Giri, Anish Age 23

Source: © Peter Doggers

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#13 (active)
#1 (active)
2798 - 01 Oct 2015
2779 World #13 (active)
2776 World #14 (active)
28 Jun 1994
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Grandmaster since 2009, acquiring the title at the age of 14 years 7 months 2 days.

Russian U12 Champion 2006, Dutch Champion 2009, 2011, 2012 & 2015.

World Cup 2013 & 2015; Grand Prix 2012-13 & 2014-15; Candidate 2016.

Best tournament wins to date include Corus Group B 2010 and Reggio Emilia 2011.

Represented the Netherlands at the Olympiads of 2010, 2012 & 2014 winning individual bronze in 2010 & 2014.

Best result in the European Club Cup was when he team and individual gold in 2014, but also won individual silver in 2013, team bronze in 2012 & 2013, and team silver in 2015.

Also played board one for Hoogeveen City in the World Cities Championship 2012, winning team gold.

Won team gold and individual bronze in the Russian Premier League 2011 and team bronze in 2012.

Won team gold for Guildford in the Four Nations Chess League in 2014.

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Giri, Anish2762Riazantsev, Alexander26511/2-1/217B10Palma De Mallorca2017
2Aronian, Levon2801Giri, Anish27621-027A05Palma De Mallorca2017
3Radjabov, Teimour2741Giri, Anish27621/2-1/221D10Palma De Mallorca2017
4Giri, Anish2762Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime27961/2-1/231B96Palma De Mallorca2017
5Giri, Anish2762Rapport, Richard26921-062E12Palma de Mallorca2017
6Lenic, Luka2650Giri, Anish27621-075D43Crete2017
7Giri, Anish2762Solak, Dragan26261/2-1/247D11Crete2017
8Zhigalko, Sergei2638Giri, Anish27620-165C78Crete2017
9Giri, Anish2762Navara, David27261/2-1/242A07Crete2017
10Giri, Anish2762Lupulescu, Constantin26201-051A30Crete2017
11Aronian, Levon2801Giri, Anish27621/2-1/231E04Crete2017
12Leko, Peter2679Giri, Anish27621/2-1/231B90Crete2017
13Giri, Anish2762Eljanov, Pavel27201-038D28Crete2017
14Djukic, Nikola2519Giri, Anish27621/2-1/241B91Crete2017
15Giri, Anish2762Zvjaginsev, Vadim26431-054D35Manavgat2017
16Jakovenko, Dmitrij2710Giri, Anish27621/2-1/238D26Manavgat2017
17Giri, Anish2762Safarli, Eltaj26321/2-1/233C53Manavgat2017
18Giri, Anish2762Podlesnik, Bogdan23721-044B40Manavgat2017
19Sasikiran, Krishnan2677Giri, Anish27621/2-1/235B92Manavgat2017
20Giri, Anish2762Lupulescu, Constantin26201/2-1/245B40Manavgat2017
21Bjornsson, Sigurbjorn2277Giri, Anish27620-136B90Manavgat2017
22Giri, Anish2777Ivanchuk, Vassily27271/2-1/249E68Tbilisi2017
23Ivanchuk, Vassily2727Giri, Anish27771-041C43Tbilisi2017
24Sethuraman, SP.2583Giri, Anish27700-153C24Tbilisi2017
25Giri, Anish2770Sethuraman, SP.25831-033A05Tbilisi2017
26Sethuraman, SP.2583Giri, Anish27701-034B90Tbilisi2017
27Giri, Anish2770Sethuraman, SP.25831-066C50Tbilisi2017
28Sethuraman, SP.2617Giri, Anish27771/2-1/278B92Tbilisi2017
29Giri, Anish2777Sethuraman, SP.26171/2-1/240C50Tbilisi2017
30Giri, Anish2770Motylev, Alexander26631-032D31Tbilisi2017
31Motylev, Alexander2663Giri, Anish27700-152B90Tbilisi2017
32Motylev, Alexander2675Giri, Anish27720-151B90Tbilisi2017
33Giri, Anish2770Motylev, Alexander26631/2-1/240C42Tbilisi2017
34Motylev, Alexander2663Giri, Anish27701/2-1/235B90Tbilisi2017
35Giri, Anish2777Motylev, Alexander26681/2-1/246C42Tbilisi2017
36Motylev, Alexander2668Giri, Anish27771/2-1/218C67Tbilisi2017
37Dzagnidze, Nana2519Giri, Anish27771/2-1/222A06Tbilisi2017
38Giri, Anish2777Dzagnidze, Nana25191-067A27Tbilisi2017
39Ding, Liren2777Giri, Anish27721/2-1/233A06Wenzhou2017
40Giri, Anish2772Ding, Liren27771/2-1/261C88Wenzhou2017
41Ding, Liren2777Giri, Anish27720-145C50Wenzhou2017
42Giri, Anish2772Ding, Liren27771/2-1/257C84Wenzhou2017
43Giri, Anish2775Grischuk, Alexander27611/2-1/244A05Geneva2017
44Hou, Yifan2666Giri, Anish27750-168B84Geneva2017
45Giri, Anish2775Aronian, Levon28091/2-1/218A16Geneva2017
46Jakovenko, Dmitrij2703Giri, Anish27751/2-1/224D45Geneva2017
47Giri, Anish2775Riazantsev, Alexander26541/2-1/245B13Geneva2017
48Gelfand, Boris2728Giri, Anish27751/2-1/224A10Geneva2017
49Giri, Anish2775Li, Chao B27351/2-1/241D16Geneva2017
50Giri, Anish2775Li, Chao B27351/2-1/241D16Geneve2017