Kupreichik, Viktor Aged 67

3 Jul 1949
Soviet Union , Belarus
22 May 2017
Minsk, Belarus
FIDE ID 13500066

Active Years:
1969 - 2017
Total Games:
1136 (44%)
620 (24%)
816 (32%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
C02 French Defense (111 games)
C90 Ruy Lopez (54 games)
C42 Russian Game (50 games)
B56 Sicilian Defense (51 games)
D38 Queen's Gambit Declined (33 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (29 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
51Kupreichik, Viktor D2369Aparicio, Anibal22211-055Acqui Terme12 Nov 2015
52Archangelsky, Mikhail2110Kupreichik, Viktor D23690-134Acqui Terme11 Nov 2015
53Kupreichik, Viktor D2369Bobbia, Mario19971-029Acqui Terme10 Nov 2015
54Stark, Lars2403Kupreichik, Viktor D24511-083Germany25 Oct 2015
55Kupreichik, Viktor D2378Zaksaite, Salomeja22021-052Vilnius19 Sep 2015
56Setkauskas, Vaidas2271Kupreichik, Viktor D23781-018Vilnius18 Sep 2015
57Sulskis, Sarunas2547Kupreichik, Viktor D23781-035Vilnius17 Sep 2015
58Kupreichik, Viktor D2378Meskovs, Nikita24930-134Vilnius16 Sep 2015
59Kupreichik, Viktor D2378Cox, John J23601/2-1/232Vilnius15 Sep 2015
60Kudzma, Laimonas2224Kupreichik, Viktor D23781/2-1/253Vilnius14 Sep 2015
61Kupreichik, Viktor D2378Aleksandrov, Aleksej26191/2-1/222Vilnius13 Sep 2015
62Kovalev, Andrei2526Kupreichik, Viktor D23781/2-1/231Vilnius13 Sep 2015
63Kupreichik, Viktor D2378Juknis, Paulius22001-055Vilnius12 Sep 2015
64Kupreichik, Viktor D2385Pogosian, Georgy21901/2-1/258Minsk23 Jul 2015
65Zelenko, Pavel2134Kupreichik, Viktor D23851-030Minsk20 Jul 2015
66Kupreichik, Viktor D2385Kocheev, Aleksandr23160-144Minsk19 Jul 2015
67Maksimov, Dmitri2215Kupreichik, Viktor D23850-130Minsk18 Jul 2015
68Kupreichik, Viktor D2385Aleksandrovskiy, Dmitriy21541/2-1/246Minsk17 Jul 2015
69Sarichev, Sergey2063Kupreichik, Viktor D23850-139Minsk16 Jul 2015
70Kupreichik, Viktor D2373Gaprindashvili, Nona23021-026Eretria7 May 2015
71Kupreichik, Viktor D2373Zhelesny, Stanislav21181-046Eretria6 May 2015
72Vasiukov, Evgeni2414Kupreichik, Viktor D23731/2-1/238Eretria5 May 2015
73Kupreichik, Viktor D2373Pushkov, Nikolai23021-034Eretria4 May 2015
74Gundersen, Helge Folmer2154Kupreichik, Viktor D23730-143Eretria3 May 2015
75Kupreichik, Viktor D2373Rooze, Jan23111/2-1/232Eretria2 May 2015
76Gruzmann, Boris2210Kupreichik, Viktor D23731/2-1/223Eretria1 May 2015
77Kupreichik, Viktor D2373Morriss, Pete R20921-043Eretria30 Apr 2015
78White, Alastair F2070Kupreichik, Viktor D23730-124Eretria29 Apr 2015
79Pushkarjow, Andreij2255Kupreichik, Viktor D24070-148Minsk14 Feb 2015
80Kupreichik, Viktor D2407Smolich, Pavel23100-162Minsk14 Feb 2015
81Struneuski, Aliaksandr1947Kupreichik, Viktor D24070-139Minsk14 Feb 2015
82Kupreichik, Viktor D2407Lopatik, Nikita20301/2-1/249Minsk14 Feb 2015
83Korzubov, Peter2443Kupreichik, Viktor D24071/2-1/233Minsk14 Feb 2015
84Uzlavataya, Anhelina1945Kupreichik, Viktor D24071/2-1/211Minsk14 Feb 2015
85Kupreichik, Viktor D2407Zhuk, Dmitriy15651-019Minsk14 Feb 2015
86Kupreichik, Viktor D2451Schmitz, Philipp21631/2-1/243Germany16 Nov 2014
87Kupreichik, Viktor D2405Balashov, Yuri S24291/2-1/29Katerini4 Nov 2014
88Zakharov, Alexander V2331Kupreichik, Viktor D24051/2-1/247Katerini3 Nov 2014
89Kupreichik, Viktor D2405Vaisser, Anatoli25311-042Katerini2 Nov 2014
90Kupreichik, Viktor D2405Kolbak, Jens22321-028Katerini1 Nov 2014
91Suba, Mihai2341Kupreichik, Viktor D24051/2-1/225Katerini31 Oct 2014
92Kupreichik, Viktor D2405Zhelnin, Vladimir V24711/2-1/215Katerini29 Oct 2014
93Filipenko, Alexander V2292Kupreichik, Viktor D24050-134Katerini28 Oct 2014
94Kupreichik, Viktor D2405Singer, Hans22071/2-1/214Katerini27 Oct 2014
95Vogel, Jaap2239Kupreichik, Viktor D24051/2-1/229Katerini26 Oct 2014
96Kupreichik, Viktor D2405Kiselev, Alexander21221-018Katerini25 Oct 2014
97Khazankin, Moisey2039Kupreichik, Viktor D24050-140Katerini24 Oct 2014
98Kupreichik, Viktor D2405Gagarin, Vasilij22920-150Moscow10 Oct 2014
99Kupreichik, Viktor D2405Tsyhanchuk, Stanislav23790-139Moscow9 Oct 2014
100Nozdrachev, Leonid2408Kupreichik, Viktor D24051/2-1/239Moscow9 Oct 2014