Grischuk, Alexander Age 36


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#6 (active)
Russian Federation
#2 (active)
2810 - 01 Dec 2014
2784 World #7 (active)
2765 World #14 (active)
31 Oct 1983
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Grischuk, Alexander2777Giri, INT2020
2Giri, Anish2764Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
3Grischuk, Alexander2777Giri, INT2020
4Giri, Anish2764Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
5Grischuk, Alexander2777Giri, Anish27641/2-1/ INT2020
6Giri, Anish2764Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
7Grischuk, Alexander2777Giri, Anish27641/2-1/ INT2020
8Giri, Anish2764Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
9Grischuk, Alexander2777Giri, Anish27641/2-1/ INT2020
10Giri, Anish2764Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
11Grischuk, Alexander2777Giri, Anish27641/2-1/ INT2020
12Grischuk, Alexander2777Harikrishna, INT2020
13Artemiev, Vladislav2716Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
14Grischuk, Alexander2777Carlsen, Magnus28631/2-1/ INT2020
15Nakamura, Hikaru2736Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
16Grischuk, Alexander2777Dubov, Daniil26991/2-1/ INT2020
17Harikrishna, Pentala2719Grischuk, INT2020
18Grischuk, Alexander2777Artemiev, Vladislav27161/2-1/ INT2020
19Carlsen, Magnus2863Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
20Grischuk, Alexander2777Nakamura, Hikaru27361/2-1/ INT2020
21Dubov, Daniil2699Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
22Aronian, Levon2778Grischuk, INT2020
23Grischuk, Alexander2784Aronian, INT2020
24Aronian, Levon2778Grischuk, Alexander27841/2-1/ INT2020
25Grischuk, Alexander2784Aronian, INT2020
26Aronian, Levon2778Grischuk, INT2020
27Grischuk, Alexander2784Aronian, Levon27781/2-1/ INT2020
28Grischuk, Alexander2777Aronian, INT2020
29Aronian, Levon2773Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
30Grischuk, Alexander2777Aronian, Levon27731/2-1/ INT2020
31Aronian, Levon2773Grischuk, INT2020
32Grischuk, Alexander2777Aronian, Levon27731/2-1/ INT2020
33Aronian, Levon2773Grischuk, INT2020
34Wei, Yi2732Grischuk, INT2020
35Grischuk, Alexander2777Firouzja, INT2020
36Yu, Yangyi2709Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
37Grischuk, Alexander2777Dubov, INT2020
38Nakamura, Hikaru2736Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
39Grischuk, Alexander2777Karjakin, Sergey27521/2-1/ INT2020
40Ding, Liren2791Grischuk, INT2020
41Grischuk, Alexander2777So, Wesley27701/2-1/ INT2020
42Aronian, Levon2773Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
43Grischuk, Alexander2777Duda, Jan INT2020
44Carlsen, Magnus2863Grischuk, INT2020
45Grischuk, Alexander2777Mamedyarov, INT2020
46Le Quang Liem2709Grischuk, Alexander27771/2-1/ INT2020
47Grischuk, Alexander2777Svidler, Peter27231/2-1/ INT2020
48Carlsen, Magnus2863Grischuk, INT2020
49Grischuk, Alexander2777Dubov, INT2020
50Bu Xiangzhi2705Grischuk, INT2020