Anton Guijarro, David Age 26


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#95 (active)
#3 (active)
2703 - 01 Mar 2020
2632 World #112 (active)
2613 World #126 (active)
23 Jun 1995
Madrid, Spain

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Olivier, Pierre2215Anton Guijarro, David26510-130A05Struga, Ohrid Lake2021
2Anton Guijarro, David2651Brunner, Nicolas24251-032B51Struga, Ohrid Lake2021
3Johannesson, Ingvar Thor2346Anton Guijarro, David26510-149A20Struga, Ohrid Lake2021
4Santos Latasa2616Anton Guijarro, David26591/2-1/273C88Linares2021
5Anton Guijarro, David2659Galiana Fernandez, Adrian22781-048D12Linares2021
6Vega Gutierrez, Sabrina2392Anton Guijarro, David26591/2-1/280B12Linares2021
7Anton Guijarro, David2659Del Rio De Angelis, Salvador G.25111/2-1/231A40Linares2021
8Plazuelo Pascual, Juan2455Anton Guijarro, David26590-161D50Linares2021
9Anton Guijarro, David2659Espinosa Aranda, Angel24791/2-1/238A48Linares2021
10Carrasco Martinez, Juan M.2370Anton Guijarro, David26590-125B23Linares2021
11Anton Guijarro, David2659Moral Garcia, Serafin22671-060A05Linares2021
12Gonzalez Serrato, Diego2048Anton Guijarro, David26590-144B52Linares2021
13Harikrishna, Pentala2730Anton Guijarro, INT2021
14Anton Guijarro, David2673Artemiev, INT2021
15Ju, Wenjun2560Anton Guijarro, INT2021
16Anton Guijarro, David2673Iturrizaga Bonelli, Eduardo26071/2-1/ INT2021
17Tari, Aryan2639Anton Guijarro, INT2021
18Anton Guijarro, David2673Aronian, INT2021
19So, Wesley2772Anton Guijarro, INT2021
20Anton Guijarro, David2673Firouzja, INT2021
21Van Foreest, Jorden2688Anton Guijarro, INT2021
22Anton Guijarro, David2673Adhiban, INT2021
23Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2782Anton Guijarro, INT2021
24Anton Guijarro, David2673Le, Quang Liem27091/2-1/ INT2021
25Koneru, Humpy2586Anton Guijarro, INT2021
26Anton Guijarro, David2673Nakamura, Hikaru27361/2-1/ INT2021
27Anton Guijarro, David2673Mishra, INT2021
28Idani, Pouya2614Anton Guijarro, David26731/2-1/229B12Sochi2021
29Anton Guijarro, David2673Idani, Pouya26140-134D41Sochi2021
30Travadon, Loic2415Anton Guijarro, David26731/2-1/247D37Chalons en Champagne2021
31Van Foreest, Jorden2701Anton Guijarro, David26731-048B12Chalons en Champagne2021
32Anton Guijarro, David2673Dourerassou, Jonathan24771-031A14Chalons en Champagne2021
33Alonso Rosell, Alvar2572Anton Guijarro, David26731/2-1/227D38Chalons en Champagne2021
34Real, Thibault2267Anton Guijarro, David26730-136E10Chalons en Champagne2021
35Anton Guijarro, David2673Gajewski, Grzegorz26031/2-1/238A20Chalons en Champagne2021
36Fantinel, Thibault2380Anton Guijarro, David26730-143B10Chalons en Champagne2021
37Guliyev, Namig2551Anton Guijarro, David26731/2-1/222B13Chalons en Champagne2021
38Anton Guijarro, David2673Solodovnichenko, Yuri25460-167C42Chalons en Champagne2021
39Anton Guijarro, David2673Dubov, INT2021
40Aronian, Levon2781Anton Guijarro, INT2021
41Anton Guijarro, David2673So, Wesley27701/2-1/ INT2021
42Pichot, Alan2630Anton Guijarro, INT2021
43Anton Guijarro, David2673Radjabov, INT2021
44Karjakin, Sergey2757Anton Guijarro, INT2021
45Anton Guijarro, David2673Nepomniachtchi, INT2021
46Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2770Anton Guijarro, INT2021
47Anton Guijarro, David2673Grandelius, INT2021
48Giri, Anish2776Anton Guijarro, INT2021
49Carlsen, Magnus2847Anton Guijarro, INT2021
50Anton Guijarro, David2673Firouzja, INT2021