Stein, Leonid Aged 38


12 Nov 1934
Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
04 Jul 1973

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteYear 
1Sveshnikov, Evgeny Stein, Leonid 0-129Moscow1973
2Stein, Leonid Gufeld, Eduard 1/2-1/225Moscow1973
3Stein, Leonid Sveshnikov, Evgeny 1-036Moscow1973
4Gufeld, Eduard Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/241Moscow1973
5Darga, Klaus Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/242Las Palmas1973
6Stein, Leonid Petrosian, Tigran V 1/2-1/244Las Palmas1973
7Ljubojevic, Ljubomir Stein, Leonid 0-125Las Palmas1973
8Stein, Leonid Gheorghiu, Florin 1/2-1/224Las Palmas1973
9Saidy, Anthony Fred Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/260Las Palmas1973
10Stein, Leonid Ree, Hans 1/2-1/230Las Palmas1973
11Hort, Vlastimil Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/211Las Palmas1973
12Stein, Leonid Kavalek, Lubomir 1/2-1/218Las Palmas1973
13Stein, Leonid Ribli, Zoltan 1-036Las Palmas1973
14Diez del Corral, Jesus Stein, Leonid 0-150Las Palmas1973
15Stein, Leonid Calvo Minguez, Ricardo 1/2-1/223Las Palmas1973
16Hug, Werner Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/225Las Palmas1973
17Stein, Leonid Panno, Oscar 1/2-1/220Las Palmas1973
18Huguet, Bernard Stein, Leonid 0-124Las Palmas1973
19Stein, Leonid Andersson, Ulf 1/2-1/245Las Palmas1973
20Stein, Leonid Polugaevsky, Lev 1/2-1/232Kislovodsk1972
21Zilberstein, Valery I Stein, Leonid 0-142Kislovodsk1972
22Suetin, Alexey S Stein, Leonid 0-180Kislovodsk1972
23Stein, Leonid Nezhmetdinov, Rashid 1-043Kislovodsk1972
24Unzicker, Wolfgang Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/226Kislovodsk1972
25Stein, Leonid Hennings, Artur 1-065Kislovodsk1972
26Langeweg, Kick Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/244Kislovodsk1972
27Stein, Leonid Kozma, Julius 1/2-1/242Kislovodsk1972
28Jakobsen, Ole Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/232Kislovodsk1972
29Stein, Leonid Anikaev, Yuri N 1-030Kislovodsk1972
30Gurgenidze, Bukhuti Stein, Leonid 0-127Kislovodsk1972
31Stein, Leonid Anikaev, Yuri N 1-037Odessa1972
32Romanishin, Oleg M Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/242Odessa1972
33Tseitlin, Mark D Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/243Odessa1972
34Stein, Leonid Velimirovic, Dragoljub 1/2-1/212Zagreb1972
35Kovacevic, Vlatko Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/217Zagreb1972
36Stein, Leonid Csom, Istvan 1/2-1/250Zagreb1972
37Suttles, Duncan Stein, Leonid 0-137Zagreb1972
38Stein, Leonid Planinc, Albin 1/2-1/228Zagreb1972
39Damjanovic, Mato Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/235Zagreb1972
40Bukal, Vladimir Sr Stein, Leonid 0-130Zagreb1972
41Stein, Leonid Bertok, Mario 1-028Zagreb1972
42Marangunic, Srdjan Stein, Leonid 0-143Zagreb1972
43Stein, Leonid Marovic, Drazen 1/2-1/218Zagreb1972
44Minic, Dragoljub Stein, Leonid 0-120Zagreb1972
45Stein, Leonid Barcza, Gedeon 1-033Zagreb1972
46Hort, Vlastimil Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/225Zagreb1972
47Taimanov, Mark E2590Stein, Leonid26201/2-1/215Moscow1972
48Gipslis, Aivars P2560Stein, Leonid26201/2-1/230Moscow1972
49Stein, Leonid2620Smyslov, Vassily V26201-035Moscow1972
50Stein, Leonid2620Karpov, Anatoly26300-141Moscow1972