Stein, Leonid Aged 38


12 Nov 1934
Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
04 Jul 1973

Active Years:
1967 - 1973
Total Games:
158 (40%)
36 (9%)
201 (51%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B10 Caro-Kann Defense (11 games)
B37 Sicilian Defense (7 games)
C91 Ruy Lopez (6 games)
B57 Sicilian Defense (17 games)
B61 Sicilian Defense (10 games)
E92 King's Indian Defense (7 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
51Dzindzichashvili, Roman2500Stein, Leonid26200-152Moscow4 Mar 1972
52Stein, Leonid2620Grigorian, Karen Ashotovich24701/2-1/250Moscow3 Mar 1972
53Maslov, Leonid P Stein, Leonid26201/2-1/234Moscow2 Mar 1972
54Stein, Leonid Gheorghiu, Florin 1/2-1/242Reykjavik1972
55Stein, Leonid Olafsson, Fridrik 1/2-1/249Reykjavik1972
56Stein, Leonid Tukmakov, Vladimir B 1/2-1/225Reykjavik1972
57Andersson, Ulf Stein, Leonid 1-030Reykjavik1972
58Sigurjonsson, Gudmundur Stein, Leonid 0-141Reykjavik1972
59Timman, Jan H Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/216Reykjavik1972
60Velimirovic, Dragoljub Stein, Leonid 0-131Ohrid1972
61Stein, Leonid Velimirovic, Dragoljub 1-044Ohrid1972
62Ljubojevic, Ljubomir Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/220Ohrid1972
63Stein, Leonid Ljubojevic, Ljubomir 1/2-1/235Ohrid1972
64Stein, Leonid Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich 0-139Moscow1972
65Stein, Leonid Taimanov, Mark E 1-046Moscow1972
66Stein, Leonid Tukmakov, Vladimir B 1/2-1/229Moscow1972
67Balashov, Yuri S Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/240Moscow1972
68Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich Stein, Leonid 1-036Moscow1972
69Tal, Mihail Stein, Leonid 0-142Moscow1972
70Vasiukov, Evgeni Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/241Moscow1972
71Grigorian, Karen Ashotovich Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/249Soviet Union1972
72Kuzmin, Gennadi P Stein, Leonid 1-041Soviet Union1972
73Ruderfer, Mark B Stein, Leonid 1-020Soviet Union1972
74Tukmakov, Vladimir B Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/235Moscow18 Dec 1971
75Stein, Leonid Hort, Vlastimil 1/2-1/213Moscow16 Dec 1971
76Karpov, Anatoly Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/218Moscow15 Dec 1971
77Stein, Leonid Tal, Mihail 1/2-1/228Moscow13 Dec 1971
78Spassky, Boris Vasilievich Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/230Moscow12 Dec 1971
79Stein, Leonid Uhlmann, Wolfgang 1-036Moscow9 Dec 1971
80Balashov, Yuri S Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/227Moscow8 Dec 1971
81Stein, Leonid Byrne, Robert Eugene 1/2-1/263Moscow7 Dec 1971
82Gheorghiu, Florin Stein, Leonid 0-134Moscow5 Dec 1971
83Stein, Leonid Lengyel, Levente 1-019Moscow4 Dec 1971
84Olafsson, Fridrik Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/240Moscow3 Dec 1971
85Stein, Leonid Parma, Bruno 1-054Moscow30 Nov 1971
86Savon, Vladimir A Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/219Moscow29 Nov 1971
87Stein, Leonid Smyslov, Vassily V 1/2-1/236Moscow28 Nov 1971
88Stein, Leonid Petrosian, Tigran V 1/2-1/222Moscow26 Nov 1971
89Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/248Moscow25 Nov 1971
90Stein, Leonid Bronstein, David Ionovich 1-058Moscow24 Nov 1971
91Stein, Leonid Ivkov, Borislav 1/2-1/212Yerevan1971
92Stein, Leonid Minic, Dragoljub 1-056Yerevan1971
93Stein, Leonid Parma, Bruno 1-052Yerevan1971
94Ivkov, Borislav Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/213Yerevan1971
95Marovic, Drazen Stein, Leonid 0-146Yerevan1971
96Vukic, Milan Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/261Yerevan1971
97Balashov, Yuri S Stein, Leonid 1-068Leningrad16 Oct 1971
98Stein, Leonid Tal, Mihail 1-033Leningrad14 Oct 1971
99Tukmakov, Vladimir B Stein, Leonid 1/2-1/242Leningrad13 Oct 1971
100Stein, Leonid Shamkovich, Leonid Alexandrovic 1-037Leningrad11 Oct 1971