Grigoryan, Karen H. Age 28


Live Rating
Live Rank
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Armenia Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2666 - Jan 2021 (Age 25)
FIDE Peak Rank
#71 (2665) - Aug 2020 (Age 25)
2674 World #38, Peak 2689 (Nov 2019)
2700 World #27, Peak 2704 (Jul 2023)
25 Feb 1995
Yerevan, Armenia
FIDE ID 13301004

Active Years:
2007 - 2023
Total Games:
862 (58%)
208 (14%)
426 (28%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A11 English Opening (33 games)
E20 Nimzo-Indian Defense (19 games)
A07 Hungarian Opening (17 games)
B06 Modern Defense (16 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (15 games)
B30 Sicilian Defense (14 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
101Sarana, Alexey2662Grigoryan, Karen H26170-160Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
102Grigoryan, Karen H2617Fernandez Guillen, Ernesto J24411-032Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
103Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Grigoryan, Karen H26170-140Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
104Grigoryan, Karen H2617Vasquez Schroder, Rodrigo Rafael25201-070Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
105Khamrakulov, Ibragim S2421Grigoryan, Karen H26170-127Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
106Grigoryan, Karen H2617Gagunashvili, Merab25561/2-1/247Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
107Grigoryan, Karen H2617Munoz Pantoja, Miguel Angel23671-039Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
108Munoz Pantoja, Miguel Angel2367Grigoryan, Karen H26170-132Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
109Strikovic, Aleksa2484Grigoryan, Karen H26171-058Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
110Grigoryan, Karen H2617Tejedor Fuente, Enrique23761-054Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
111Strikovic, Aleksa2484Grigoryan, Karen H26171/2-1/241Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
112Grigoryan, Karen H2617Sanchez Aller, Fernando22251-035Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
113Gonzalez Perez, Arian2400Grigoryan, Karen H26170-124Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
114Grigoryan, Karen H2617Fernandez Rivero, Karla July19821-057Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
115Fernandez Rivero, Karla July1982Grigoryan, Karen H26170-141Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
116Vasquez Schroder, Rodrigo Rafael2520Grigoryan, Karen H26171/2-1/221La Nucia16 Oct 2022
117Grigoryan, Karen H2617Gomez Ledo, Roberto Carlos24451-044La Nucia15 Oct 2022
118Nikolov, Momchil2478Grigoryan, Karen H26171/2-1/216La Nucia14 Oct 2022
119Grigoryan, Karen H2617Alvarez Pedraza, Aramis24491-048La Nucia13 Oct 2022
120Sadhwani, Raunak2611Grigoryan, Karen H26171/2-1/273La Nucia12 Oct 2022
121Grigoryan, Karen H2617Dimitrov, Radoslav24991/2-1/247La Nucia12 Oct 2022
122Fernandez Guillen, Ernesto J2441Grigoryan, Karen H26170-132La Nucia11 Oct 2022
123Grigoryan, Karen H2617Davtyan, David23321-058La Nucia10 Oct 2022
124Gomez Sanjuan, Hector Fernando2091Grigoryan, Karen H26170-134La Nucia9 Oct 2022
125Garcia Moreno, Carlos2323Grigoryan, Karen H26310-145Linares27 Aug 2022
126Grigoryan, Karen H2631Ortega Ruiz, Jose Miguel23060-133Linares26 Aug 2022
127Lopez Martinez, Josep Manuel2486Grigoryan, Karen H26310-160Linares25 Aug 2022
128Grigoryan, Karen H2631Camacho Collados, Marcos24720-174Linares24 Aug 2022
129Vergara Anton, Diego2288Grigoryan, Karen H26310-145Linares24 Aug 2022
130Grigoryan, Karen H2631Alfaya Marcelo, Roberto22461-050Linares23 Aug 2022
131Hernandez Leon, Alberto2247Grigoryan, Karen H26310-132Linares22 Aug 2022
132Vignesh, NR.2467Grigoryan, Karen H26311/2-1/215Merida7 Aug 2022
133Grigoryan, Karen H2631Castellanos Rodriguez, Renier24741-098Merida6 Aug 2022
134Katz, Alexander R2412Grigoryan, Karen H26311/2-1/270Merida6 Aug 2022
135Martin Duque, Jesus2365Grigoryan, Karen H26310-164Merida5 Aug 2022
136Grigoryan, Karen H2631Movsziszian, Karen24731-040Merida4 Aug 2022
137Shyam, Nikil P2465Grigoryan, Karen H26311/2-1/2101Merida4 Aug 2022
138Grigoryan, Karen H2631Campora, Daniel Hugo23971-046Merida3 Aug 2022
139Moreno Ibanez, Miguel2244Grigoryan, Karen H26310-137Merida3 Aug 2022
140Grigoryan, Karen H2631Bravo, Antonio Jose Vieira18381-027Merida2 Aug 2022
141Grigoryan, Karen H2643Garrido Outon, Alex24361-024Pontevedra30 Jul 2022
142Shyam, Nikil P2443Grigoryan, Karen H26430-125Pontevedra29 Jul 2022
143Grigoryan, Karen H2643Galperin, Platon25180-136Pontevedra28 Jul 2022
144Manolache, Marius2469Grigoryan, Karen H26430-147Pontevedra27 Jul 2022
145Mendonca, Leon Luke2567Grigoryan, Karen H26431-045Pontevedra27 Jul 2022
146Grigoryan, Karen H2643Del Rio de Angelis, Salvador Gabriel24421-067Pontevedra26 Jul 2022
147Martinez Reyes, Pedro Ramon2408Grigoryan, Karen H26430-156Pontevedra25 Jul 2022
148Grigoryan, Karen H2643Medarde Santiago, Luis Marcos23301-037Pontevedra25 Jul 2022
149Pandey, Srishti2101Grigoryan, Karen H26430-121Pontevedra24 Jul 2022
150Grigoryan, Karen H2643Sousa, Andre Ventura24200-145Ovar22 Jul 2022