Kaidanov, Gregory Age 64

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FIDE Rating
World Rank
United States of America Rank
FIDE Peak Rank
#16 (2645) - Jul 1994 (Age 34)
2547 World #357 (all players), Peak 2550 (May 2024)
11 Oct 1959
Berdychiv, Ukrainian SSR
FIDE ID 2008564

Active Years:
1994 - 2024
Total Games:
374 (43%)
156 (18%)
337 (39%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (13 games)
C54 Italian Game (11 games)
E05 Catalan Opening (11 games)
D45 Semi-Slav Defense (21 games)
D46 Semi-Slav Defense (20 games)
A13 English Opening (16 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Kaidanov, Gregory S2550Arenas Vanegas, David23451/2-1/262Medellin2 Jun 2024
2Garcia Pantoja, Roberto2526Kaidanov, Gregory S25501-037Medellin31 May 2024
3Ynojosa Aponte, Felix Jose2377Kaidanov, Gregory S25501/2-1/237Medellin30 May 2024
4Kaidanov, Gregory S2550Wang, Justin25041/2-1/237Medellin29 May 2024
5Xiong, Jeffery2645Kaidanov, Gregory S25501/2-1/227Medellin28 May 2024
6Kaidanov, Gregory S2550Henriquez Villagra, Cristobal25881/2-1/226Medellin27 May 2024
7Kaidanov, Gregory S2550Guerrero Fandino, Gustavo A21271-044Medellin27 May 2024
8Fernandez Sanchez, Fernando Miguel2402Kaidanov, Gregory S25500-143Medellin26 May 2024
9Kaidanov, Gregory S2550Noboa Silva, Kevin Omar22671-030Medellin25 May 2024
10Henao, Bernardo Andres2064Kaidanov, Gregory S25500-143Medellin25 May 2024
11Kaidanov, Gregory S2550Mena Cordoba, Yamil Octavio18901-038Medellin24 May 2024
12Kaidanov, Gregory S2554Vaishali, Ramesh Babu24481-067Doha20 Oct 2023
13Carlsen, Magnus2839Kaidanov, Gregory S25541-044Doha19 Oct 2023
14Kaidanov, Gregory S2554Van Foreest, Jorden27071-031Doha18 Oct 2023
15Salem, AR Saleh2632Kaidanov, Gregory S25541/2-1/245Doha17 Oct 2023
16Kaidanov, Gregory S2554Nurmanova, Alua23471-040Doha15 Oct 2023
17Nitin, Senthilvel2373Kaidanov, Gregory S25541/2-1/230Doha14 Oct 2023
18Kaidanov, Gregory S2554Sindarov, Javokhir26580-163Doha13 Oct 2023
19Rakshitta, Ravi2272Kaidanov, Gregory S25540-151Doha12 Oct 2023
20Kaidanov, Gregory S2554Begmuratov, Khumoyun23741-060Doha11 Oct 2023
21Kaidanov, Gregory S2549Sapis, Witalis23751-021Struga28 Sep 2023
22Kaidanov, Gregory S2549Braso, Jorge20581-031Struga27 Sep 2023
23Petursson, Margeir2396Kaidanov, Gregory S25491/2-1/227Struga24 Sep 2023
24Kaidanov, Gregory S2549Emms, John M24481-073Struga23 Sep 2023
25Lewis, Andrew P2238Kaidanov, Gregory S25491/2-1/224Struga22 Sep 2023
26Georgiev, Kiril2542Kaidanov, Gregory S25491/2-1/232Struga21 Sep 2023
27Pajkovic, Vladimir2412Kaidanov, Gregory S25490-139Struga20 Sep 2023
28Kaidanov, Gregory S2549Barron, Michael21081-059Struga19 Sep 2023
29Kaidanov, Gregory S2563Karthik, Venkataraman25650-140Baku31 Jul 2023
30Karthik, Venkataraman2565Kaidanov, Gregory S25631/2-1/238Baku30 Jul 2023
31Kaidanov, Gregory S2563Dlugy, Maxim25241/2-1/242Saint Louis24 Jul 2023
32Root, Douglas2469Kaidanov, Gregory S25631-033Saint Louis23 Jul 2023
33Kaidanov, Gregory S2563Khachiyan, Melikset24031/2-1/225Saint Louis22 Jul 2023
34Gurevich, Dmitry2364Kaidanov, Gregory S25631/2-1/248Saint Louis21 Jul 2023
35Kaidanov, Gregory S2563Benjamin, Joel25001/2-1/245Saint Louis19 Jul 2023
36Novikov, Igor A2527Kaidanov, Gregory S25631/2-1/236Saint Louis18 Jul 2023
37Kaidanov, Gregory S2563Akopian, Vladimir Eduardovic26120-147Saint Louis17 Jul 2023
38Shabalov, Alexander2453Kaidanov, Gregory S25630-124Saint Louis16 Jul 2023
39Kaidanov, Gregory S2563Wolff, Patrick G25451-033Saint Louis15 Jul 2023
40Pierrot, Juan Facundo2360Kaidanov, Gregory S25590-131Juan Dolio23 May 2023
41Kaidanov, Gregory S2559Ghazarian, Kirk Vagho24751/2-1/224Juan Dolio22 May 2023
42Henriquez Villagra, Cristobal2616Kaidanov, Gregory S25591-063Juan Dolio21 May 2023
43Kaidanov, Gregory S2559Leiva Rodriguez, Jeammarco Giuseppe23921-033Juan Dolio20 May 2023
44Avila Pavas, Santiago2522Kaidanov, Gregory S25591-070Juan Dolio19 May 2023
45Kaidanov, Gregory S2559Galaviz Medina, Sion Radamantys23981-044Juan Dolio19 May 2023
46Escobar Forero, Alder2443Kaidanov, Gregory S25591/2-1/221Juan Dolio18 May 2023
47Kaidanov, Gregory S2559Jimenez Garcia, Emanuel24101-035Juan Dolio17 May 2023
48Cori Tello, Deysi Estella2362Kaidanov, Gregory S25590-159Juan Dolio16 May 2023
49Mesa Cruz, Juan Carlos2122Kaidanov, Gregory S25590-144Juan Dolio15 May 2023
50Kaidanov, Gregory S2549Donchenko, Alexander26361-037Sant Boi8 Dec 2022