Serper, Grigory Age 54

FIDE Rating
World Rank
#675 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rank
#53 (2600) - Jan 1993 (Age 23)
14 Sep 1969
Soviet Union , Tashkent
FIDE ID 2012642

Active Years:
1987 - 2009
Total Games:
334 (38%)
141 (16%)
406 (46%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E70 King's Indian Defense (33 games)
A29 English Opening (29 games)
A25 English Opening (16 games)
D38 Queen's Gambit Declined (36 games)
B66 Sicilian Defense (32 games)
B42 Sicilian Defense (28 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Serper, Grigory2522Lugo, Blas23800-192ICC INT11 Nov 2009
2Serper, Grigory2522Van de Mortel, Jan24121-072ICC INT4 Nov 2009
3Serper, Grigory2522Andrews, Todd D23371-029ICC INT19 Oct 2009
4Milman, Lev2456Serper, Grigory25220-140ICC INT5 Oct 2009
5Serper, Grigory2522Ehlvest, Jaan26141/2-1/224ICC INT28 Sep 2009
6Charbonneau, Pascal2509Serper, Grigory25221-036ICC INT8 Sep 2009
7Friedel, Joshua E2547Serper, Grigory25220-135ICC INT31 Aug 2009
8Serper, Grigory2522Lopez, Bruci24141-033ICC INT10 Nov 2008
9Altounian, Levon2454Serper, Grigory25221/2-1/235ICC INT29 Oct 2008
10Serper, Grigory2522Ehlvest, Jaan26031/2-1/233ICC INT22 Oct 2008
11Serper, Grigory2522Krush, Irina24700-173ICC INT1 Oct 2008
12Serper, Grigory2522Zivanic, Marko24771/2-1/272ICC INT22 Sep 2008
13Van de Mortel, Jan2412Serper, Grigory25221/2-1/2109ICC INT17 Sep 2008
14Andrews, Todd D2315Serper, Grigory25220-139ICC INT3 Sep 2008
15Lopez, Bruci2407Serper, Grigory25221-058ICC INT27 Aug 2008
16Perez, Ignacio2260Serper, Grigory25120-151Seattle18 Feb 2008
17Serper, Grigory2512Guo, Alex 1-044Seattle17 Feb 2008
18Sinanan, Joshua C2183Serper, Grigory25120-138Seattle17 Feb 2008
19Orlov, Georgi2494Serper, Grigory25121/2-1/242Seattle16 Feb 2008
20Serper, Grigory2512Koons, Nathaniel22931-030Seattle10 Feb 2008
21Lee, Michael2244Serper, Grigory25120-134Seattle10 Feb 2008
22Serper, Grigory2512Greninger, Harley22781-025Seattle9 Feb 2008
23Readey, John2278Serper, Grigory25120-152Seattle9 Feb 2008
24Serper, Grigory2499Becerra Rivero, Julio25591/2-1/229ICC INT31 Oct 2007
25Friedel, Joshua E2472Serper, Grigory24991-054ICC INT24 Oct 2007
26Boskovic, Drasko2473Serper, Grigory24990-173ICC INT17 Oct 2007
27Serper, Grigory2499Boskovic, Drasko24731/2-1/227ICC INT8 Oct 2007
28Nakamura, Hikaru2647Serper, Grigory24991/2-1/265ICC INT3 Oct 2007
29Milman, Lev2499Serper, Grigory24990-139ICC INT26 Sep 2007
30Serper, Grigory2499Friedel, Joshua E24721-048ICC INT17 Sep 2007
31Becerra Rivero, Julio2559Serper, Grigory24991/2-1/264ICC INT5 Sep 2007
32Serper, Grigory2499Christiansen, Larry Mark25751/2-1/254ICC INT29 Aug 2007
33Serper, Grigory2507Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich26231/2-1/28Las Vegas10 Jun 2007
34Becerra Rivero, Julio2544Serper, Grigory25070-138Las Vegas10 Jun 2007
35Serper, Grigory2507Vela, Norberto 1-053Las Vegas9 Jun 2007
36Gagunashvili, Merab2625Serper, Grigory25071/2-1/249Las Vegas9 Jun 2007
37Serper, Grigory2507Bruno, Ronald22191-053Las Vegas8 Jun 2007
38Hanken, Jerome B1994Serper, Grigory25070-132Las Vegas8 Jun 2007
39Serper, Grigory2507Levine, David M21911-028Seattle27 May 2007
40Roua, Radu Laurentiu2169Serper, Grigory25070-136Seattle27 May 2007
41Selzler, Richard2115Serper, Grigory25071/2-1/228Seattle26 May 2007
42Khachiyan, Melikset2542Serper, Grigory25761/2-1/225Reno8 Apr 2007
43Serper, Grigory2576Batchimeg, Tuvshintugs22591-021Reno8 Apr 2007
44Serper, Grigory2576Shivaji, Shivkuma22821/2-1/229Reno7 Apr 2007
45Naroditsky, Daniel2145Serper, Grigory25760-133Reno7 Apr 2007
46Serper, Grigory2576Sinanan, Joshua C21111/2-1/230Reno6 Apr 2007
47Schwarz, Daniel W2206Serper, Grigory25761/2-1/287Reno6 Apr 2007
48Serper, Grigory2592Liu, Elliott23011/2-1/241Las Vegas29 Dec 2006
49Serper, Grigory2592Shankland, Samuel L22081-064Las Vegas28 Dec 2006
50Boekhoff, Andrew2288Serper, Grigory25921-035Las Vegas28 Dec 2006