Piket, Jeroen Age 55

Source: www.anp-archief.nl

FIDE Rating
World Rank
#153 (all players)
Netherlands Rank
#6 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rank
#11 (2670) - Jan 1995 (Age 25)
27 Jan 1969
Leiden, The Netherlands
FIDE ID 1000055

Active Years:
1983 - 2006
Total Games:
651 (33%)
453 (23%)
850 (44%)
Total score:
E12 Nimzo-Indian Defense (69 games)
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (41 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (30 games)
C42 Russian Game (26 games)
B08 Pirc Defense (26 games)
E97 King's Indian Defense (23 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Piket, Jeroen2646Ernst, Sipke24750-143Netherlands10 May 2003
2Piket, Jeroen2646Breder, Dennis24401/2-1/245Germany15 Mar 2003
3Lutz, Christopher2645Piket, Jeroen26461/2-1/222Germany9 Mar 2003
4Piket, Jeroen2646Sielecki, Christof23901-028Netherlands22 Feb 2003
5Piket, Jeroen2645Cheko, J.22301-028Dordrecht15 Feb 2003
6Piket, Jeroen2645Polaczek, Richard24201/2-1/217Dordrecht15 Feb 2003
7Cheko, J.2230Piket, Jeroen26450-132Dordrecht15 Feb 2003
8Polaczek, Richard2420Piket, Jeroen26450-122Dordrecht15 Feb 2003
9Timman, Jan H2590Piket, Jeroen26451-049Dordrecht15 Feb 2003
10Jansa, Vlastimil2500Piket, Jeroen26460-141Germany9 Feb 2003
11Piket, Jeroen2646Sokolov, Andrei25871/2-1/257Germany8 Feb 2003
12Tan, Kevin2222Piket, Jeroen26460-127Netherlands1 Feb 2003
13Piket, Jeroen2646Tiviakov, Sergei26310-140Germany14 Dec 2002
14Johannessen, Leif Erlend2534Piket, Jeroen26461/2-1/257Germany13 Dec 2002
15Piket, Jeroen2646Golubev, Mikhail25280-140Germany20 Oct 2002
16Krasenkow, Michal2651Piket, Jeroen26461/2-1/239Germany19 Oct 2002
17Piket, Jeroen2659Van Wely, Loek26420-140Enschede10 May 2002
18Schebler, Gerhard2474Piket, Jeroen26591-073Enschede9 May 2002
19Svidler, Peter2688Piket, Jeroen26591-049Prague29 Apr 2002
20Piket, Jeroen2659Svidler, Peter26880-136Prague29 Apr 2002
21Piket, Jeroen2630Haba, Petr24821/2-1/221Germany14 Apr 2002
22Bischoff, Klaus2541Piket, Jeroen26301/2-1/245Germany13 Apr 2002
23Piket, Jeroen2659Gelfand, Boris27031-048Monte Carlo28 Mar 2002
24Gelfand, Boris2703Piket, Jeroen26591-043Monte Carlo28 Mar 2002
25Piket, Jeroen2659Topalov, Veselin27390-147Monte Carlo27 Mar 2002
26Topalov, Veselin2739Piket, Jeroen26590-166Monte Carlo27 Mar 2002
27Piket, Jeroen2659Morozevich, Alexander27420-134Monte Carlo26 Mar 2002
28Morozevich, Alexander2742Piket, Jeroen26591/2-1/271Monte Carlo26 Mar 2002
29Piket, Jeroen2659Leko, Peter27130-147Monte Carlo24 Mar 2002
30Leko, Peter2713Piket, Jeroen26591-054Monte Carlo24 Mar 2002
31Piket, Jeroen2659Almasi, Zoltan26441/2-1/228Monte Carlo23 Mar 2002
32Almasi, Zoltan2644Piket, Jeroen26590-129Monte Carlo23 Mar 2002
33Piket, Jeroen2659Kramnik, Vladimir28091-036Monte Carlo22 Mar 2002
34Kramnik, Vladimir2809Piket, Jeroen26591-039Monte Carlo22 Mar 2002
35Piket, Jeroen2659Ivanchuk, Vassily27171/2-1/254Monte Carlo21 Mar 2002
36Ivanchuk, Vassily2717Piket, Jeroen26591-049Monte Carlo21 Mar 2002
37Piket, Jeroen2659Bareev, Evgeny27071/2-1/246Monte Carlo19 Mar 2002
38Bareev, Evgeny2707Piket, Jeroen26591-033Monte Carlo19 Mar 2002
39Piket, Jeroen2659Van Wely, Loek26971-039Monte Carlo18 Mar 2002
40Van Wely, Loek2697Piket, Jeroen26591/2-1/239Monte Carlo18 Mar 2002
41Piket, Jeroen2659Ljubojevic, Ljubomir25481-040Monte Carlo17 Mar 2002
42Ljubojevic, Ljubomir2548Piket, Jeroen26591-042Monte Carlo17 Mar 2002
43Piket, Jeroen2659Shirov, Alexei27151/2-1/249Monte Carlo16 Mar 2002
44Shirov, Alexei2715Piket, Jeroen26591-038Monte Carlo16 Mar 2002
45Piket, Jeroen2630Hertneck, Gerald25721-035Germany23 Feb 2002
46Piket, Jeroen2655Sokolov, Ivan26551-034Dordrecht15 Feb 2002
47Piket, Jeroen2655Speelman, Jonathan S25951-049Dordrecht15 Feb 2002
48Sokolov, Ivan2655Piket, Jeroen26551-033Dordrecht15 Feb 2002
49Speelman, Jonathan S2595Piket, Jeroen26551/2-1/244Dordrecht15 Feb 2002
50Lamprecht, Frank2399Piket, Jeroen26301/2-1/249Germany3 Feb 2002