2718Nepomniachtchi, Ian27851/2-1/241A48Moscow2019
9Wojtaszek, Radoslaw2724Nepomniachtchi, Ian27731/2-1/222D70Moscow2019
10Nepomniachtchi, Ian2773Wojtaszek, Radoslaw27241/2-1/226B90Moscow2019
11Nepomniachtchi, Ian2785Wei, Yi26981-045B10Moscow2019
12Wei, Yi2698Nepomniachtchi, Ian27851/2-1/270B97Moscow2019
13Nepomniachtchi, Ian2773Wei, Yi27361/2-1/268C80Moscow2019
14Wei, Yi2736Nepomniachtchi, Ian27731/2-1/231B51Moscow2019
15Aronian, Levon2762Nepomniachtchi, Ian27731/2-1/236A20Moscow2019
16Nepomniachtchi, Ian2773Aronian, Levon27621-072C88Moscow2019
17Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2933Nepomniachtchi, Ian27781-064C55Abidjan2019
18Nepomniachtchi, Ian2778Amin, Bassem26621-046C84Abidjan2019
19Nakamura, Hikaru2934Nepomniachtchi, Ian27781-086C60Abidjan2019
20Nepomniachtchi, Ian2778Carlsen, Magnus29541/2-1/252B33Abidjan2019
21So, Wesley2744Nepomniachtchi, Ian27781/2-1/233C55Abidjan2019
22Nepomniachtchi, Ian2778Wei, Yi26411/2-1/278C42Abidjan2019
23Nepomniachtchi, Ian2778Karjakin, Sergey28161/2-1/232C67Abidjan2019
24Topalov, Veselin2682Nepomniachtchi, Ian27780-137C60Abidjan2019
25Nepomniachtchi, Ian2778Ding, Liren27731-057C88Abidjan2019
26Nepomniachtchi, Ian2778Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime29331/2-1/271B91Abidjan2019
27Amin, Bassem2662Nepomniachtchi, Ian27780-158C55Abidjan2019
28Nepomniachtchi, Ian2778Nakamura, Hikaru29341/2-1/253E10Abidjan2019
29Carlsen, Magnus2954Nepomniachtchi, Ian27781/2-1/253A28Abidjan2019
30Nepomniachtchi, Ian2778So, Wesley27441/2-1/274C67Abidjan2019
31Wei, Yi2641Nepomniachtchi, Ian27780-140C55Abidjan2019
32Karjakin, Sergey2816Nepomniachtchi, Ian27781-043A48Abidjan2019
33Nepomniachtchi, Ian2778Topalov, Veselin26821/2-1/276C67Abidjan2019
34Ding, Liren2773Nepomniachtchi, Ian27780-142A20Abidjan2019
35Nepomniachtchi, Ian2785Nakamura, Hikaru28240-140A29Abidjan2019
36Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2800Nepomniachtchi, Ian27851-039C55Abidjan2019
37So, Wesley2801Nepomniachtchi, Ian27851-035C55Abidjan2019
38Nepomniachtchi, Ian2785Wei, Yi26981/2-1/244C42Abidjan2019
39Ding, Liren2760Nepomniachtchi, Ian27851-051D70Abidjan2019
40Nepomniachtchi, Ian2785Amin, Bassem26171-032C84Abidjan2019
41Topalov, Veselin2781Nepomniachtchi, Ian27851/2-1/242C55Abidjan2019
42Nepomniachtchi, Ian2785Carlsen, Magnus28690-147B33Abidjan2019
43Karjakin, Sergey2781Nepomniachtchi, Ian27851/2-1/230B96Abidjan2019
44Ganguly, Surya Shekhar2633Nepomniachtchi, Ian27711/2-1/261A04Astana2019
45Swiercz, Dariusz2655Nepomniachtchi, Ian27711/2-1/234D90Astana2019
46Mamedov, Rauf2701Nepomniachtchi, Ian27710-131B51Astana2019
47Nepomniachtchi, Ian2771Adams, Michael27081/2-1/231C84Astana2019
48Nepomniachtchi, Ian2771Yu, Yangyi27611-044C43Astana2019
49Nepomniachtchi, Ian2771Idani, Pouya26041/2-1/260A13Astana2019
50Nepomniachtchi, Ian2763Radjabov, Teimour27571/2-1/223C67Wijk aan Zee2019