Kupreichik, Viktor Aged 67

3 Jul 1949
Soviet Union , Belarus
22 May 2017
Minsk, Belarus
FIDE ID 13500066

Active Years:
1969 - 2017
Total Games:
1136 (44%)
620 (24%)
816 (32%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
C02 French Defense (111 games)
C90 Ruy Lopez (54 games)
C42 Russian Game (50 games)
B56 Sicilian Defense (51 games)
D38 Queen's Gambit Declined (33 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (29 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Aleksandrov, Aleksej2568Kupreichik, Viktor D23701-066Minsk19 Feb 2017
2Kupreichik, Viktor D2359Balashov, Yuri S24141/2-1/211Tula9 Jan 2017
3Moiseenko, Vladimir2327Kupreichik, Viktor D23590-122Tula8 Jan 2017
4Kupreichik, Viktor D2359Domogaev, Sergey24351/2-1/221Tula7 Jan 2017
5Maly, Alexey2379Kupreichik, Viktor D23591/2-1/28Tula6 Jan 2017
6Kupreichik, Viktor D2359Golubev, Roman23800-130Tula6 Jan 2017
7Smirnov, Alexander2393Kupreichik, Viktor D23591/2-1/210Tula5 Jan 2017
8Sadovsky, Artem2429Kupreichik, Viktor D23590-160Tula4 Jan 2017
9Kupreichik, Viktor D2359Zaitsev, Alexander25101-023Tula4 Jan 2017
10Lugovskoy, Maxim2425Kupreichik, Viktor D23591-036Tula3 Jan 2017
11Kupreichik, Viktor D2376Panchenko, Dmitry23751-021Kolomna10 Oct 2016
12Ivanov, Oleg V2495Kupreichik, Viktor D23761-019Kolomna9 Oct 2016
13Kupreichik, Viktor D2376Protopopova, Anastasiya20821-029Kolomna9 Oct 2016
14Kupreichik, Viktor D2376Sokolov, Nikita Dm21031/2-1/220Kolomna8 Oct 2016
15Lysenko, Margarita2094Kupreichik, Viktor D23761-047Kolomna7 Oct 2016
16Popov, Mikhail2350Kupreichik, Viktor D23761-031Kolomna7 Oct 2016
17Kupreichik, Viktor D2376Alikulov, Elbek23871-031Kolomna6 Oct 2016
18Nozdrachev, Leonid2412Kupreichik, Viktor D23761-020Kolomna6 Oct 2016
19Kupreichik, Viktor D2376Chumachenko, Alexander21061/2-1/224Kolomna5 Oct 2016
20Kupreichik, Viktor D2366Berezjuk, Sergej24211/2-1/28Kaunas7 Aug 2016
21Kupreichik, Viktor D2366Grib, Roman24081-059Kaunas5 Aug 2016
22Westerinen, Heikki MJ2313Kupreichik, Viktor D23660-151Kaunas5 Aug 2016
23Kupreichik, Viktor D2366Miknevicius, Laurynas21501-013Kaunas4 Aug 2016
24Sumskis, Rimvydas2096Kupreichik, Viktor D23661/2-1/255Kaunas3 Aug 2016
25Kupreichik, Viktor D2366Novik, Maxim24800-132Kaunas3 Aug 2016
26Kula, Dominik2132Kupreichik, Viktor D23660-119Kaunas2 Aug 2016
27Kupreichik, Viktor D2366Petraitis, Gintautas19181-019Kaunas2 Aug 2016
28Pluta, Paulius1692Kupreichik, Viktor D23660-122Kaunas1 Aug 2016
29Kupreichik, Viktor D2361Sveshnikov, Evgeny25091-059Yerevan13 Jun 2016
30Kupreichik, Viktor D2361Sorensen, Bent21881/2-1/232Yerevan12 Jun 2016
31Zilbert, Oleg2189Kupreichik, Viktor D23610-174Yerevan11 Jun 2016
32Kupreichik, Viktor D2361Gaprindashvili, Nona22991/2-1/240Yerevan10 Jun 2016
33Vasiukov, Evgeni2403Kupreichik, Viktor D23611-047Yerevan9 Jun 2016
34Kupreichik, Viktor D2361Bogdanov, Valentin23761/2-1/222Yerevan8 Jun 2016
35Demirkhanian, Adolf Kupreichik, Viktor D23610-152Yerevan7 Jun 2016
36Kupreichik, Viktor D2361Savolainen, Lev P21071-050Yerevan6 Jun 2016
37Bauner, Jan1973Kupreichik, Viktor D23610-140Yerevan5 Jun 2016
38Kovalev, Vladislav2562Kupreichik, Viktor D23731-022Minsk29 Apr 2016
39Kupreichik, Viktor D2373Lomako, Pavel23360-147Minsk28 Apr 2016
40Smolich, Pavel2285Kupreichik, Viktor D23731-043Minsk27 Apr 2016
41Savitski, Andrei2149Kupreichik, Viktor D23861/2-1/246Minsk20 Dec 2015
42Petrosian, Tigran L2625Kupreichik, Viktor D23861-059Minsk19 Dec 2015
43Kupreichik, Viktor D2369Pushkov, Nikolai23171-042Acqui Terme21 Nov 2015
44Boehnisch, Manfred2291Kupreichik, Viktor D23691/2-1/244Acqui Terme20 Nov 2015
45Vasiukov, Evgeni2392Kupreichik, Viktor D23691/2-1/244Acqui Terme19 Nov 2015
46Kupreichik, Viktor D2369Okhotnik, Vladimir24420-147Acqui Terme18 Nov 2015
47Kupreichik, Viktor D2369Maryasin, Boris Feliksovich23351-025Acqui Terme17 Nov 2015
48Balashov, Yuri S2418Kupreichik, Viktor D23691/2-1/216Acqui Terme15 Nov 2015
49Van Riemsdijk, Herman Claudius2318Kupreichik, Viktor D23690-141Acqui Terme14 Nov 2015
50Kupreichik, Viktor D2369Vaisser, Anatoli25051/2-1/238Acqui Terme13 Nov 2015