Short, Nigel Age 53


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#112 (active)
#6 (active)
2712 - 01 Apr 2004
2652 World #108 (active)
2619 World #148 (active)
01 Jun 1965
Leigh, England

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Vishnu Prasanna. V2504Short, Nigel D26521-035E40Douglas2018
2Vishnu, Prasanna V2504Short, Nigel D26521-035E49Douglas2018
3Short, Nigel D2652Gukesh D24561/2-1/260B10Douglas2018
4Short, Nigel D2652Gukesh, Dommaraju24561/2-1/260B10Douglas2018
5Aronian, Levon2780Short, Nigel D26521-049A21Douglas2018
6Short, Nigel D2652So, Wesley27761/2-1/241B92Douglas2018
7Grischuk, Alexander2769Short, Nigel D26521/2-1/231C11Douglas2018
8Short, Nigel D2652Karjakin, Sergey27601/2-1/222B23Douglas2018
9Short, Nigel D2652Karjakin, Sergey27601/2-1/223B23Douglas2018
10Bellaiche, Anthony2453Short, Nigel D26520-138A04Douglas2018
11Short, Nigel D2652Shyam, Sundar M.25051/2-1/234B23Douglas2018
12Jackson, James P2371Short, Nigel D26520-129C60Douglas2018
13Iniyan, P2464Short, Nigel D26590-140A40Abu Dhabi2018
14Short, Nigel D2659Sindarov, Javokhir24881/2-1/248C86Abu Dhabi2018
15Sundararajan, Kidambi2433Short, Nigel D26590-154A06Abu Dhabi2018
16Short, Nigel D2659Akash G24101/2-1/238C91Abu Dhabi2018
17Short, Nigel D2659Akash, Ganesan24101/2-1/238C91Abu Dhabi2018
18Pantsulaia, Levan2587Short, Nigel D26591-040A07Abu Dhabi2018
19Short, Nigel D2659Debashis, Das25391/2-1/262A48Abu Dhabi2018
20Vishnu Prasanna. V2517Short, Nigel D26591/2-1/235C11Abu Dhabi2018
21Vishnu, Prasanna V2517Short, Nigel D26591/2-1/235C11Abu Dhabi2018
22Short, Nigel D2659Nitin, S.24491-033B23Abu Dhabi2018
23Aronyak Ghosh2318Short, Nigel D26590-171A45Abu Dhabi2018
24Aronyak, Ghosh2318Short, Nigel D26590-171E61Abu Dhabi2018
25Short, Nigel D2656Erigaisi Arjun24881/2-1/239A07Kolkata2018
26Short, Nigel D2656Erigaisi, Arjun24881/2-1/239A07Kolkata2018
27Sandipan, Chanda2573Short, Nigel D26561/2-1/234E40Kolkata2018
28Short, Nigel D2656Tukhaev, Adam25511-037C80Kolkata2018
29Short, Nigel D2656Tran, Tuan Minh25121-048E44Kolkata2018
30Lalith Babu M R2531Short, Nigel D26561/2-1/232A04Kolkata2018
31Lalith, Babu MR2531Short, Nigel D26561/2-1/232A47Kolkata2018
32Short, Nigel D2656Vignesh N R24851/2-1/216B23Kolkata2018
33Short, Nigel D2656Vignesh, NR.24851/2-1/216B23Kolkata2018
34Shyaamnikhil P2401Short, Nigel D26560-147A07Kolkata2018
35Shyaamnikhil, P.2401Short, Nigel D26560-147D02Kolkata2018
36Short, Nigel D2656Vaishali R23161-021A46Kolkata2018
37Short, Nigel D2656Vaishali, Ramesh Babu23161-021A13Kolkata2018
38Mehdi Hasan Parag2207Short, Nigel D26560-126B90Kolkata2018
39Hasan, Mehdi2207Short, Nigel D26560-126B80Kolkata2018
40Priasmoro, Novendra2449Short, Nigel D26621/2-1/228C16Bangkok2018
41Short, Nigel D2662Neelotpal, Das24681-039A07Bangkok2018
42Tran, Minh Thang2406Short, Nigel D26620-134A45Bangkok2018
43Short, Nigel D2662Enkhtuul, Altan-Ulzii22921-040B05Bangkok2018
44Short, Nigel D2662Parmet, Daniel Edward18831-041E70Cha Am2018
45Gukesh D2401Short, Nigel D26621-058A04Bangkok2018
46Gukesh, Dommaraju2401Short, Nigel D26621-058A49Cha Am2018
47Short, Nigel D2662Batchimeg, Tuvshintugs23911/2-1/236C11Bangkok2018
48Hiebert, Kenji2179Short, Nigel D26620-140A04Bangkok2018
49Short, Nigel D2662Welsh, Michael19851-020A00Bangkok2018
50Jones, Gawain C B2646Short, Nigel D26811/2-1/269C03Bunratty2018