Parligras, Mircea-Emilian Age 43


FIDE Rating
World Rank
Romania Rank
FIDE Peak Rank
#95 (2657) - Feb 2019 (Age 38)
2477 World #472, Peak 2670 (Jul 2015)
2477 World #458, Peak 2560 (May 2024)
28 Dec 1980
FIDE ID 1204297

Active Years:
1994 - 2024
Total Games:
920 (42%)
314 (14%)
973 (44%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
D37 Queen's Gambit Declined (40 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (36 games)
E90 King's Indian Defense (32 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (39 games)
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (37 games)
D38 Queen's Gambit Declined (36 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Van Foreest, Lucas2505Parligras, Mircea Emilian25611/2-1/222Chartres9 Jun 2024
2Lagarde, Maxime2604Parligras, Mircea Emilian25611-052Chartres8 Jun 2024
3Pranesh, M.2561Parligras, Mircea Emilian25611-063Chartres6 Jun 2024
4Parligras, Mircea Emilian2560Bailet, Pierre24911/2-1/276Chartres5 Jun 2024
5Amin, Bassem2682Parligras, Mircea Emilian25601-036Chartres4 Jun 2024
6Parligras, Mircea Emilian2560Solakian Van Eyll, Jerome22471-031Chartres3 Jun 2024
7Parligras, Mircea Emilian2560Martirosyan, Haik M26781/2-1/222Chartres2 Jun 2024
8Fedorchuk, Sergey A2546Parligras, Mircea Emilian25601-037Chartres1 Jun 2024
9Parligras, Mircea Emilian2560Willems, Niels23280-170Chartres31 May 2024
10Girel, Joseph2474Parligras, Mircea Emilian25601/2-1/231Chartres30 May 2024
11Parligras, Mircea Emilian2561Schulze, Torben23251-027Germany28 Apr 2024
12Bartel, Mateusz2651Parligras, Mircea Emilian25611/2-1/223Germany27 Apr 2024
13Parligras, Mircea Emilian2543Obada, Ema19761-048Bucharest24 Mar 2024
14Brunello, Sabino2515Parligras, Mircea Emilian25431-038Bucharest24 Mar 2024
15Parligras, Mircea Emilian2543Stoleriu, George23911-030Bucharest24 Mar 2024
16Antal, Hunor Zoltan2272Parligras, Mircea Emilian25431/2-1/212Bucharest24 Mar 2024
17Parligras, Mircea Emilian2543Breahna, Radu21421-037Bucharest24 Mar 2024
18Baranciuc, Alexandr2336Parligras, Mircea Emilian25430-131Bucharest24 Mar 2024
19Parligras, Mircea Emilian2543Busuioc, Stelian Marian18431-042Bucharest23 Mar 2024
20Sachilaru, Alexandru2203Parligras, Mircea Emilian25431-039Bucharest23 Mar 2024
21Parligras, Mircea Emilian2543Dorache, Florin19481-051Bucharest23 Mar 2024
22Donici Maier, David1883Parligras, Mircea Emilian25430-152Bucharest23 Mar 2024
23Magold, Filip2400Parligras, Mircea Emilian25371/2-1/218Eforie Nord2 Mar 2024
24Parligras, Mircea Emilian2537Ognean, Mihnea Ionut23821-050Eforie Nord1 Mar 2024
25Manolache, Marius2387Parligras, Mircea Emilian25370-140Eforie Nord29 Feb 2024
26Parligras, Mircea Emilian2537Lupulescu, Constantin25891/2-1/221Eforie Nord28 Feb 2024
27Cosma, Ioan2316Parligras, Mircea Emilian25370-143Eforie Nord27 Feb 2024
28Parligras, Mircea Emilian2537Gavrilescu, David25241/2-1/227Eforie Nord26 Feb 2024
29Ilinca Ilinca, Felix Antonio2377Parligras, Mircea Emilian25370-149Eforie Nord26 Feb 2024
30Parligras, Mircea Emilian2537Bonte, Andrei Mihai22721-050Eforie Nord25 Feb 2024
31Gales, Randi Ioan2062Parligras, Mircea Emilian25370-154Eforie Nord24 Feb 2024
32Ivic, Velimir2562Parligras, Mircea Emilian25611/2-1/252Germany4 Feb 2024
33Parligras, Mircea Emilian2561Kadric, Denis25791-055Germany3 Feb 2024
34Eggleston, David2353Parligras, Mircea Emilian25391/2-1/224England14 Jan 2024
35Parligras, Mircea Emilian2539Pollack, Oscar21251-051England13 Jan 2024
36Parligras, Mircea Emilian2539Kantor, Gergely25311-023Alba Iulia5 Dec 2023
37Kantor, Gergely2531Parligras, Mircea Emilian25391/2-1/263Alba Iulia5 Dec 2023
38Nanu, Ciprian Costica2523Parligras, Mircea Emilian25390-131Alba Iulia5 Dec 2023
39Nanu, Ciprian Costica2523Parligras, Mircea Emilian25391/2-1/248Alba Iulia5 Dec 2023
40Parligras, Mircea Emilian2539Nanu, Ciprian Costica25231/2-1/259Alba Iulia5 Dec 2023
41Deac, Bogdan Daniel2690Parligras, Mircea Emilian25391-038Alba Iulia5 Dec 2023
42Parligras, Mircea Emilian2539Deac, Bogdan Daniel26901/2-1/280Alba Iulia5 Dec 2023
43Serban, Cristian Stefan2309Parligras, Mircea Emilian25390-164Alba Iulia4 Dec 2023
44Parligras, Mircea Emilian2539Kantor, Gergely25311/2-1/27Alba Iulia4 Dec 2023
45David, Alexandru Vasile2360Parligras, Mircea Emilian25391/2-1/246Alba Iulia4 Dec 2023
46Kantor, Gergely2531Parligras, Mircea Emilian25391/2-1/212Alba Iulia4 Dec 2023
47Parligras, Mircea Emilian2539Serban, Cristian Stefan23091-021Alba Iulia4 Dec 2023
48Parligras, Mircea Emilian2539David, Alexandru Vasile23601/2-1/239Alba Iulia4 Dec 2023
49Parligras, Mircea Emilian2534Zlate Ion, Matei16011-024Sebes2 Dec 2023
50Antal, Hunor Zoltan2263Parligras, Mircea Emilian25340-141Sebes2 Dec 2023