Tukmakov, Vladimir Age 78

Source: www.litmir.info

FIDE Rating
World Rank
#544 (all players)
Ukraine Rank
#34 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rank
#18 (2590) - Jul 1983 (Age 37)
2532 World #417 (all players), Peak 2532 (Jul 2018)
5 Mar 1946
Soviet Union , Odessa
FIDE ID 14100096

Active Years:
1968 - 2014
Total Games:
969 (40%)
381 (15%)
1092 (45%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (45 games)
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (36 games)
E04 Catalan Opening (28 games)
B66 Sicilian Defense (40 games)
D85 Grünfeld Defense (39 games)
B67 Sicilian Defense (26 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Tukmakov, Vladimir B2540Balashov, Yuri S24231-026Minsk23 Jun 2018
2Mochalov, Evgeny Veniaminovic2374Tukmakov, Vladimir B25400-133Minsk23 Jun 2018
3Tukmakov, Vladimir B2540Smirnov, Valerij22611-035Minsk23 Jun 2018
4Kovalev, Andrei2518Tukmakov, Vladimir B25400-135Minsk22 Jun 2018
5Tukmakov, Vladimir B2540Oblamski, Vladimir20831/2-1/245Minsk22 Jun 2018
6Chekhov, Valery A2457Tukmakov, Vladimir B25401-054Minsk22 Jun 2018
7Tukmakov, Vladimir B2540Sveshnikov, Evgeny24641/2-1/232Minsk22 Jun 2018
8Vaganian, Rafael A2550Tukmakov, Vladimir B25401/2-1/244Minsk22 Jun 2018
9Tukmakov, Vladimir B2540Veremeichik, Vladimir22821-028Minsk21 Jun 2018
10Rashkovsky, Nukhim N2483Tukmakov, Vladimir B25401/2-1/254Minsk21 Jun 2018
11Tukmakov, Vladimir B2540Zhidkov, Valery S23140-141Minsk21 Jun 2018
12Dydyshko, Viacheslav2506Tukmakov, Vladimir B25400-133Minsk21 Jun 2018
13Tukmakov, Vladimir B2545Sedina, Elena23111-035Rockville11 Aug 2013
14Zatonskih, Anna2473Tukmakov, Vladimir B25451/2-1/229Rockville10 Aug 2013
15Krush, Irina2489Tukmakov, Vladimir B25451-059Rockville9 Aug 2013
16Tukmakov, Vladimir B2545Kosteniuk, Alexandra24881/2-1/233Rockville8 Aug 2013
17Tukmakov, Vladimir B2547Hecht, Hans Joachim23461/2-1/231Stockholm12 May 2013
18Okhotnik, Vladimir2391Tukmakov, Vladimir B25471/2-1/231Stockholm11 May 2013
19Tukmakov, Vladimir B2547Malmdin, Nils Ake22391-034Stockholm10 May 2013
20Hedin, Gunnar2125Tukmakov, Vladimir B25470-141Stockholm10 May 2013
21Vul, Arkadi Eremeevich2314Tukmakov, Vladimir B25471-040Stockholm9 May 2013
22Tukmakov, Vladimir B2547Gromark, Per Olof20991-025Stockholm9 May 2013
23Persson, Kjell1922Tukmakov, Vladimir B25470-127Stockholm9 May 2013
24Tukmakov, Vladimir B2547Golubev, Mikhail24921/2-1/246Odessa29 Apr 2010
25Tukmakov, Vladimir B2547Golubev, Mikhail24921-029Odessa29 Apr 2010
26Golubev, Mikhail2492Tukmakov, Vladimir B25471-026Odessa29 Apr 2010
27Tukmakov, Vladimir B2547Golubev, Mikhail24920-130Odessa29 Apr 2010
28Golubev, Mikhail2492Tukmakov, Vladimir B25470-139Odessa29 Apr 2010
29Tukmakov, Vladimir B2547Golubev, Mikhail24921-033Odessa3 Dec 2009
30Tukmakov, Vladimir B2547Pichugin, Alexandr23740-117Odessa3 Dec 2009
31Tukmakov, Vladimir B2547Fingerov, Dmitry23931/2-1/224Odessa3 Dec 2009
32Tukmakov, Vladimir B2549Khetsuriani, Besarion23311/2-1/231Aghios Kirykos19 Jul 2009
33Rychagov, Andrey2534Tukmakov, Vladimir B25491-059Aghios Kirykos18 Jul 2009
34Tukmakov, Vladimir B2549Khurtsilava, Inga22611-032Aghios Kirykos17 Jul 2009
35Manakova, Maria2346Tukmakov, Vladimir B25490-139Aghios Kirykos16 Jul 2009
36Tukmakov, Vladimir B2549Kempinski, Robert26010-137Aghios Kirykos15 Jul 2009
37Tukmakov, Vladimir B2549Hrabinska, Myroslava22671-037Aghios Kirykos13 Jul 2009
38Koepke, Elena2239Tukmakov, Vladimir B25490-132Aghios Kirykos12 Jul 2009
39Tukmakov, Vladimir B2549Danchenko, Dimitrios20221-032Aghios Kirykos11 Jul 2009
40Markos, Jan2568Tukmakov, Vladimir B25511-035Czech Republic22 Mar 2009
41Tukmakov, Vladimir B2551Kulhanek, Tomas23981-033Czech Republic21 Mar 2009
42Ivanchuk, Vassily2729Tukmakov, Vladimir B25511-038Odessa6 Jul 2007
43Tukmakov, Vladimir B2551Gelfand, Boris27330-128Odessa6 Jul 2007
44Grischuk, Alexander2717Tukmakov, Vladimir B25511-031Odessa6 Jul 2007
45Tukmakov, Vladimir B2551Drozdovskij, Yuri25580-130Odessa5 Jul 2007
46Tukmakov, Vladimir B2551Radjabov, Teimour27470-121Odessa5 Jul 2007
47Shirov, Alexei2699Tukmakov, Vladimir B25511-041Odessa5 Jul 2007
48Tukmakov, Vladimir B2551Smirin, Ilia26501-041Odessa4 Jul 2007
49Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2623Tukmakov, Vladimir B25511/2-1/257Odessa4 Jul 2007
50Tukmakov, Vladimir B2551Bacrot, Etienne27091-038Odessa4 Jul 2007