Lputian, Smbat Age 66

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FIDE Rating
World Rank
#344 (all players)
Armenia Rank
#13 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rank
#17 (2610) - Jan 1989 (Age 30)
14 Feb 1958
Yerevan, Armenian SSR, USSR
FIDE ID 13300024

Active Years:
1980 - 2009
Total Games:
595 (38%)
290 (19%)
670 (43%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E12 Nimzo-Indian Defense (81 games)
E97 King's Indian Defense (38 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (33 games)
C18 French Defense (86 games)
D58 Queen's Gambit Declined (41 games)
C09 French Defense (36 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Nyback, Tomi2634Lputian, Smbat G25881-045Kallithea23 Oct 2008
2Hera, Imre Jr2530Lputian, Smbat G25881/2-1/232Kallithea22 Oct 2008
3Landa, Konstantin2613Lputian, Smbat G25881-045Kallithea21 Oct 2008
4Lputian, Smbat G2588Dambacher, Martijn24851/2-1/235Kallithea20 Oct 2008
5Lputian, Smbat G2588Van der Werf, Mark24141/2-1/224Kallithea19 Oct 2008
6Fercec, Nenad2481Lputian, Smbat G25881/2-1/228Kallithea18 Oct 2008
7Lputian, Smbat G2588Abeln, Michiel23291-058Kallithea17 Oct 2008
8Lputian, Smbat G2601Grigoryan, Avetik25371-041Yerevan21 Jun 2008
9Simonian, Hrair2443Lputian, Smbat G26011-053Yerevan19 Jun 2008
10Jobava, Baadur2658Lputian, Smbat G26011/2-1/255Yerevan16 Jun 2008
11Lputian, Smbat G2616Prakash, GB.23411-067Kolkata2 Apr 2008
12Lputian, Smbat G2616Barbosa, Oliver24101/2-1/259Kolkata1 Apr 2008
13Murshed, Niaz2428Lputian, Smbat G26161/2-1/237Kolkata31 Mar 2008
14Lputian, Smbat G2616Ramakrishna, J.22961-043Kolkata30 Mar 2008
15Nolte, Rolando2412Lputian, Smbat G26161-043Kolkata29 Mar 2008
16Rahman, Ziaur2492Lputian, Smbat G26161-039Kolkata28 Mar 2008
17Lputian, Smbat G2616Thejkumar, MS.23821-030Kolkata27 Mar 2008
18Lputian, Smbat G2616Bakre, Tejas24591/2-1/225Kolkata26 Mar 2008
19Mohota, Nisha2409Lputian, Smbat G26160-150Kolkata25 Mar 2008
20Lputian, Smbat G2616Gokhale, Chandrashekhar23231-032Kolkata24 Mar 2008
21Lputian, Smbat G2616Kotanjian, Tigran25450-148Yerevan21 Jan 2008
22Nalbandian, Tigran2505Lputian, Smbat G26161-039Yerevan19 Jan 2008
23Lputian, Smbat G2616Pashikian, Arman25560-154Yerevan18 Jan 2008
24Yegiazarian, Arsen2512Lputian, Smbat G26161/2-1/217Yerevan17 Jan 2008
25Lputian, Smbat G2616Babujian, Levon24391-032Yerevan16 Jan 2008
26Anastasian, Ashot2562Lputian, Smbat G26160-120Yerevan14 Jan 2008
27Lputian, Smbat G2616Petrosian, Tigran L26061/2-1/260Yerevan13 Jan 2008
28Ter Sahakyan, Samvel2369Lputian, Smbat G26160-136Yerevan12 Jan 2008
29Lputian, Smbat G2616Minasian, Ara24661/2-1/261Yerevan11 Jan 2008
30Andriasian, Zaven2532Lputian, Smbat G26161/2-1/289Yerevan10 Jan 2008
31Lputian, Smbat G2616Minasian, Artashes25781/2-1/211Yerevan9 Jan 2008
32Asrian, Karen2621Lputian, Smbat G26161/2-1/210Yerevan8 Jan 2008
33Lputian, Smbat G2633Erdogdu, Mert24401/2-1/242Heraklion1 Nov 2007
34Schandorff, Lars2520Lputian, Smbat G26331/2-1/273Heraklion31 Oct 2007
35Lputian, Smbat G2633Murariu, Andrei25031-042Heraklion28 Oct 2007
36Lputian, Smbat G2633Azarov, Sergei Nikolaevich25861/2-1/215Kemer9 Oct 2007
37Feygin, Michael2531Lputian, Smbat G26331-022Kemer8 Oct 2007
38Lputian, Smbat G2633Kempinski, Robert25961/2-1/222Kemer7 Oct 2007
39Lputian, Smbat G2633Smirin, Ilia26491/2-1/230Kemer6 Oct 2007
40Almasi, Zoltan2691Lputian, Smbat G26331-043Kemer5 Oct 2007
41Lputian, Smbat G2633Lupulescu, Constantin25621/2-1/216Kemer4 Oct 2007
42Thorfinnsson, Bjorn2323Lputian, Smbat G26331/2-1/246Kemer3 Oct 2007
43Onischuk, Alexander2663Lputian, Smbat G26341/2-1/215Sochi10 May 2007
44Morozevich, Alexander2762Lputian, Smbat G26341-040Sochi9 May 2007
45Lysyj, Igor2590Lputian, Smbat G26341/2-1/232Sochi8 May 2007
46Lputian, Smbat G2634Bareev, Evgeny26431/2-1/212Sochi7 May 2007
47Rychagov, Andrey2571Lputian, Smbat G26341/2-1/244Sochi5 May 2007
48Lputian, Smbat G2634Akopian, Vladimir Eduardovic26981/2-1/216Sochi4 May 2007
49Lputian, Smbat G2634Volokitin, Andrei26541-044Sochi3 May 2007
50Alekseev, Evgeny V2679Lputian, Smbat G26341-037Sochi2 May 2007