Van Kampen, Robin Age 26


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#94 (all players)
#3 (all players)
2653 World #88 (active)
2478 World #911 (all players)
14 Nov 1994
Blaricum, Netherlands

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Van Kampen, Robin2658Liang, Awonder25891/2-1/ INT2019
2Van Kampen, Robin2658Shetty, INT2019
3Bregadze, Levan2460Van Kampen, INT2019
4Shabalov, Alexander2529Van Kampen, INT2019
5Handke, Florian, Dr.2534Van Kampen, Robin26511/2-1/223C60Germany2018
6Van Kampen, Robin2651Womacka, Mathias24391-067B23Germany2018
7Nijboer, Friso2516Van Kampen, Robin26510-141B81Netherlands2018
8Van Kampen, Robin2651Tiviakov, Sergei25911-061C07Netherlands2018
9Howell, David2701Van Kampen, Robin26511/2-1/224A05Germany2018
10Schroeder, Jan-Christian2555Van Kampen, Robin26511/2-1/220C07Germany2018
11Van Kampen, Robin2646Perez, INT2018
12Van Kampen, Robin2646Perez Ponsa, INT2018
13Villanueva, Mario Nicolas2466Van Kampen, INT2018
14Obregon, Carlos Andres2514Van Kampen, INT2018
15Bacrot, Etienne2722Van Kampen, Robin26461/2-1/234C50Germany2018
16Van Kampen, Robin2646Commercon, Simon22571-031C42Germany2018
17Ashton, Adam2383Van Kampen, Robin26460-127B51England2018
18Van Kampen, Robin2646Eckersley Waites, Tom23141-055D34England2018
19Van Kampen, Robin2646Flores Rios, Mauricio25291/2-1/ INT2018
20Van Kampen, Robin2646Mitkov, Nikola24611/2-1/ INT2018
21Beerdsen, Thomas2416Van Kampen, INT2018
22Tang, Andrew2513Van Kampen, INT2018
23Van Kampen, Robin2646Shabalov, Alexander25441/2-1/ INT2018
24Van Kampen, Robin2646Shetty, INT2018
25Brattain, Mika A2404Van Kampen, INT2018
26Liang, Awonder2572Van Kampen, INT2018
27Van Kampen, Robin2643Martin Fuentes, Alberto24051-045A05Linares2017
28Anton Guijarro, David2654Van Kampen, Robin26431/2-1/220C60Linares2017
29Van Kampen, Robin2643Bruzon Batista, Lazaro26430-158D31Linares2017
30Nikolov, Momchil2585Van Kampen, Robin26430-146D26Linares2017
31Van Kampen, Robin2643Granda Zuniga, Julio E26621/2-1/254C44Linares2017
32Van Kampen, Robin2643Granda Zuniga, Julio E26621/2-1/253C50Linares2017
33Oparin, Grigoriy2609Van Kampen, Robin26431/2-1/231A05Linares2017
34Glavina, Pablo2400Van Kampen, Robin26430-123A28Linares2017
35Grandelius, Nils2636Van Kampen, Robin26391/2-1/230D20England2017
36Guichard, Pauline2312Van Kampen, Robin26390-132A07England2017
37Van Kampen, Robin2639Collins, Sam E.24501-035C77England2017
38Van Kampen, Robin2643Jarmula, Lukasz24661-021A20Germany2017
39Jobava, Baadur2698Van Kampen, Robin26431-044E61Solingen GER2017
40Van Kampen, Robin2644Gharamian, Tigran26240-128A07Germany2017
41Vogel, Roven2437Van Kampen, Robin26441/2-1/255E73Germany2017
42Van Kampen, Robin2640Pozo Vera, INT2017
43Tillis, Bryan Van Kampen, INT2017
44Roberson, Peter T2388Van Kampen, Robin26400-162B22Reading2017
45Van Kampen, Robin2644Cooper, Lawrence H23551-044C88England2017
46Khenkin, Igor2563Van Kampen, Robin26431/2-1/210A30Belgium2017
47Martins, David Pires Tavares2383Van Kampen, Robin26400-153E63Reading2017
48Van Kampen, Robin2640McNab, Colin A24401-041B062017
49Hansen, Sune Berg2590Van Kampen, Robin26431/2-1/245E61Hamburg2016
50Van Kampen, Robin2643Hracek, Zbynek25941/2-1/238C65Hamburg2016