Bronstein, David I Aged 82


19 Feb 1924
Bila Tserkva, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
05 Dec 2006
Minsk, Belarus

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This chart shows data only for when the player was actually in the top 100. Every chart point has info that can be seen by placing your cursor on it. Click on the chart to compare the player with any other player who has ever been in the top 100.

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Bronstein, David I2420Vedder, Richard22551-025E16Wijk aan Zee1997
2Nijboer, Friso2605Bronstein, David I24201-053C16Wijk aan Zee1997
3Bronstein, David I2420Rogers, Ian25701/2-1/215B18Wijk aan Zee1997
4De Wit, Dick2305Bronstein, David I24400-123C68Belgium1997
5Psakhis, Lev2565Bronstein, David I24201/2-1/248B84Wijk aan Zee1997
6Welling, Gerard2395Bronstein, David I24401/2-1/238A01Belgium1997
7Comp Macchess AEGON 97 Bronstein, David I24350-160A98The Hague1997
8Ligterink, Gert2450Bronstein, David I24200-126E97Wijk aan Zee1997
9Bronstein, David I2435Comp Chess System Tal 1-050D97The Hague1997
10Bronstein, David I2420Oll, Lembit26451/2-1/233B22Wijk aan Zee1997
11Bronstein, David I2440Nikolic, Nebojsa24351-060B31Belgium1997
12Bronstein, David I2435Comp XXXX II 1-037C00The Hague1997
13Lanchava, Tea2275Bronstein, David I24200-140E21Wijk aan Zee1997
14Comp Saitek Sparc Bronstein, David I24351-050B06The Hague1997
15Bronstein, David I2440Van der Linden, Bert23101-023B40Belgium1997
16Bronstein, David I2435Comp Nimzo 0-163B50The Hague1997
17Groffen, Hans2225Bronstein, David I24200-138E97Antwerp1997
18Hofman, Ron2230Bronstein, David I24200-147D45Wijk aan Zee1997
19Bronstein, David I2420Jap Tjoen San, Linda21750-137B88Wijk aan Zee1997
20Schebler, Gerhard2440Bronstein, David I24201/2-1/231A55Antwerp1997
21Comp Mephisto Milano Pro Bronstein, David I24350-137C15The Hague1997
22Bronstein, David I2455Comp Deep Blue Jr 1/2-1/234B20Cap d'Agde1996
23Comp Deep Blue Jr Bronstein, David I24550-146A00Cap d'Agde1996
24Bronstein, David I2455Comp Kallisto 1/2-1/247C55The Hague1996
25Comp Virtual Chess Bronstein, David I24551/2-1/228C44The Hague1996
26Bronstein, David I2455Comp Dark Thought 1-043E07The Hague1996
27Comp Quest Bronstein, David I24551-062B16The Hague1996
28Bronstein, David I2455Comp Mephisto Genius 1-052D00The Hague1996
29Comp Goldbar Bronstein, David I24550-161C03The Hague1996
30Bronstein, David I2460Payen, Arnaud24001-052C61Cap d'Agde1996
31Bronstein, David I2460Ridameya Tatche, Jose Miguel21501-040C84Cap d'Agde1996
32Collas, Didier2360Bronstein, David I24601-050E70Cap d'Agde1996
33Kappler, Jean Marie2300Bronstein, David I24601/2-1/224E99Cap d'Agde1996
34Verdier, Patrice2280Bronstein, David I24601-036D15Cap d'Agde1996
35Gunnarsson, Jon Viktor2180Bronstein, David I24550-150B01Reykjavik1996
36Bronstein, David I2455Conquest, Stuart25400-119B09Reykjavik1996
37Rozentalis, Eduardas2605Bronstein, David I24551/2-1/228B01Reykjavik1996
38Bronstein, David I2455Gretarsson, Andri Ass23301-028E92Reykjavik1996
39Gislason, Gudmundur2305Bronstein, David I24550-147A49Reykjavik1996
40Bronstein, David I2455Jonasson, Benedikt22800-160A70Reykjavik1996
41Olsen, Heini2325Bronstein, David I24551/2-1/231E92Reykjavik1996
42Bronstein, David I2455Gulko, Boris F26151/2-1/220B17Reykjavik1996
43Thorsson, Olafur2160Bronstein, David I24550-139E92Reykjavik1996
44Bronstein, David I2435Cuijpers, Frans Andre24351/2-1/276A28Belgium1996
45Bronstein, David I2455Apicella, Manuel25400-133E68France1996
46Bronstein, David I2455Sulypa, Alexandre24301-037B31France1996
47Bronstein, David I2455Lputian, Smbat G25801-030D76Ubeda1996
48Bronstein, David I2455Mirzoev, Azer22650-139B31Ubeda1996
49Legky, Nikolay A2540Bronstein, David I24401-036D32France1996
50Szabolcsi, Janos2425Bronstein, David I24401/2-1/252E60France1996