Van Wely, Loek Age 45


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#73 (active)
#2 (active)
2714 - 01 Oct 2001
2640 World #134 (active)
2585 World #224 (active)
07 Oct 1972
Heesch, The Netherlands

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Van Wely, Loek2667Kanarek, Marcel25061/2-1/263E97Karlsruhe2018
2Kevlishvili, Robby2472Van Wely, Loek26671/2-1/270B41Karlsruhe2018
3Van Wely, Loek2667Schlosser, Philipp25101/2-1/226A04Karlsruhe2018
4Heimann, Andreas2574Van Wely, Loek26671/2-1/211D84Karlsruhe2018
5Van Wely, Loek2667Inkiov, Ventzislav24491-033E04Karlsruhe2018
6Noe, Christopher2494Van Wely, Loek26671/2-1/240D70Karlsruhe2018
7Van Wely, Loek2667Colpe, Malte23981-035E01Karlsruhe2018
8Rapport, Jovana2282Van Wely, Loek26670-141D91Karlsruhe2018
9Van Wely, Loek2667Quaranta, Cristiano21481-020A13Karlsruhe2018
10Van Wely, Loek2667Ponomariov, Ruslan26971/2-1/227D26Germany2018
11Van Wely, Loek2667Volokitin, Andrei26391/2-1/283D41Germany2018
12Van Wely, Loek2656Gretarsson, Helgi Ass24511/2-1/ INT2018
13Van Wely, Loek2656Gunnarsson, Jon Viktor24661/2-1/ INT2018
14Kjartansson, David2409Van Wely, INT2018
15Olafsson, Helgi2508Van Wely, INT2018
16Van Wely, Loek2656Gozzoli, INT2018
17Van Wely, Loek2656Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime27931/2-1/ INT2018
18Maurizzi, Marc Andria2018Van Wely, INT2018
19Maze, Sebastien2620Van Wely, Loek26561/2-1/ INT2018
20Adams, Michael2709Van Wely, Loek26561/2-1/255B90Germany2018
21Van Wely, Loek2656Kovacs, Gabor24611-078D30Germany2018
22Van Wely, Loek2656Borisek, INT2018
23Van Wely, Loek2656Pavasovic, INT2018
24Lenic, Luka2662Van Wely, Loek26561/2-1/ INT2018
25Skuhala, Luka2059Van Wely, INT2018
26Van Wely, Loek2656Rendle, INT2018
27Van Wely, Loek2656Roberson, Peter INT2018
28Connell, Blair N2234Van Wely, INT2018
29Jones, Gawain C B2640Van Wely, INT2018
30Hausrath, Daniel2499Van Wely, Loek26560-138A07Germany2018
31Van Wely, Loek2656Fressinet, Laurent26621-031A11Germany2018
32Van Wely, Loek2656Alekseenko, INT2018
33Van Wely, Loek2656Agrest, INT2018
34Agrest, Inna2280Van Wely, INT2018
35Meier, Georg2647Van Wely, INT2018
36Van Wely, Loek Nijboer, Friso25161/2-1/237E92Netherlands2017
37Parvanyan, Ashot2376Van Wely, Loek26571/2-1/236A07Germany2017
38Van Wely, Loek2657Kempinski, Robert25711-044A50Germany2017
39Giri, Anish2752Van Wely, Loek26571/2-1/234B80Amstelveen2017
40Van Wely, Loek2657Bok, Benjamin26010-139D43Amstelveen2017
41Sokolov, Ivan2589Van Wely, Loek26570-136E04Amstelveen2017
42Van Wely, Loek2657Timman, Jan H25621-035E14Amstelveen2017
43Smeets, Jan2608Van Wely, Loek26571/2-1/269B50Amstelveen2017
44Van Wely, Loek2657Van den Doel, Erik25891-036A29Amstelveen2017
45Van Foreest, Jorden2629Van Wely, Loek26571-039B40Amstelveen2017
46Van Wely, Loek Schippers, Maurice22891-048E94Netherlands2017
47Levin, Felix2474Van Wely, Loek26610-150D04Belgium2017
48Van Wely, Loek2656Gajewski, Grzegorz26071-044A07Germany2017
49Baldauf, Marco2487Van Wely, Loek26561-047E81Germany2017
50Vocaturo, Daniele2603Van Wely, Loek26611/2-1/234B89Belgium2017