Spassky, Boris Age 85


FIDE Rating
#508 (all players)
Russian Federation
#0 (all players)
30 Jan 1937
Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Spassky, Boris V2548Korchnoi, Viktor25671/2-1/211C42Elista2009
2Korchnoi, Viktor2567Spassky, Boris V25480-146E11Elista2009
3Spassky, Boris V2548Korchnoi, Viktor25670-135C49Elista2009
4Korchnoi, Viktor2567Spassky, Boris V25480-126A28Elista2009
5Spassky, Boris V2548Korchnoi, Viktor25671/2-1/222C14Elista2009
6Korchnoi, Viktor2567Spassky, Boris V25481/2-1/250E21Elista2009
7Spassky, Boris V2548Korchnoi, Viktor25671/2-1/246C00Elista2009
8Korchnoi, Viktor2567Spassky, Boris V25481-047E12Elista2009
9Spassky, Boris V2548Stoeri, Simon19741/2-1/222B25Zuerich2009
10Spassky, Boris V2548Wueest, Andrin22511/2-1/265C19Zuerich2009
11Portisch, Lajos2512Spassky, Boris V25481/2-1/230E19Heviz2007
12Spassky, Boris V2548Portisch, Lajos25121/2-1/225C88Heviz2007
13Portisch, Lajos2512Spassky, Boris V25481-025A95Heviz2007
14Spassky, Boris V2548Portisch, Lajos25121/2-1/232C84Heviz2007
15Portisch, Lajos2512Spassky, Boris V25481/2-1/248A95Heviz2007
16Spassky, Boris V2548Portisch, Lajos25121-066C67Heviz2007
17Spassky, Boris V2548Heuser, Philip21161/2-1/244B17Bonn2007
18Spassky, Boris V2548Dembling, Arthur 1-028C12San Francisco2006
19Spassky, Boris V2548Eng, Stan 1/2-1/228B97San Francisco2006
20Spassky, Boris V2548Freberg, Alan 1-031B16San Francisco2006
21Spassky, Boris V2548Goldberg, Adam W 1-034C12San Francisco2006
22Spassky, Boris V2548Guarino, Robert 1-043C14San Francisco2006
23Spassky, Boris V2548Hilliard, Michael 1-041B17San Francisco2006
24Spassky, Boris V2548Jourilles, Phil 1-026C34San Francisco2006
25Spassky, Boris V2548Krubnik, Ewelina 1/2-1/220C36San Francisco2006
26Spassky, Boris V2548Lee, Gabriel 1-032B59San Francisco2006
27Spassky, Boris V2548Lehman, Clarence 1-040C36San Francisco2006
28Spassky, Boris V2548Lewis, Skye 1-034B15San Francisco2006
29Spassky, Boris V2548Lin, Tim 1-019C30San Francisco2006
30Spassky, Boris V2548Lupton, Stephen 1-033C39San Francisco2006
31Spassky, Boris V2548Mohan, Vijay 1-054B38San Francisco2006
32Spassky, Boris V2548Naroditsky, Alan 1/2-1/224B99San Francisco2006
33Spassky, Boris V2548Nyamdorj, Kevin 1-09C30San Francisco2006
34Spassky, Boris V2548Reinhardt, Bryan 1/2-1/220B33San Francisco2006
35Spassky, Boris V2548Russell, Joe Ryan 1-021B34San Francisco2006
36Spassky, Boris V2548Sandberg, Evan 1-019B01San Francisco2006
37Spassky, Boris V2548Smelansky, Vadim 1-034B01San Francisco2006
38Spassky, Boris V2548Tagawa, Barry 1-020B07San Francisco2006
39Spassky, Boris V2548Karpov, Anatoly26721-041B17Porto Vecchio2006
40Karpov, Anatoly2672Spassky, Boris V25481/2-1/262E11Porto Vecchio2006
41Karpov, Anatoly2674Spassky, Boris V25481/2-1/227D55Mainz2005
42Spassky, Boris V2548Korchnoi, Viktor26171-043B80Mainz2005
43Unzicker, Wolfgang2437Spassky, Boris V25481/2-1/218D58Mainz2005
44Spassky, Boris V2548Karpov, Anatoly26741/2-1/225B17Mainz2005
45Korchnoi, Viktor2617Spassky, Boris V25481-048D20Mainz2005
46Spassky, Boris V2548Unzicker, Wolfgang24371/2-1/231C49Mainz2005
47Spassky, Boris V2548Benum, Rick 1-030C30Reno2004
48Spassky, Boris V2548Bond, Philip 1-045B09Reno2004
49Spassky, Boris V2548Borowski, David 1-012C37Reno2004
50Spassky, Boris V2548Christensen, Craig 1-028B70Reno2004