Aronian, Levon Age 35


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#12 (active)
#1 (active)
2830 - 01 Mar 2014
2795 World #6 (active)
2843 World #4 (active)
06 Oct 1982
Yerevan, Armenian SSR, Soviet Union

Aronian has long been Armenia's strongest player.

World U12 Champion 1994, World Junior Champion 2002, Champion of Armenia 2002.

Played in the World Championship Knockout Tournament 2004; won the World Cup of 2005; played in the World Championship Tournament 2007 and the World Cups of 2007, 2013 & 2015; won the Grand Prix Series 2008-2010; Candidate in 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014 & 2016.

One of the great team players. He played for Armenia in the Olympiads in 1996 (for Armenia 2), 2004 (winning team bronze), 2006, 2008 (team gold), 2010 (individual silver and team gold), 2012 (team and individual gold board one) & 2014 . Played for Armenia in the European Team Championships of 1999 (team gold), 2005, 2007 (team silver), 2011 (individual silver board one), 2013 (individual bronze board one) & 2015 (individual silver board one, and team silver). Played for Armenia in the World Team Championships of 2005 (team bronze, individual silver board one), 2010 (individual silver board one), 2011 (team gold, individual silver board one), 2013 (individual gold board one) & 2015 (team bronze, individual gold board one). Won team gold in the European Club Cup in 2005 & 2015. Won team and individual gold in the Russian Premier League in 2005 (board three) and 2015 (board two), and team bronze in 2006.

Aronian's best tournament results were wins at the Karabakh International 2005, Linares 2006, Sochi Grand Prix Tournament 2008, Nalchik Grand Prix Tournament 2009, Bilbao 2009 & 2013, Wijk aan Zee 2012 & 2014, Alekhine Memorial 2013, Sinquefield Cup 2015. In addition he was equal first at the International Neckar Opens in 2003 & 2004, Gibraltar in 2004 & 2005, Tal Memorial 2006 & 2010, Corus 2007 & 2008,

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Aronian, Levon2794Bluebaum, Matthias26311/2-1/241D39Karlsruhe2018
2Caruana, Fabiano2784Aronian, Levon27941/2-1/232C67Karlsruhe2018
3Aronian, Levon2794Vitiugov, Nikita27351/2-1/240A11Karlsruhe2018
4Carlsen, Magnus2843Aronian, Levon27941/2-1/252A18Karlsruhe2018
5Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2789Aronian, Levon27941/2-1/236C88Karlsruhe2018
6Aronian, Levon2794Hou, Yifan26541/2-1/239A13Karlsruhe2018
7Anand, Viswanathan2776Aronian, Levon27941/2-1/231C65Karlsruhe2018
8Aronian, Levon2794Naiditsch, Arkadij27011-035A16Karlsruhe2018
9Meier, Georg2648Aronian, Levon27941/2-1/242C67Karlsruhe2018
10Aronian, Levon2794So, Wesley27991/2-1/217A30Berlin2018
11Caruana, Fabiano2784Aronian, Levon27941-039C88Berlin2018
12Grischuk, Alexander2767Aronian, Levon27941/2-1/254C88Berlin2018
13Aronian, Levon2794Karjakin, Sergey27630-174A15Berlin2018
14Kramnik, Vladimir2800Aronian, Levon27941-037C50Berlin2018
15Aronian, Levon2794Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar28091/2-1/241E10Berlin2018
16Ding, Liren2769Aronian, Levon27941/2-1/241A15Berlin2018
17Aronian, Levon2794Caruana, Fabiano27840-137E10Berlin2018
18So, Wesley2799Aronian, Levon27941-078C88Berlin2018
19Aronian, Levon2794Grischuk, Alexander27671/2-1/242D70Berlin2018
20Aronian, Levon2794Grischuk, Alexander27671/2-1/242A65Berlin2018
21Karjakin, Sergey2763Aronian, Levon27940-168D39Berlin2018
22Aronian, Levon2794Kramnik, Vladimir28000-127C65Berlin2018
23Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2809Aronian, Levon27941/2-1/224E32Berlin2018
24Aronian, Levon2794Ding, Liren27691/2-1/222A18Berlin2018
25Aronian, Levon2833Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime28391-050A48Gibraltar2018
26Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2839Aronian, Levon28331/2-1/263C67Gibraltar2018
27Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2774Aronian, Levon27791/2-1/245A01Gibraltar2018
28Aronian, Levon2833Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime28391/2-1/234A45Gibraltar2018
29Aronian, Levon2779Rapport, Richard27251-037A46Gibraltar2018
30Rapport, Richard2725Aronian, Levon27790-147A45Gibraltar2018
31Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2793Aronian, Levon27971/2-1/263C67Caleta2018
32Aronian, Levon2797Nakamura, Hikaru27811/2-1/230A41Gibraltar2018
33Aronian, Levon2797Sethuraman, SP.26461-033A13Gibraltar2018
34Oparin, Grigoriy2607Aronian, Levon27971/2-1/218C65Gibraltar2018
35Aronian, Levon2797Short, Nigel D26811-039A21Gibraltar2018
36Gagare, Shardul2494Aronian, Levon27970-147E11Gibraltar2018
37Aronian, Levon2797Huzman, Alexander25611/2-1/232A16Gibraltar2018
38Grigoriants, Sergey2568Aronian, Levon27971/2-1/243C89Gibraltar2018
39Aronian, Levon2797Hoolt, Sarah24001-043A80Caleta2018
40Aronian, Levon2797Hemant, Sharma23481-028D02Caleta2018
41Gara, Anita2350Aronian, Levon27971/2-1/242B06Gibraltar2018
42Aronian, Levon2863Carlsen, Magnus29861/2-1/212A46Riyadh2017
43Aronian, Levon2863Karjakin, Sergey28541-066E10Riyadh2017
44Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2853Aronian, Levon28630-1126A01Riyadh2017
45Aronian, Levon2863Korobov, Anton27601/2-1/225E18Riyadh2017
46Socko B2619Aronian, Levon28630-152E06Riyadh2017
47Socko, Bartosz2593Aronian, Levon28050-152E05Riadh2017
48Aronian, Levon2863Laznicka, Viktor26811/2-1/228D15Riyadh2017
49Bacrot, Etienne2621Aronian, Levon28630-127C86Riyadh2017
50Bacrot, Etienne2725Aronian, Levon28050-166C86Riadh2017