Rohde, Michael Age 63

FIDE Rating
#3194 (active)
United States
#144 (active)
2344 World #1446 (active)
2272 World #4991 (all players)
26 Aug 1959

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Azarov, Sergei Nikolaevich2565Rohde, Michael A23581-029B47New York2018
2Rohde, Michael A2358Bonin, Jay R22921/2-1/243B12New York2018
3Checa, Nicolas D2478Rohde, Michael A23360-143E94Greensboro2018
4Rohde, Michael A2336Hevia Alejano, Carlos Antonio24861/2-1/272E01Greensboro2018
5Benjamin, Joel2547Rohde, Michael A23361/2-1/228B50Greensboro2018
6Dragun, Kamil2594Rohde, Michael A23361/2-1/246C77Greensboro2018
7Rohde, Michael A2375Moradiabadi, Elshan25491/2-1/277C41Las Vegas2018
8Moradiabadi, Elshan2549Rohde, Michael A23751-047A46Las Vegas2018
9Li, Ruifeng2581Rohde, Michael A23751-042D00Las Vegas2018
10Rohde, Michael A2375Li, Ruifeng25810-134B06Las Vegas2018
11Rohde, Michael A2375Chandra, Akshat25030-169B51Las Vegas2018
12Ruck, Robert2505Rohde, Michael A23751-050A12Las Vegas2018
13Rohde, Michael A2375Ruck, Robert25051/2-1/241B44Las Vegas2018
14Blatny, Pavel2344Rohde, Michael A23750-149D02Las Vegas2018
15Rohde, Michael A2375Kolay, Alex21581/2-1/233D94Las Vegas2018
16Rohde, Michael A2375Swiercz, Dariusz26570-154C84Las Vegas2018
17Rohde, Michael A2375Stearman, Josiah P22850-140D19New York2018
18Jacobs, Jon2193Rohde, Michael A23751/2-1/232B21New York2018
19Rohde, Michael A2375O'Donnell, Conor23950-133D02New York2018
20Burke, John M2518Rohde, Michael A23751-056B12New York2018
21Rohde, Michael A2375Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A24141/2-1/241C00New York2018
22Pozo Vera, Sandro2431Rohde, Michael A23751/2-1/214A45New York2018
23Marin, Sam2039Rohde, Michael A23750-144E74New York2018
24Rohde, Michael A2375Huston, Gus20761-042A39New York2018
25Moradiabadi, Elshan2537Rohde, Michael A23861-048D70Dulles2018
26Rohde, Michael A2386Wang, Alex20851-030E92Dulles2018
27Rohde, Michael A2386Zimmer, Ralph21491/2-1/2100B06Dulles2018
28Morefield, Jason P2088Rohde, Michael A23860-155E46Dulles2018
29Rohde, Michael A2388Smirnov, Anton25271/2-1/ INT2018
30Rohde, Michael A2388Harmon Vellotti, INT2018
31Rohde, Michael A2388Khachiyan, INT2018
32Rohde, Michael A2388Izoria, INT2018
33Xu, Xiangyu2545Rohde, Michael INT2018
34Vazquez, Guillermo2436Rohde, Michael INT2018
35Bryant, John Daniel2437Rohde, Michael INT2018
36Orlov, Georgi2481Rohde, Michael INT2018
37Rohde, Michael A2413Brodsky, David23791/2-1/220B12New York2017
38Rohde, Michael A2413Li, Ethan23091-024B40New York2017
39Rohde, Michael A2413Griffith, Kyron23190-153E92New York2017
40Rohde, Michael A2413Allicock, Rawle Anthony21891-030D06New York2017
41Ying, Victor2119Rohde, Michael A24131/2-1/234A08New York2017
42Rohde, Michael A2509Bonin, Jay R23970-145E70Colonie2016
43Rohde, Michael A2437Gorti, Akshita22461-030E12Piscataway2016
44Mandiza, Farai2375Rohde, Michael A24370-151E11Piscataway2016
45Rohde, Michael A2437Kumar, Aravind21921/2-1/230C03Piscataway2016
46Jacobson, Brandon2140Rohde, Michael A24371-0116E94Piscataway2016
47Rohde, Michael A2437Bogdan, Ekaterina21351/2-1/230A34Piscataway2016
48Ashwin, Jayaram2465Rohde, Michael A24370-147E70Piscataway2016
49Brodsky, David2320Rohde, Michael A24371/2-1/237B41Piscataway2016
50Rohde, Michael A2437Balakrishnan, Praveen23941/2-1/229A33Piscataway2016